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Oct 25, 2005
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New Game Mode

I just thought of this one.... I believe it would be very fun but it would take some serious bot improvements. OR GIVE THE ABILITY FOR A RANDOM person to be the villian!

Game Mode: Save The Earth

(a mode for a smaller server..4-6 people)

Rules: Radars/scouters arent available

How it works: You have each player in the sever randomly put as *Good*character(Nobody is the same).. and they are each givin their objective: Destory the *Villian* before he destroys the planet.

So everyone is in the server... characters are decided an all. lets say about 5 seconds into the game everyone on the good team SENSES a very strong power( I talked about this on a different Thread )

OK so everyone senses a strong power and at the same time..a timer appears on the buttom right of your screen.... THe timer starts at 5 minutes and the time begins to gradually come down to 0 seconds.. When Each minute passes... you * Sense A strong Power Approaching closer an closer!*

Ok.. so during this 5 minute time frame the players will use this time to search for the dragon balls.. if they find them 1 player can get a very decent boost in power, or everyone gets a slight boost in power.(the dragon balls will be harder to find without a scouter/radar)

Or they can search for randomly placed beans on the map.. Only a few should be available to prevent abuse

After the timer hits 0 A villian comes out of the sky and has a much higher powerlevel then everyone and also has a lot of Health ide say maybe 1000 health IF all the *heros* are present.

his health/power level depends on the amount of heros in the server.

There could also be 3 difficulty settings.
1) Trainee: Unlimited lives
2) Warrior: Limited Lives
3) Special Forces: 1 Life each

The villian should also have moves thats not available to players to make him Xtremely awsome to fight. Lets say he was Cell.. Maybe he could pull off an awsome move like Grabbing 1 players head with 1 hand then grabbing another players head with the other and slamming them together or into a wall.. The moves should be givin serious thought an shouldnt be decided just on looks.. The moves should also be stoppable by the other heros that he hasn't touched allowing the heros to save there friends thus adding that "Friendship/teamwork thing."

If the esf forces win maybe it could show a cut scene of them beating the villan on that map.. and if they loose maybe it could show a cutscene of all the heroes dead on the ground and also showing the villian destroying the planet with a powerfull beam...

ALSO IF THE NEW ADV MELEE ONLY allows a 1v1 it shouldn't be available in this mode because it would ruin game play for the other players/heros
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Jan 9, 2003
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