1. grOOvy

    Forum Comp I: Match 4

    Arthos v/s SaiyanPrideXIX Anyone can post first. Referee: Hwoarang Location: ESF Forums, Modelling Section. The forum is infested by new models lurking around, treat each of them as a soul less killing machine and use them to the fullest in your matches. Extra points for actually...
  2. grOOvy

    Forum Comp I: Match 3

    Ice Man v/s Davidskiwan Anyone can post first. Referee: Magus Location: ESF Forums, Off topic. Someone who only posts in the off topic (*cough* ice cream? *cough*) has started a major riot and has a lot of regular off topic users on his side and is threatening to take down anyone who...
  3. grOOvy

    Forum Comp I: Match 2

    SaiyanPrideXIX v/s Brim Anyone can post first. Referee: Cucumba Location: ESF Forums, Newbie Central. Beta 1.2 has just been released and there are loads of old beta 1.1 lovers who want to take revenge on the forums by destroying everyone they see in this section. Extra points for...
  4. grOOvy

    Forum Comp I: Match 1

    Arthos v/s DPredator Anyone can post first. Referee: Hwoarang Location: ESF Forums, Modelling Section. The forum is infested by new models lurking around, treat each of them as a soul less killing machine and use them to the fullest in your matches. Extra points for actually researching...
  5. Lethal_Vegetto

    How To Get Your Comp Ready For HL2

    CS.S screenie of how to get your computer ready for HalfLife 2
  6. S

    Comp sig with another 5 mins work...

    well i did sum of the stuff judges suggested when i posted it for the competition.... tell me wat u think.... i still didnt change the font, i like it :p edit: made an avatar, i was bored also here's the original to compare, didnt do much:
  7. M

    Halflife 2 - and my comp :P

    Hey there ! Im like having my birthday pretty soon, and as i dont have any other wishes really i was thinking about upgrading my comp for the upcoming hl2 ! Anyway, im wondering what to upgrade so if someone would gimme some tips it would be nice :) Heres da specs: AMD athlon 1800+ (1667...
  8. Tsunami

    New comp....

    AMD 64 3500 overclocked to 2.6ghz 1gig Corsair Extreme Performance DDR 650gig raid 0 array ATI x800XT PE Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS 7.1 700 Watt Surround sound 20'' LCD w00t.....I've waited 3-4 years and I'm finally able to upgrade from this slow 1.4 P4. Think it'll run HL2 just fine :D??
  9. Varleran

    Help with crappy comp? (Freaky Melee)

    Ok, so my buddy's computer is basically Satan. He tells me that the arrows in advanced melee are freaky, but I have no real idea what he's talking about. So he sends me a screenshot of his problem. I see this monster and I'm like HOLY CRAP!!!! Just to let you know, all the settings are on...
  10. B

    My comp got a virus that disables the internet help

    My comp got a virus that disables the internet!! any help plz?? theres no point for asking for more info cause thats all it did i got adsl
  11. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Dedicated Steam Server on 1 comp = Can't log in to play on another?

    Here's a good steam question for you server gurus. I own two computers. I have steam and ESF in on the both of them. Normally, on WON, I would run the dedicated server off of my older computer (which has all ports forwarded and worked fine). I would then play from my other computer. My...
  12. S

    can my comp support 1.2?

    yo..i was wondering if my comp can support beta 1.2 i got Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 1 Intel Celeron Processor 597 MHz 192 MB of RAM Geforce 2 MX 400/400 MSI MAinBoard please tell me if i can support it..;) :devgrin:
  13. X

    Making Internet Servers From My Comp.?

    I cant get ESF to work with the dedicated server. But the most important thing is that im trying to make an internernet listenserver, ive heard ppl i need to add "sv_lan 0" to one of my config files but im not shure can sum1 plz help? Cause i have no clue O_o
  14. S

    ESF is making all my comp games **** up in fps.

    Ok like. Everytime i install esf now all my games on my comp including esf, Get FPS spikes. I know what your thinking probably because im seeing alot of stuff on screen at one time. Well its not that. I would start a game in my own server no one in there not bots or anything just me. I will look...
  15. Mr. Satans


    *GASP* I finally got rid of that piece of crap 350mhz *Kicks it repeatedly* I can finally compile my map :o NEW COMP STATS: (CPU) 1-AMD Athlon™ XP 2800+, 2087MHz, (RAM) 512MB (GFX) NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU, (Display) 1280x1024/32bit/75Hz (OS) Windows XP Home Edition...
  16. esfn00b

    Mapping Comp

    I have an idea :D Why not, before the next release, have a mapping competition and the winner gets their map included in the next release? I dunno if the team have a certain number of maps of each kind they have to make, but maybe if they did this they could restrict the map genre to one thing...
  17. Jimesu_Evil

    SKINNING COMP!!! My Piccolo!

    Skinning comp! If you're interested in skinning my Piccolo, post here. DO NOT PM ME! I will PM those selected with the D/L link and specifications. SKINMAPS NOT PROVIDED! That's right, as a skinner, you should know how to make your own. I will only accept applications from people who's work...
  18. Buce

    Im getting a new comp....

    Hi all as u probably know i need a new comp...this dell **** is just to *** for was looking at sony and compaq and all them...i also looked at alien ware...they look pretty good for their price but i heard somewhere that they were laud does anyone know how loud they are and if so is...
  19. Lord Killmore

    Zereth Vegeta Edit (majin and bd majin)

    OK i think somebody edited Zereth Vegeta before but i was bored and tried it too this is my 3rd edit (yeah i count them all) Ok first Credits of course : Skin: Zereth Model: Dunno Have to look will post it Hair: Sin Goku Hair skin: Moshe Kipod Ham Skin Edits : By me Ok now the...
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper (1st since my new comp)

    yep all done with photoshop except the twisted grid which was done in 3dsmax and also