[Gamemode suggestion] Clash of the Titans

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Dec 15, 2001
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Requiring a minimum of four player, Clash of the Titans would split fighters into two teams, each of which has one super powerful "lead" warrior on their team, and at least one "subordinate" who is significantly weaker.

The subordinates aren't powerful by themselves, however as long as they're alive, their life force accounts for a fraction of their leaders PL, HP, and Stamina. When one of them dies, that fraction is removed from the overall stats of the lead fighter.
Not only that, but subordinates are the only ones who's kills get counted towards the overall team score (unless the lead of one team kills the lead of the other)
Also, if a subordinate kills the lead of the opposing team, they become the lead for their team.

The point of the mode is for the two leads to fight each other while at the same time trying to defend their subordinates from the other teams subordinates, as their strength depends upon their subordinates.

I don't usually make suggestions, so there's probably a couple of holes in this thing . . .

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