1. SSJ n00b


    with what program i make folds to skins give dl link
  2. fatmanterror

    my newest models

    hey ive been workin on this gohan here for about 2 hours, i see some things wrong with it but i cant put my finger on it exactly, could u guys help me by posting pics and comments, thanks! (note:the gi skin hasnt even been started and i know the feet are strange and there r no hands)...
  3. M

    New finger lazer secondary fire.

    How about this. Instead of the often spamed rappid fire fingerlazers, instead make a more damageing lazer that needs to be charged like a beam.
  4. M

    Messin' around

    I was just messin' around earlier and I came up with this It's not a sig, and it's not meant to be a background (Although, I am using it as one). How's it look?
  5. Vengaurd

    Masenko test

    i've gotta new masenko in beta form but my tester doesnt like it and cant put his finger on why. who ever wants to become me temporary beta tester, email me
  6. A


    your all losers
  7. Demi-Shadow

    Aura pack - Help needed

    Ok.. as a few of you may know, i've been working on an aura pack for the current version with some improvements. I have tried a few different techniques but I still can't figure out how to add to the current aura. Here's a list of ideas I would like to add, if anyone knows how please post...
  8. Darkside

    Finger Laser

    I think it'd be a nice effect if the finger laser was a piercing attack. it doesn't neccesarily have to kill u on 1 hit just because it pierces you, but in the game when you hit people with it it just dissapears on them. in the show no one ever blocked a finger laser. it would go through them if...
  9. K

    Help With Bg!!!!

    I am making a bg, and i know it sucks, i am tryin to make BG's but it hard to learn. But it is missing something. I can't put my finger on it. Any suggestions?
  10. T

    Frieza Finger Laser

    i know im wineing but last night against a frieza character. This guy was a good meleer but the problem was hed spam me with the Finger laser secondary attack. I dont mind him doing it once or twice but he did this like 30 times (more annoying than the disc attack). I dont mind the primary fire...
  11. Bryggz

    Finger laser

    Does anybody else find this to be one of the most annoying and potentially cheap moves? At a decent pl someone with decent aim can nail u down pretty fast. Perhaps its damage should be dropped a little bit for next release? I'll admit that skilled people will always find their ways around...
  12. E


    <center> </center> its not based on any part of the show so dont ask about the clothing. what yous think of it ?
  13. Damaera

    How's my sig that Cold made me a RS member

    How's my sig that Cold made me?
  14. Cheeto101

    Friezas finger beam

    I love friezas finger beam (its my favorite attack) but the primary attack is really hard to hit people from afar. I think itd be cool if someone could zoom in with that attack. I mean, in the show it was basically a sniper blast (well aside from when frieza used it like a machine gun, but thats...
  15. R

    Finger Laser

    is it just me or is frieza's finger lazer just way too powerfull? Ive noticed some people just will spam with it and it kinda kicks my ass? any suggestions, tatics, comments, *****es?
  16. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Hiei Model

    A preview of the model made by Enfinity for me and gs's mod the Dark Makai Tournament 2003. Shoulders still need fixing but its just a little preview. Its of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Enjoy! :p
  17. fatmanterror

    rapid finger laser

    well theres only 1 problem with the beta, friezas rapid fire lazer!! is there any way to counter it besides running away? cause this guy on my server today just kept using it over and over and over and i didnt have time to do anything to him, all i could do was run!
  18. DiebytheSword

    By popular demand . . . action scenes.

    Ryuei Vs. Cucumba Cucumba won, but not easily. (*kicks heatsenn) Cucumba Wave This one is lightly penciled due to the fact that I will attempt CGing it when I have time. Super Saiyan Keldaen Ryuei vs. Captain Sembali Ryuei pwned Sembali the unhittable. Left to right . . ...
  19. E

    Frieza's finger laser

    I don't really care too much about this, I'm just bringing it to the attention of the animators which probably already noticed this. But anyway, the way Frieza charges the finger laser attack is incorrect I think. Doesn't he just point and charge and shoot in the show? The way he charges it in...
  20. B


    how do i make my model sharper whit shadow i heve zie a model whit sharp shadow how do i make it i now how to make a model but not sharp shadow en skin like i no whit program is the best!:\