Forum Comp I: Match 2

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Nov 21, 2002
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SaiyanPrideXIX v/s Brim

Anyone can post first.

Referee: Cucumba

Location: ESF Forums, Newbie Central. Beta 1.2 has just been released and there are loads of old beta 1.1 lovers who want to take revenge on the forums by destroying everyone they see in this section. Extra points for actually doing research and naming old 1.1 maniacs and using them in your match write-up's.

Notes: This is a 1 round deathmatch fight. No best of 3 rounds, just 1 round. NO killing your opponent in your match write-up. Do your best! Also, FC rules apply here - public not to post until match is over or risk getting the bat by forum staff.
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Dec 1, 2001
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I am granting Pride and thus Brim a small extension. Pride's job contacted him for some rush contract work which needs to meet a deadline. He will post it as soon as he is able to finish it.
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Nov 21, 2002
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Ok then, holidays over - let's get this match rolling!
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Dec 3, 2002
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Pride had seen a lot of upscale destruction in his time but few things matched the oddities that he'd seen in Newbie Central.

He rode his motorcycle through several areas that had been burnt out. Shattered glass windows were all he saw decorating store fronts; the streets were lined with tipped over noobwagons and ruined food and novelty carts. Bodies of people were everywhere, and most of the buildings had been burnt or heavily damaged. The entire main road was lined with this destruction, and the only sound was the violent growling of the motorcycle beneath the behemoth. It took a while before what had happened had dawned on the Last Rider.

The remnants of what he was looking at was once a parade. A pretty joyous one, too--before it had apparently been firebombed.

Pride stopped his bike near a ruined pile of garbage that had once been an immense float. All that remained was the feet and ankles of a large paper machet likeness of someone. Pride picked up a wrought-iron plaque and saw the name "PC JOE" engraved on it.

Pride dropped the plaque loudly and unceremoniously. Looking around he saw grafitti on a lot of the buildings adorning the main street. The phrases were all relating to the obvious reason for the parade--the unleashing of Beta 1.2.

The scrawled messages on the wall were ANTI-1.2 Phrases like "Adv melee sucks ass" and "1.1 pwnz" were strewn about. The powerful Forumscant filters blocked out the curse words as asterisks, but Pride could guess what they were well enough.

There had been some kind of a huge riot here. And what he came for was either destroyed or had gone missing.

The Beta 1.2 update was going to be Pride's key to battling the Nation of Administration. The nanomachines forcibly introduced into his body (the source of his more 'Digital' abilities) would be uploaded with the Beta 1.2 source. With the power of the ESF gods, and only with that power, would he be able to descend into the Force Pit and acquire his one true target.

"Brim," Pride said aloud. The wind whistled through the scattered debris on the street. He knew Brim was to meet him here, and they were supposed to fight. He could sense Brim nearby; he thought it best to be direct. "I know you're here, Brim. Let's get it done."

Pride heard a sound from one of the buildings nearby, a firebombed wreck from the inside out. A banner that had once hung proudly across the street proclaimed advanced melee's debut in a haggard, torn mess, hanging in front of the building's doorway.

"Brim," Pride said again. "Face me."

The thing that came out from the doorway obscured by the banner was not Brim at all. In fact, Pride heard the sound of a rubber dodgeball as the thing comically bounced outward at him, as though it were flung.

Pride looked at the thing quizzically. It looked like an absurdly obese toddler, standing 4 feet tall but probably weighing in at a solid 200 pounds. It was almost perfectly rounded off, with a round tumorous looking cauliflower head and eyes that were so thick with fat that they appeared to be unable to open past a desperate squint.

The thing landed in front of Pride after bouncing toward him like some kind of fatty gummi bear. Pride had assumed a defensive stance but had immediately retracted it when the odd ball thing spoke and he realized what it was.

"Nub nub noobeh nub nubbeh!"

Pride cracked a grin and remembered that he was in Newbie Central. He had no idea what it had said, but it had said it excitedly. He noted the voice sounded like a fat-encapsulated version of the wheelchair kid from South Park.

"Hey little guy," Pride said with a smile. His massive frame knelt down to look the thing in the face. "What happened here? Where is Beta 1.2?"

"Nub nubbeh nub," the thing said back. "Nub nubbeh nub nub, nub nubbeh noob nub, nub NOOOOOOOOOOOB! Teh noobie nubbeh nub, teh nub nub noob. Teh noo-noo-nu-noob, nub nubbeh NUUUUUBBB!!"

What the hell?

"He says Beta 1.2 has been stolen," a voice rang out. Pride looked up and saw the voice's owner--Brim--standing on a pile of overturned cars nearby.

"What?" Pride's face flushed.

"I speak noob," Brim explained. "He says that the 1.2 Beta was taken by the 1.1'ers."


"They want to destroy it, so that ESF can stay at Beta 1.1 forever."

"No!" Pride said.

