1. liad

    another custom character bug

    if you use a custom model for ginyu and you use the p button to switch to the buddy, instead of the custom model for the ginyu buddy you see the default ginyu model some pics: before switching to control buddy: after switching to control reccome: same with guldo: as you can see in...
  2. Super Veggeto

    Another Custom thingy... =x

    Not sure if you can call it a bug, but I'm also not sure it's intentional. It's kind of hard to explane but I'll try... Basically, the original model will always effect the custom model through the QC file, it seems. For example, if the original model has a loop command in it's QC file and...
  3. JasonX

    Custom Sounds.

    I dont know, but is it possible to make Any custom sounds like models that you can choose from the list?? becuzz im using one of SV gohan model(Adult Gohan) but he has that teen Gohan Sound.. Thanks For the Answers. And srry if this has been posted b4.:smile:
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    Installing custom themes.

    Alright, I downloaded some custom themes for XP off Deviantart, but can't seem to activate them. Now, it worked for me before I formatted my disk, and LegendarY helped me with it, said I needed some sort of patch for it, otherwise it wouldn't work. He also said it had something to do with...
  5. Super Veggeto

    Custom Models List

    As you can see I have around 5 models (including the original) set on the Customs list and it seems there's not enough room for all of them in the list. Actually there is just a bit but it doesnt seem normal in my opinion. I tried playing around with the resolutions to see if it changes...
  6. R

    1.3 custom

    After seeing zeldalinks thread with the dbz concepts i got the urdge to make my own dbz character :( Al try and finish it up and let one of u guys rig it for esf if u's want it. And sv ive used ur gogeta render to keep in scale with the esf skel, hope u dont mind.
  7. john_volkov

    Custom models dmg models

    I think that the team sould code this , this will be like the custom models selection but works only when you have 25 hp it will be Defult,Custom, dmg , when you chose dmg model you will have the normal model on 25 hp or lower the dmg model made by us :D you can chose even custom model and...
  8. Neon

    Custom Aura!

    I figured since the custom model feature is working pretty well, there could be one for the auras too. See, some people likes blue aura for Vegeta, or wants a red one for Goku (Kaioken), and stuff but they don't want the other auras to be changed. I figured if you were able to make the custom...
  9. Super Veggeto

    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    In this thread I'm going to try and concentrate all the 1.3 custom made models so they will be easier to find/download and share. After all it's important that the custom file names will be the same for everyone so it will be as consistent as possible =] Every couple of weeks ESF 1.3 is...
  10. S

    how do we use custom model in 1.3

    what do i do/put to use custom model(s) in esf OP
  11. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Custom models?

    CAn someone tell me how can i put custom models in 1.3?
  12. Super Veggeto

    Two Custom Model Feature Bug

    1. Afterimage of the teleport will show as the original model/character insted of the custom model/character 2. A person that doesnt have the custom model appears as the custom model. It only happend with one person...some that I've played with appeared as the original Vegeta as it should...
  13. john_volkov

    Custom models sugestion

    If you have a custom model let's say Janemba it sould have a info about what to replace in game so you don't have to replace Frieza to play as Janemba but you can play as Janemba and Goku to be normal to you to give the impresion that you have more characters , and if some one has the same...
  14. liad

    bug with the custom model selection

    alright i set up a custom model for vegeta based on what was written on pcjoe journal and it worked fine. i saw the model on the the custom model selection and i could select it and it spawned with that model. but after i selected it when i pressed c again and tryed using the vegeta model again...
  15. veqeta

    How Do I Make a Custom Spray Image??

    hi, i was wondering what programs and things do i need to make a custom spray for esf, thanks.
  16. Dokutayuu

    Custom Class Select Pics fail?

    I try to use custom pics (128 by 256 .TGA) but when I load ESF and go to class select, there's nothing there? Have I done something wrong?
  17. john_volkov

    ESF model's VS ESF custom model's

    I really like the normal esf model and the others like custam model so what do you like ?
  18. Ravendust

    Custom Skybox?

    I tried making a custom skybox for my Suguroku Space map but no matter how much I try, it always has the default Half-Life skybox. I made six 256x256 .tga's: sugurokuup.tga sugurokudn.tga sugurokubk.tga sugurokuft.tga sugurokulf.tga sugurokurt.tga Placed them in the esf/gfx/env...
  19. Super_Saiyan_10

    How To Install Custom Models

    Hey Peeps I would like to know how to install custom models for ESF??? i downloaded it but how do i put it in the GAME!!!!! PLZ HELP!!!!!!! O_O
  20. .Maze

    Custom Content in POTW

    Hi. I was thinking about "Not having Custom Content in the Potw". If there would custom content be allowed (not in the funky pic way... :P) where just show custom Maps, Models or Sprites then i think that wouldnt be too bad. Also the Creators of these Custom Stuff could be advertised a little...