1. »

    My idea for a Main Menu (ESF)

    Hello, in this small post I wanted to teach you my little idea of a main menu for ESF, I hope you like it. -Main Menu: I also took the trouble to make a "Map Selection Menu". -Map Selection Menu: I hope you like it and I would like you to leave your opinions in the comments. I...
  2. Emily

    A Chat System,

    I was introduced to the site by a friend, I have been asked to help best i can so i have made a chat system, : notes, The chat system is hosted by me, i can share Owner. / Admin rights, The Chat Name is stuck, So understand if you dont like name ill have to rehost a...
  3. BladeZ

    Nice idea for beginners

    Hi I'm new and i am terrible in ESF so u could make a some kind of a Turutorial an advanced and basic it would at least help beginners (And me) when the game comes out What do you guys think. Don't wright no pls wright what u think about the Turutorial idea
  4. RobiZ

    A good suggestion

    So i had an idea today ... I don't know if this have been suggested or already made but anyways... So basically the idea is : when a character slides on ground (from a hit or on sliding tier) the ground or grass becomes black or dark brown like if it ripped off the grass or damaged the...
  5. dbzrogue

    Random idea for a video game

    Warning: Not to be taken very seriously, was created due to utter boredom :V
  6. Eon

    The stigma of HL verification and why it's not a good idea.

    Hay So my stupid self was thinking about the whole HL verification. Yes it's under the pretense that you need to verify your Half-Life to get support, which is understandable considering we used to have a flood of people asking for support on old WON versions. I understand that it helped weed...
  7. h4wkforever

    Idea for a demo

    Why don't you guys release a demo . so much people really love this mod and can't wait for it so you could release a demo from stuff you already have . It doesn't have to be big . If i see this trailer i would be very happy to play what's in the trailer. Vegeta character , That map , 1...
  8. DAviH

    I have an idea to method to transformation on esf final

    to make more natural and needing skills, instead of needing on an exact number of pl to transform it makes so mathematic calculation =l like cuz one number u cant transform why dont you do this way: every char can transform wherever your pl, but to transform you need to complete a bar...
  9. T

    I have an idea for making money :D

    Well good day Esf i have an idea because you all have worked Really hard and everone keeps saying for you to make us pay for the Mod and we all know you cant Well Why not have a donation page Sounds good and yous cant get in trouble that way :D cause i would donation to yous :[email protected]! For all your...
  10. McVries

    Faster PL Increase Idea

    I don't believe this was ever suggested before but if so, I apologize. Sometimes when playing ESF 1.2.3, my friends and I would want to build up PL quickly to get into a fight with transformations. For those who also want to be able to gain PL faster, perhaps there can be a map for that? I...
  11. B

    Training For More Power Idea

    I've been thinking about an idea here. In dbz Goku and Vegeta and the others were training to get power so i was thinking. What about in Esf:Final being able to gain power by blasting beams, hitting and kicking out in the air until your energy runs out one or serveral times and then you get...
  12. dbzrogue

    A Pokemon game idea

    I was bored and my head was swimming with bad ideas so here is the catastrophe resulting from the combination of both D:
  13. ssnake

    Optional idea for the kaioken attack

    My idea for the Esf final Devs to maybe include the kaioken attack without unbalance the power between the other characters. I think the kaioken attack is a important ability for goku in the Story of DBZ and maybe you guys think about to include the kaioken anyway. =) When you overpower with...
  14. B

    Just 2 CCI Errors, please help. I have no idea whats going on here.

    THIS IS THE ERROR IM GETTING << Binary Goku >> MOD.Sound.core(8) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero .ClassExtension.core(72) : warning 203: symbol is never used: "" 0.3000005 Seconds << Summary >> Success : 0 Failure : 1 Time : 0.3000005 Seconds...
  15. phrack50

    Epic Oozaru Idea!

    Thinking back when I saw the POTW with the giant dinosaur. Anyone who's ever played God of War, knows how awesome giant bosses are. How about a giant boss bot, an oozaru ape with a lot of hit points and high power level. Everyone would have to team up to defeat this monster. Simple idea, lots of...
  16. unstopbole

    Idea's And Request!!!!!- READ

    I Have Idea's. First I Have Idea's For All Transformations! well they're from DBTC. Saiyan Mega Saiyan-Buff Kio-Kan Super Saiyan Mega Super Saiyan Accendent SSJ SSJ2 Legendary Super Saiyan SSJ3 SSJ4 SSJ5- Long Gray Hair SSJ6- Long Red Hair SSJ7- Long Yellow Hair To Feat SSJ8-...
  17. B

    Idea For ESF FINAL Bots

    I think i've found a pretty good idea here. What about making players able to choose a bots transformation level when you spawn it? ( like spawning goku who's already ssj? ) That would be pretty nice when you want to relive a fight from the show like goku ssj vs final form frieza :D
  18. sub

    tl;dr: no one has any idea what they're talking about
  19. omnomnom

    Just an idea

    I suppose it would be too much to ask for a real Instant Transmission for Goku and opposed to just the normal teleporting... too much?...
  20. E

    PL management idea...

    Heres the thing, after you've played in a server for a while its natural for your PL to increase especially if you're dominating. But when one of your friends/rivals joins you want to fight them on an even level but you don't want to give up all that PL you've earned to put into your trans...