Yet another idea to replace adv melee!

Now with Kung-Fu action!
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May 13, 2004
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Here's an idea to remove the current advanced melee but try to mix it with what we already have and love.

1) Left MB is used to use this method of attack.

2) It activates when one holds the Left MB and swoops into another player. The momentum of the swoop will be maintained but if a wall is hit the "struggle" will reverse. The player who starts the struggle has a steadier needle than the denfender, rewarding the aggressive player not the one running away.

3) Everybody remember the balance system from the Tony Hawk games? Well. this'll appear in the middle of each players' screen. To attack, you need to press the LMB when the needle is exactly in the middle of the screen to peform a blow. The closer the player is to the centre, the better the attack. After each attack, the needle loses balance a little.

4)If they press too far from the centre or lose balance, the other player is given the chance to end the struggle with a RMB basic melee hit or continue with strengthened hits for a few seconds. All hits cost stamina and recieving hits takes stamina. When a player loses all stamina, the struggle ends with a basic melee hit from the other player.

5)If the initial swoop is blocked, nothing will happen. There is a slight delay in when this can be activated meaning a failed attempt can result in the enemy getting an easy hit with basic melee or to start the struggle in their favour.

6)If a player collides with another player holding the LMB, the "struggle" begins but it will go in the direction of the player with the highest (speed x PL) value.

I'm uncertain whether attacks could be charged to increase power but risk the enemy counter attacking.

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