1. MrPlow

    Last man standing /w sudden death gamemode

    I haven't seen anyone mention this as a suggestion here yet...(maybe i'm blind) Anyway the gamemode would be pretty simple. As the name says it's a deathmatch where everyone has only 1 life per round and the one who survives the mayhem is the winner. Now for it not to be boring to the...
  2. H

    I need a duel gamemode script/ addon

    Hey guys, i want a script of duel. It's sample: is one vesus one, and if the oponent loses, he waits on spectating, and i gain points if i defeat someone. Example: is me vesus opponent (but if i defeat him one time i wins and the loser goes to spectate until your turn)
  3. sub

    Broly Gamemode = Go

    My very good friend Spunky has made a Broly Plugin. It's basically a new gamemode which pits everyone in the server against one player, Broly. If Broly dies, whoever kills him becomes the new Broly. If Broly gets 10 kills in a row, he automatically transforms. Model and sounds were made by...
  4. D

    Gamemode - Survival: bot war

    well i was thinking about this for a little while, and i thought it would be a good addition since it would be relatively easy to implement and would kinda build comradery between the noob's and pro's. i got the idea from left 4 dead. the game starts off with the human team (limited to about...
  5. D

    new - Customize - Gamemode

    well, i do know that this is pretty much impossible but i want to post it anyway. its probably been posted millions of times over but here goes... this is ESF, its NOT DBZ. i think that you should be able to customize your own character based off of 10 different hairstyles, clothing and...
  6. Dokutayuu

    Highest PL gamemode?

    What if instead of getting frags to win you need to gain the most PL (not have the highest, although this could be optional). This could work for teams aswell. However to stop " Oh *insert name* is gaining a lot of PL rapidly, let's beat the beandip out of him" the PLs could update only...
  7. $sj Goku

    GameMode: Save the planet

    New Game Mode I just thought of this one.... I believe it would be very fun but it would take some serious bot improvements. OR GIVE THE ABILITY FOR A RANDOM person to be the villian! Game Mode: Save The Earth (a mode for a smaller server..4-6 people) Rules: Radars/scouters arent...
  8. $sj Goku

    a new GameMode

    Just an idea for 2 new game modes.. 1) [Tournament mode] Ok The Server starts and it gives everyone a 10 minute warmup session.(text comes up in white saying The Tournament Starts In 10 minutes) After the time is up The server breaks everyone in the server into brackets by random or...
  9. SA_Gohan

    [Gamemode suggestion] Clash of the Titans

    Requiring a minimum of four player, Clash of the Titans would split fighters into two teams, each of which has one super powerful "lead" warrior on their team, and at least one "subordinate" who is significantly weaker. The subordinates aren't powerful by themselves, however as long as...
  10. GoldenBlade

    I cant change gamemode

    I can only make a teamplay server even if i chose free for all or ctdb. I have the bugs for some time now so I reinstalled the game and after that it still had the same problem.
  11. G

    Gamemode problems

    Hello, When i create a LAN server and i choose another gamemode, lets say free for all, team mode is playing. When i choose capture the dragon, team mode is playing. When i force the gamemode to 2 (capture the dragon) it is gamemode 2 but when i play a map that contain dragon balls, like...
  12. imkongkong

    Gamemode: Save the Planet

    this idea would be everyone vs. the strong enemy. Each person would fight against the totally strong enemy. there would be a list of enemies one person can choose vegeta frieza cell buu each of these characters marked a place in the series. now the everybody would then fight...
  13. U

    I cannot play CTDB gamemode in my server

    When i create a server in the game i chose CTDB [experimental]and it doenst work in server ! can u help me plz ?! i need ur help :) cauze i cannot play that mode thank you :) :rolleyes:
  14. Reptile

    Gamemode suggestion.

    well after reading through this topic an idea crossed my mind remember how the Z fighters had to fight of different floors to reach the bottom of babidi´s ship? what if the evil team has to defend the ship and the good guys had...
  15. U

    New Game-Mode.. hear me out

    okay.. this is a different suggestion from any other i have read... don't ever think it have been suggested. its a 1on1 or 2on2. then you set the max amount of transformations/powerups each char will have. cause when you hp hits 0 you transform and will have more ki (should only be 1.5x for...
  16. N


    Survavial Mode or Hencheman mode ... here's the break down you get to choose type of henchmen (saibeman, frieza's henchmen, lord slug's henchemen etc), then you choose their pl and then it's a handicap match you vs all of them ... for multiplayer it could just be 2 vs all of them... they would...
  17. Z

    Yes... another game-mode idea

    Ok, you got saiyan ape suggestions, you got the brolli suggestions. They are all set to be 1 vs everyone and people said "No" to those to characters, right? Here's one I haven't seen yet that would fit. No giant player models and there were a few of them in DBZ. They are the goons of...
  18. B

    New esf gamemode?

    well i was thinking. In the dbz shows they are always fighting one person. how about you have a mode where one person starts with a huge powerlevel and everything else and everyone else has to try to kill them?
  19. X


    I was just wondering why it isn't in beta 1.1. Isn't it supposed to be an official map?
  20. X

    New Gamemode

    Well i was thinking of this new kind of game mode. Cell Games. you should be min 3-4 players or something like that. then there should be a Special Map for it. something like this. in the map theres Cell, Goku and Gohan, Vegeta and all the others. then cell should start with a really...