1. .Maze

    HTC HD2 Custom Roms.

    Hi. I was wondering what for Custom Roms you use on your HTC HD2... Im using Cyanogen Mod 7 (Latest Build 3.7.1) right now. And i kinda like it. Buuut, im someone who is fast bored by im looking for an new Rom, where hes the freedom of App2SD like CM7. Soooo what are you using and...
  2. zmaster

    custom character

    so yea u guys should make an option where u can make your own character and customize your abilities:smile:
  3. B

    Custom Model Problem D:

    i have ESF open Beta, so i downloaded this model then i put the Goku folder in my Custom folder in Player folder and when i select the Custom Model in game to replace goku its just blank then i click to play it and its still...
  4. S

    Custom Characters?

    Cant we have custom characters?Like making your own character,the hair,face etc?Would be awesome if everyone had his own unique character.
  5. Goku.Jr.

    Can Custom models be made for ESF Final? Help with 3d modelers / artists?

    New to the forums , hi. I'm experienced in 3d modeling and texture uv wrapping/unwrapping. I have made many projects in starcraft 2 associating with custom models. I also know a bit of animating and rigging models and I'm continuing to learn it in my college. I use 3ds max and photoshop. I'm...
  6. Flink_Power

    Custom Model In ESF 1.3 Beta

    How to add a model in the box "Custom Model"? Thank's.
  7. A

    Custom Raging Blast Cover

    A cover I made for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, A decent DBZ game for the PS3/360.
  8. hleV

    Custom Transformation Powerlevels 1.0
  9. Nemix

    Custom ESF Open Beta 1.3 Models

    I will try to post here all my ESF Model Edits. Only as pictures... so they require only Credits, Full Credits. Majin Vegeta: Credits: ESF Team for Making The Armor Vegeta (i dont know who made it) Super Vegetto for making Blue Suit Vegeta and the Blood and ripped Clothes from...
  10. Bardock1132

    Open Beta custom models

    hey how do you select custom models cause i downloaded a few and i cant get em on HELP!
  11. Painkiller

    custom characters

    HEY EVERYONE! IF YOU HAVE made your own esf characters please post here :)
  12. Goku Razor

    Custom Model

    Hey, I put a Custom Vegeta model made for Open Beta into my Final Beta folder and when I select it the game freezes and then crashes. Any ideas?
  13. M

    Custom models

    evry time i try to play with custom models it dosent work i select custum but it wont go to game like its supposed to
  14. Darth Revan

    Custom models

    evry time i try to play with custom models it dosent work i select custum but it wont go to game like its supposed to
  15. Damaera

    Rate the Custom User Title above you

  16. The Deco

    OK, custom model re-selection problem

    OK, goes like this: I start the game and I go to character selection screen - all is good Then I highlight Gohan and I see him - all good Then I want to play with adult Gohan custom (Blue suit) model and I choose him - I succeed to choose him and I play with him. Then I want to choose the...
  17. M

    Installing Custom Brushes

    This is a tutorial I recently created for the Origin forums, but I figured that I might as well post it here as well. Also, I had to link the last two images due to the ten image limit.
  18. M

    Making 1.3 Custom Models compatible with ECX

    Is this possible? I substituted Amor trunks from that thread into the folder, it works but the skeleton animations are all jibber jabbled
  19. dm250

    custom sound's for models

    ok then ihave adolt gohan (made by sv) and iwant him to have his own voice... the good thing that igot it working :smile: the bad things that the littel gohan voice stil working at the same time... my qc text testing: $sequence exhausted_run_back "exhausted_run_back" loop fps 20...