1. Nebulisreconx

    I had a dream about ESF: Final

    It's all still fresh in my head, it was gorgeous, fast, and furious! The new melee system was satisfying, and made me feel so empowered, as the force from every punched rippled through the air in thunderous waves. No more slow flight speeds, as powerful hits knocked my opponent near 3x the...
  2. Reading Rainbow


    What is your Dream Match?!?!? I'm talking characters/transformation/level/weather effects/fruit snacks/soda etc. etc. etc. Dream Match 1: fighting 4th form Frieza as SSJ Goku on Namek (unaltered weather effects) Dream Match 2: On a snowy ROSAT as SSJ(1) Gohan against SSJ(1) Goku IN SAIYAN...
  3. S

    I had a dream

    that esf:f came out. then I woke up. I figure this must be a prophecy. So you'll release it soon right? I mean, I did have a dream about it. :smile:
  4. B

    Wet Dream: The Old Republic

    http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6265499/ Yeah, if you haven't noticed: big sci-fi nerd and big star wars nerd. I know I may be getting my hopes up on this game, but from what I've seen so far, it really looks amazing. Granted, it's all CGI effects and no gameplay, one can only hope (see what...
  5. B

    Wet Dream Unleashed 2

    http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2010-the-force/101182 I came. Twice.
  6. Painkiller

    've you guys ever had this kind of dream?

    Well.. when I'm dreaming something I often start to get this Let me tell you one of my dreams I was for some reason with my cousin and a friend in Metallica's studio. It was fun, knowing Metallica and all. But the strange part is, that they wanted us to play with them. Ok... Everyone played...
  7. M

    The Dream Thread

    Post dreams that you've had while sleeping. Here's mine: One of the most common type of dream I have are ones in which I'm fighting someone. Every fighting dream I've had until a few days ago were very similar. I initiated the fight by throwing a punch. But right before contact, my strength...
  8. sub

    Your dream anime

    Describe what your dream anime is.
  9. Barney

    Your Dream Band

    You might have seen something like this before...but for those who haven't you take members from different bands to create your ultimate dream band. They can be alive or dead whatever you want...a band of zombies would be pretty brutal. So here's mine at the moment: Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Mark...
  10. Barney's_Soul

    If you die in a dream, do you die for real?

    I always wonder about this whenever I have a dream about dyeing(about once a year), because whenever I dream about dying(get shot in the heart by a robber, be in the vincinity of a atomic bomb), I always wake up before I collapse to the ground....my dream always goes slow motion like some movie...
  11. A

    Dream Thread

    I wonder how this will go down here.. BUt i'm sure we've all got some strange dreams... I'm out drinking with two friends in broad daylight, at some parking lot. We were acting like it was night, we were in thick clothes, must have been alaska. Well anyway we're tlaking about...
  12. -Blaze-

    Your dream games

    Tell about your dream game and what it's like.Ok I start: I dream to have a rpg game Dragon Ball Z with Breath Of Fire 4 ENGINE, where you can transform, learn skills, find friends and stuff... That would be cool wouldn't it? Another one is RPG too, about the person wich travels around the...
  13. F

    Ordered my dream guitar

    I've been saving up for quite awhile now, and now I have the money well, had the money, I just ordered it. ^^ Here's a pic. The J5 Signature (Elecric)Acoustic Guitar. *drools* I've been obsessing over that since I got the Fender Frontline of 2005 in February. Most of you probably...
  14. KidMan

    Anyone ever have a DBZ Dream?

    I have DBZ dreams constantly and they freaking rule. Its not so much Im in DBZ but I have the DBZ powers. I shoot beams and balls, I power up and even transform to a super sayian state though I am human. I also us the Kamehameha though Future Trunks is my favorite character of all time. Its sad...
  15. M

    Does anyone us Dream Render

    I'm using the free trial version of Dream Render and everything I play has that floating banner in the backround, does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  16. A

    dReAm KilLeR's Art Thread

  17. Damaera

    dReAm KilLeR's Art Thread

  18. OubliezJe

    What is your dream car.

    What is your dream car. The title speaks for itself. Mine would be a Lancer Evolution 8
  19. A

    Dream Killer's Art Thread #2

    Well I noticed I improved, I'll post a peice of work that I'm working on now.
  20. N

    dream phone

    post the mobilephone you alway's wanna to have, this is my dream phone: http://www.samsung.com/Products/MobilePhone/SPH/MobilePhone_SPH_SPH_N270.asp