1. E

    Freeza finger beam BUG!

    When with Freeza, I shot finger beam in esf_budokai, on ground, then I can't jump, only fly, when I press E, then i can jump.
  2. R

    Freeza Death Ball finger move.

    in the esf 1.3... i have a idea. While freeza start to charge the Death ball, he begins to charge the ball with the finger death, and when it is complete, it simply moves the finger to the death ball go where he wants .* I saw it at the beginning of Dragon Ball and kai would be nice if it...
  3. elcor

    [Old PotW] PotW: Frieza's Finger Laser

  4. Kaination

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Has anyone heard of them? I suppose they're relatively new, and my radio station has been playing them a lot.
  5. MONXver2.0

    Finger beam charge idea.

    Insted of the quick sprite fired when freeza uses his finger beam. You could make a animation of power being compressed into the tip of his finger. Say take a sphere and make it grow smaller and smaller to the tip of his finger where it will glow brighter with each second. Cource this would also...
  6. J-Dude

    Is my finger broken?

    I've never broken anything in my life, but I'm wondering right now if I've actually broken the first joint (not the knuckle) of my right ring finger. Last night, late, I tweaked that finger backwards a bit when I lost balance on my bed and tried grabbing my computer desk to stop falling. It...
  7. SS4 Gogeta

    Guy regrows part of his finger

    *WARNING* the video is a bit graphic since it shows the guy's severed finger, but Im sure you all can handle it, just be advised
  8. Kaination

    I might surgically have 1/2 of my finger removed in my pants

    Well, let me start off the story with some background information. I'm in karate, and I'm a red belt (two belts away from black) and we're going to do a demonstration at possibly Orlando, Florida. My instructor gave me two swords to do a double sword kata (or form) Anyways, the sword is if...
  9. S

    Man regrows finger?

    .. and it's better than his original?
  10. Smith

    Man regrows finger?

    .. and it's better than his original?
  11. M

    Finger Laser=Death Beam?

    Is the Finger Laser the same thing as the Death Beam? Or did Boudakai creaters just make up Death Beam so Frieza could have another move? Like Vegeta's Final Shine?
  12. A

    Charged Finger Lazer

    Hey, I was just thinking that Frieza should get a charged Finger Lazer, that loops untill his powerlevel runs out. I have no idea if this is unbalanced or not, but it would be pretty cool to see a charged Finger Lazer.
  13. D

    finger laser detonation

    i was thinking this earlier playing esf but why not make it that when you use the first finger laser fire (the penetrating one) it can automatically detonate blasts (i suggest there be a timer when you can use the finger laser after you throw an energy attack such as death ball) this wouldnt...
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Frieza Finger Beam and Frieza Disc.

    Yea. Well I was bored and was playing with bots, and i noticed that Frieza is quite gimped. I was playing against buu and it was pissing me off because it kept firing buu beam. I wouldnt normally care, but i couldnt ps with it. Why? Because frieza has no freaking beams... Then i looked...
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Frieza & Piccolo -Finger Laser and SBC

    Meh. I think the finger laser should be charged like a beam. Plain and simple. For the primary attack, have a fast charging little beam, with alot of damage. For the alternet attack, think budokai 3 in friezas dragon rush. Have it charge again, but longer then shoot alot of lasers...
  16. Pain

    Finger laser nerf

    A comment made by a very infamous Frieza user in another thread got me thinking. That seems a little lopsided to me. No other character can really do that much damage in such a short period of time. This is of course excluding large beam/blast spam and discs. At least with beams/blasts and...
  17. S

    Frieza Finger Laser

    Now we all know this barely does any damage, well last time i played it it didnt, anyways whati think is that this move should be instant kill, and only able to use in frieza's 3rd form
  18. DragonDude

    Mmm, Finger Food And I just ate at Wendy's... x_x
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Finger Laser / Piccolo Scatter Beam

    Okie. I think it would be cool if you had to charge friezas finger laser like a beam. Maybe you could have its current attack as an alternate. But in the movie he didnt spam it really fast. Have it charge like a beam, then a lil bigger, and then fire as normal, but stronger. Add...
  20. Mr. Satans

    Finger Laser

    Simple Suggestion: Make Frieza's primary-fire Finger Laser a beam and keep the secondary (rapid-fire) Finger Laser the same as it is now. As a beam, the laser could be blocked, however make the speed of the beam fast (but not as fast) like the 2ndary finger lasers. {What Do You Think?}