1. Doormat

    Advanced melle idea..

    Ok, so here we go.. so real time melee does'nt fit bcuz of the model scale, speed and ofcourse lag issues.. and i thought maybe advanced melee could be based on simple melee? my idea is that advanced melee could go like this: You swoop into a player and hold mouse2 (mouse 1 - simple melee...
  2. D

    Beam Idea/Beam-Jump Idea

    Major Beam Implementation: I've suggested this before, quite a while ago. im hoping people will consider it this time around. instead of having a minimum charge bar on all beams, why not have the beams and some balls be capable of fire right after the animation/sounds? with exceptions of...
  3. gildiaswise

    Idea that must be in 1.3 or 1.3.1 or somthing

    :D Campaign:):smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: For people who like to play campaign. For instance, make a save system for the campaign... after goku go's SS the 1st time he can do it all through out the rest of campaign ________________ Level 1. your kid Goku and your invading muscle...
  4. MONXver2.0

    Finger beam charge idea.

    Insted of the quick sprite fired when freeza uses his finger beam. You could make a animation of power being compressed into the tip of his finger. Say take a sphere and make it grow smaller and smaller to the tip of his finger where it will glow brighter with each second. Cource this would also...
  5. Dokutayuu

    Yet another idea to replace adv melee!

    Here's an idea to remove the current advanced melee but try to mix it with what we already have and love. 1) Left MB is used to use this method of attack. 2) It activates when one holds the Left MB and swoops into another player. The momentum of the swoop will be maintained but if a wall...
  6. VideoJinx

    A GREAT melee system Idea

    (~Attention Grabber!~) Currently Posting Okay, because I thught this system had so much potential I went and made a thread just for it. Essentially this is how it could work. Intead of adding more buttons to remember for another melee system, which could complicate things.. let's...
  7. unamito

    Grapple time idea for ESF 1.3

    It isn't my idea but i like this. when they made grapple time, don't stay in one place. I want look some fight, so they play a little hit-block game. Like this(0:32 - 0:35): Youtube - Baby Vegeta VS Omega Shenron PS: Sorry for my bad english :fight:
  8. Z

    Grapple time idea for ESF 1.3

    It isn't my idea but i like this. when they made grapple time, don't stay in one place. I want look some fight, so they play a little hit-block game. Like this(0:32 - 0:35): Youtube - Baby Vegeta VS Omega Shenron PS: Sorry for my bad english :fight:
  9. VideoJinx

    New Beam Push Back Idea

    Okay I've seen some different versions of this, but I'm somewhat worried that it could slow down gameplay. So, I came up with this way of adding a beam pushback effect that can add strategy while giving the word "Defence" a whole new meaning. Okay for example, lets just say a ki blast has a...
  10. Grega

    Advanced melee idea (long read warning)

    ADVANCED MELEE CONCEPT Mouse buttons: LMB enter lock on mode RMB simple melee (like now) Buttons combo mode: LMB punch attack RMB kick attack Turbo/recharge KI flamethrower like attack with KI (finishing) teleport teleports behind locked on player (not first) movement keys...
  11. The Deco

    Does the team have an Advanced melee idea?

    I think they canceled the idea in the Design Documents. So whats the new idea? If theres no new idea I think its time for us people to suggest more and for the team to listen to our melee ideas and maybe there will be a spark of something good ;D
  12. The Deco

    New advanced melee idea (Yes another, I hope its simple enough)

    New advanced melee idea (I think its simple enough | No replys??) This is gonna be pretty simple I think, the animations will take more time. Every character has the same styles which you can differ from the character stance animation (Kung Fu style. Every character has different animation...
  13. SS4 Gogeta

    A sHoCkInGly Iteresting SoUnDiNg Idea

    A sHoCkInGly Interesting SoUnDiNg Idea Could this explain why certain sounds have certain effects on the body? *FIXED LINK*
  14. VideoJinx

    Boost Idea

    Instead of the current boost, why not have the new boost work like this.. Hold powerup and swoop to boost, but doing this would drain both ki and stamina,s ince your pushing yourself to move faster then your normally used to. Should work in all direction. The speed of the swoop...
  15. VideoJinx

    The Most Insane Possibly Great Idea

    Ok i know everyone here has either heard of or played Halo 1 or 2.. for the xbox. I think esf should use their great Health system with a few tweaks. 1) After taking damage, if a player doesn't take dmg for a period of time he/she begins recovering health. 2) Halo's HP recovery rate is...
  16. R

    Esf idea

    I know i think il get banned but i don`t want please ... you guys from esf staff making a very cool game but i sugest to make it on hl2 engine .. i know esf should die with hl1 but don`t waste your time on the hl1 engine.
  17. shadowcast

    A small idea i got

    Well I've been thinking about how to make the eyelids animatable... here is my idea..... a small plane stays over the eyes...........its a bit rotated so when teh bone afects it it goes "inside" the head........ Now i didnt try this yet.......but i really need to know what u guys think of it...
  18. Andy011

    Crazy modelpack idea... yet fun?

    Hi, I've been thinking about creating a crazy modelpack for ESF... How about creating a WORMS modelpack? :laff: By "WORMS" I mean this: I came up with this idea after LMAO-ing and holding an idiotic grin for two hours on my face. They're so friggin hillarious!! :laff: xD and yeah...
  19. KidMan

    Dash/Swoop Idea

    When you fly around by double tapping a direction, then chaining that swoop, you should be able to shoot out weak energy attacks and block as well. Also, you should be able to teleport while you dash/swoop around. Mind you, my suggestions imply that there would be a significant ki and...
  20. S

    Swoop/dash/gliding Idea's

    Well, I'll try to keep this brief, I just have a few idea's that I think would improve the current movement system. Feel free to pick it apart and perhaps improve upon it. Drift/gliding We know how good it was for conserving ki in 1.2, and also was a tactical manoeuvre, Imo we should have it...