1. Baaja

    What makes a HL mod server lag free? (e.g. ESF Final + NNK)

    Hi I will be moving in to a new apartment which I will share with my girlfriend. As we will have a good connection provided by the housing cooperative, and I will have a spare laptop without a screen doing nothing at all. I was thinking of starting an NNK/ESF server with pretty good uptime...
  2. gerald324

    Is The 1.3 Final Lag In NVIDIA GeForce 6150se nForce 430?

    Hi Guys I Just Wanna Know...... I Just Wondering If This Is Smooth Gameplay In My VideoCard? 63mb VideoCard ;)
  3. Greychan

    Sprites lag

    Ever since I started playing ESF on my new laptop I've had this lag caused by the sprites shining on other surfaces. In other words, when I transform in midair or shoot a beam away from any thing else in the map, everything's fine. However, if I transform near the ground, or shoot a beam near...
  4. CankerousJak12

    Severe Lag

    Well my friend can join and play with me ingame now BUT it's VERY laggy for him, he doesn't live very far at all and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make him stop lagging, me and him are using Hamachi and I tried check marking LAN and him joining but it says "LAN servers are...
  5. zmaster


    before my esf 1.3 was moving fine but then it just started to lag:(
  6. Ness

    Line-In Audio lag with windows 7

    I have this annoying lag on my audio playback, from a line-in source, which is seriously ****ing annoying. Makes doing what I do a nightmare, between what I instantly hear in my headphones, which plays about 0.4 seconds later through my speakers. Does anyone know what is causing this Line-In...
  7. N

    Character lag when joining another persons server

    I usually make my own servers because of this specific issue, but as tiring as it is to make my own server, then wait for people to join, I decided to see if I could get any help on this problem. Whenever I join another persons server, although my ping will be low (30-50ms), my characters...
  8. El legendario


    i only have 1 question esf will have many lag?
  9. DJ-Ready

    HL+mods = ultra lag

    Allright .. been having that problem since a little while now but I never really bothered to fix it Whenever I start a HL server or join others (any mod), the game acts as if I had a ping of like <10.000 but my actual ping and fps are perfectly fine The only thing that does not lag is the...
  10. wheres_

    Heat lag?

    Hey people, just a couple of quick questions. I've got a little program called speedfan which reads processor, Gfx card and HDD temperatures. Although it only shows my 2 cores and my HDD. I've got an X1600 mobility and I'm pretty sure it should be able to get it's temperature read...
  11. Suh Dude

    Skype lag?

    Um, I think I have a problem with Skype, it keeps having a 3-5 second delay and I hear like a echo/distortion sound afterwards and it cuts off the person's voice that I'm talking to. What should I do? :\
  12. W

    Oblivion lag...

    I have an install of Oblivion with Shivering Isles ontop and then "Operation Optimization" ontop of that too. My machine is a 2x2ghz processor with 2gbs of RAM and an x1600mobility512mb, why would this game still not run well? I'm running it at 1280*720 with no AA or AF no HDR or Bloom and...
  13. Killface

    sporadic lag issue

    Hey yea i'm gonna need some help with this one. I have a issue with Empire Earth 2, where after i play for a while I start to get sporadic lag every 2 seconds or so. Its getting really annoying and its bout time i fixed it. Before you tell me to update my drivers and the game and stuff like...
  14. N

    HORRIBLE mouse lag

    So... I decided to come back and try ESF again, just for fun. See how everyone is doing, you know? Anyways, I join up and I notice my character takes literally 1-2 seconds after my mouse moves for my charecter to turn. I try hosting a server, 0 ping. Same thing. My comp can handle ESF...
  15. T

    dedicated server lag and spiking

    ok i got a problem here.... when i open up a listen server by creating game about 12 people can join and no lag what so ever! now i make a dedicated server and when i shoot like 10 or 20 kiblobs its starts freaking out and when somebody joins it freaks and starts spiking untill the user is fully...
  16. Arsenovicius

    Lag Balance

    Well i'v seen many mods so far and i think that esf need to be more balanced.. i mean if you play ex. team fortress with over then 140 ping is like playing esf with 90... that would be the best improve for my opinion.. (If it is not too late..)
  17. john_volkov

    LAG ESF MOVIE just watch it it's verry funny
  18. wheres_

    'Additive' lag.

    When I apply Additive to ESF models via Jed's HLMV (1.35) then play with them ingame it lags quite uncoolishly, why is this? Aslo is there another way to produce this effect without the lag?
  19. V

    Strange Lag, with dsl 6000 *help*

    i?ve reinstalled my computer to XP and instaled all my programms back, though i decided to put Esf back into my gamer corner. It was fun in the first time, though i?ve played agaisnt bots. then after i?ve tried to play online, my ping always bounced: 20-5231-500-2123-300... and so on I?ve...
  20. SaiyanPrideXIX

    PS2 Online Wireless Rig ... weird lag ... not seen by router

    Okay, I used Smackdown vs. Raw 06 to set up my PS2 online and it works fine through my new wireless 'gaming adapter', the Netgear WGE111, my connection seems good, everything is fast, my signal strength in the ingame browser shows as five bars. But for some reason all of my keypresses are...