1. U

    Custom Sprites?

    I downloaded a custom sprite, which came in .mdl format. Am i supposed to replace another .mdl file with it? I replaced one in the models catagory, and the game became glitchy. Please help. Thank you.
  2. Z

    Custom 'Turbo' Auras

    Title says it all folks. Where can I find any? There is pretty much non over at ESF-World Networkxx. So I'm kinda lost, everything else in the game seems to have a modification to ESF's models and sprites...but this???
  3. Z

    custom naruto

    ok so this is for the contest but i got some probs with the model it just doesnt look right imo anyone got any ideahs?
  4. DBXMe2

    Cyberus - Custom model...

    Hey guys, I've been messing around lately with a drawing I had done in one of my classes while I was bored. Turned it into a 3D model... go figure. Anyway I've modeled this much, and I need suggestions on what I should model as for the legs. I've done regular legs but it didnt look good...
  5. F

    Custom Turbo Auras

    Can anyone tell me where I can get custom turbo auras for 1.2?
  6. Jugo

    Custom sprites and sounds

    I like the new custom models feature, i think it would be cool if you could do the same with sprites. I mean to make it possible to assign your custom sprites to your custom models.. :) I wanted to suggest the same thing with sounds :) and another thing.. id like to suggest making more...
  7. wheres_

    Wheres_ Custom Map problem.

    It's happened with two custom maps so far. I have installed more than 2 however. The ones that don't crash are just the .bsp and don't draw any non-esf models, sprites or sounds. The maps that are crashing (or the one map in this case that i want to work) esf_zsword crashes upon the map being...
  8. Mr. Phonso

    Porsche Custom

    Started this about 1 week ago because of the new release of NFS MW, inspired me to make one of my own customs, and this is what i came up with so far. =) (yes im going to be doing a basic interior, not intened to put in any games atm)
  9. Lord Killmore

    just a custom char

    hm hey all . well i kinda felt like modelling again after my long break so well yeah i just did this dude here. still heavy WIP . c&C needed *ignore the rendering error on the neck area*
  10. U

    Custom Char

    Sense the esf team has said no char from movies . I was thinking what about like a custom char? with no skin the player has to choose and the color of the attacks (sprites) and it would get to choose 2 attacks for starting and after transforming 2 more. But sense they could make it any 1 I...
  11. C

    No Custom Game?

    Hello. I just downloaded a .rar file which contains CD rip inside (half life). I installed it, everything was ok till... Before i launched hl, i installed ESF on it, so i launched ESF from desktop icon but... WTF? The normal HL screen appeared and everything seemed to be like HL (and it was)...
  12. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Corrupt custom avatars

    Is anybody else's avatar all scrambled? What's the deal?
  13. RavenTrunks

    Custom ESF Background

    I made a custom background for the ESF Start up menu, but dunno how to change it. can anyone explain to me how to change it?
  14. RavenTrunks

    Custom Sprays

    How do i import a custom spray in esf, and half-life games? i have no idea how to do it.
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Custom Models on My Server

    i have a handfull of models. i'd like people to be able to download them from me and be able to vie them in my game. can anyone tell me how to do this.
  16. I

    Custom Album cover aka Case Sleeve

    First time i tried to actually do something in photoshop in a while and here's my custom cd cover/ case sleeve/ jewel key cover/ whatever for my underground demo c.d. im coming out with soon... oh well critz and commetns would be helpful since i havent done any of this in a while ---image...
  17. A

    Rate the Custom User Title above you Revived :P

    Same thing apply for the last thread I made wich is in a graveyard buried :P
  18. C

    Trouble installing any custom auras

    Hello there. This is my first post here so work with me. :) Im having some trouble installing a custom aura i have found on the internet. I downloaded the aura and simply just renamed it to aura.mdl but it didnt seem to work. Then I created a copy and renamed it aura.wrl just to see if that...
  19. Rock Lee

    help with custom maps

    when ever i host a game useing some custom maps that have there own wad for some reson my server will only upload the map but not the wad is there any way to fix it so it will upload the wad not just the map ?