1. S

    I try..

    I have a problem when i try to install ESF. See : ns56231 :/home/esforces/steam# ./hlds_run -game esf +maxplayers 16 +map esf_arri val +port 30000 Auto detecting CPU Using AMD Optimised binary. Auto-restarting the server on crash Console...
  2. D

    (Help) I Think this might be right

    Ok so to get goku to a kid we need black star dragon and once we do that we ened to turn him into ssj3 and make a wish for the moon then we can do ssj4 is this right or not I have been wondering this for a few days now and i cant figure it out Iam playing the extension p.s 3...
  3. $

    Otherworld map issue!!!!!!!!

    I just installed the other world map from esf wod website........but everytime it loads an error occurs that says WARNING: couldn't open lookout.wad can someone help?????????????????
  4. Skyrider

    New Map System Revealed

    As many of you already know we switched the whole map system of the Half Life engine to something else. This update is there to tell you about the basic changes to in game maps. We are now using VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects) to boost performance due to loading an increased amount of polygons...
  5. B


    So, idea beguile that (in order to) for example, introduce which (who) be have on map 5000 " " Bossa hp and for example, it will be necessary to overcome him (it) commonly that it will conflict (combat) after overcoming on superior (upper; highest) form for waltzs (battles) with such person...
  6. Nemix

    King Yama Map?!?!

    I found this on ModDB, do you think you guys will remake it :P?
  7. Optional

    New Map, ESF_Pitt

    [Released] ESF_Pitt
  8. sub

    Anyone have the planet vegeta map for 1.2.3?

    It came in a brolly pack I think.
  9. Viper

    Stylizing a city's map for gaming purposes

    This might be a long shot, but maybe someone has an idea about it. So here I go: Does anyone know any tutorials or have any tips about reducing a city's map size to fit in a game (let's say TES III)? What i'm trying to do is to recreate several cities within the Morrowind map for a total...
  10. P

    Dragon Balls Under Map or Invisible

    There's already two Dragon Ball Threads but there from 07 and 08, so i'll post a new one, Thanks to some help from SS|Skyrider, Grega, and DokuTayuu, I finally Have freefighting and CTDB mode working, But Its questionable, in CTDB the Dragonballs Appear on Radar, But Their Under the Map...
  11. L

    help finding map

    hey i just wanted to ask if someone could be that nice to upload the evo_lookout.bsp it would be really awesome to play on it again.kinda like in the old times:D unfortunatly no site has it for you guys seem to be my last hope.i hope you dont let me down. so pls if...
  12. sub


    Alright, so here's the deal. Nihao, Volt, and me are all new to mapping / learning how to map. Volt proposed a little competition between us to see who can come up with the best map in a months time. I'm sure all the maps are going to be horrible, but that doesn't matter, this should at least...
  13. sub

    Sub learns to map

    Hold your applause, today is only the first day I started. Thank you to Grega who helped me out with getting started. Now, without further ado, I present to you esf_mountain. I know, a lot of you are thinking, "Hey Sub, that looks nothing like a mountain! That's not even esf, that's cs!"...
  14. Damaera

    New map revealed!

    <hr> Over the past few months, ESF's newest modeler, Final Shine has been working on a brand new map: Roshi. Once Final Shine was assigned to this map, we knew that the map would look absolutely superb. Seeing as how this is being made by Final Shine and with the new mapping technique, we...
  15. Damaera

    Mystery Map, Melee System Reaveled

    <a href="" target="_blank" title="POTW - Mod DB"><img src="" alt="POTW" /></a> Davidskiwan and Raven have been hard at work lately. After working their butts...
  16. L

    Problem In MaP

    Please whow map have the dragon ball? Thanks
  17. M

    timechamber map problem

    i have noticed that in the time chamber map you carnt go to where the shower or friges are i have a pic from in game it seems the models are bigger than the door ways
  18. Darth Revan

    timechamber map problem

    i have noticed that in the time chamber map you carnt go to where the shower or friges are i have a pic from in game it seems the models are bigger than the door ways
  19. Damaera

    WIP: Untitled Map

    Here's some screenshots of a map that I will be releasing in a couple of days. C&C is much appreciated like always.
  20. The Deco

    How do I make a map dark (night)

    I got a map and I want to make it look like its in night. How do I do this?