"Relax, big guy," Brim shot back. "They can't destroy it. Everyone knows that 1.1'ers are powerless against Beta 1.2. Their attacks won't work on the Beta no matter how hard they try. Advanced melee has taken away all of their offensive abilities."

"We need 1.2 to get into the Force Pit!!"

"That we do, my mastodon-like friend. The noob says that the 1.1 noobs might know where it is."

Pride looked down at the noob. It bounced up and down on it's rubbery backside, happily smiling a wide, open-mouthed grin. The bouncing noises were annoying. "Where can we find Beta 1.1 noobs?"

"Well, actually...that IS a Beta 1.1 noob."

"What?! You mean...this...overgrown dodgeball...stole the Beta?!"

"No--" a new voice interrupted from a nearby rooftop. Pride recognized the voice. "--he just helped US steal it!"

Pride saw an old pair of troublesome enemies--Shin Carl and Mystic Uub. "Heh...glad to see your back from your ban, Carl...thought you were supposed to be all reformed and what not."

"Yeah right!" Uub blurted out. "Maybe if we saw you ingame sometime you might have your facts straight, Last Llama! Carl was just BS'ing so the Green Machine would stay off his back! All the while he's laid out a brilliant plan!"

"Yeah, it is pretty brilliant," Carl added modestly. "Unlike advanced melee, though, it wasn't easy. I had to convince Brim here to help me out."

"What?! Brim, you're in on it?!"

Brim grinned. "Well, you see man, it's like this...I had to make a tough call. Carl just wants to get into the Force Pit. So he came to me with a proposition. I'm supposed to fight you for Beta 1.2...but in the Force Pit, am I going to make much of a difference? I don't really even play ESF much anymore, man. So getting the Beta's great and all, but...there's more to life than Beta 1.2."

"Yeah!" Uub shouted, leaping down to Pride's position. "The 1.2.1 patch is where we come in!!"

Pride was confused. "What the hell are you talking about, you ****stain?"

"Simple," Carl added. "We help get the Beta...Brim gets into the pit. But when the 1.2.1 patch comes out next week...he gives ME the patch, attaching me to his copy. From there...I go into the Force Pit and destroy the 1.2 Source Code, and then me, Uub, and those four or five other people who insisted that 1.1 was the best version can finally be happy...because after we destroy the ESF team, that will be all that's left!!"

Pride gnashed his teeth. "You HOWing SOB...." He turned to Brim. " could you?!"

"Simple," Brim said. "Like I said, I don't really play much in the first place...but more importantly, you and I are going to be meeting in that Rumble coming up. And thanks to a little deal Carl and I have worked out...I'll be able to re-enter after being eliminated the first time."

"But that's not fair!!"

"Hey...look man...I've got college to deal with. That **** is a biatch and a half, man. I don't have time to fight in that damn rumble for six months. So I take a dive early one...let you and the others cut down a few of the big guns...and then I come back and mop up."

"It ain't gonna go like that, Smallfry..."

"Oh look at this!" Uub threw in. This guy, he's talking like the Rumble's already over!"

"Whatever, ****stain."

"Heh, joke's on you, Long Tall 'n' Ugly," Uub shot back. "1.1 pwnz and the swear filter's totally killing your smacktalking."

"Sorry Pride," Brim toned in.

"Sorry for what?" Pride said. "Selling out?"

"No," Uub said, hopping back up onto a pile of debris. "He's sorry, cause you're about to get pwned by noobs 1.1 style."

"So you're going to HOW me to death?"


"It's an exploit, Carl."


There was a rumbling beneath Pride's feet, but the one fatty mcnooble that had been standing next to him pounced and quickly siezed his attention.

[THWACK!!] "NUBBBEEEHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." [SLAM!!]

With a monstrous right hand, Pride had sent the 1.1 Noob flying at least 200 feet down the street. It was a satisfying but short lived victory, as Pride looked around and saw the horror. Every window and door, every patch of ruined sidewalk, was covered with 1.1 noobs. Bouncing their odd bouncing, flopping and flapping about like so many horribly obese retarded hobbits.

"Nub! Nub nubbeh nub!!"

All he could hear was a sea of variations of the word Noobie around him. A tense moment passed and Pride decided words were running out of gas.

"You're going to make me fight all of the 1.1 noobs in Newbie Central just to get to Brim, eh?"

"DAMN STRAIGHT!!!" Uub shouted. "Carl is the man and 1.1 is the balls, and someone needs to teach you a lesson!!"

Pride looked around. There had to be, at least, hundreds of noobs. There was nothing in the dead air but that annoying rubber ball bouncing, farting gas noises, and the noob language.

"Well, that's fine. I just hope for your sake that you aren't around when I'm done with them."

"Enough talk!!" Carl shouted. "Noobs!! Pwn him!!"

The waves of noobs encircled Pride and they dove upon him like a sea of swelled thigh fat. The rumbling caused by the incessant bouncing shook Brim's feet and he leapt from his perch in the wreckage to Carl and Uub's high rooftop. Looking down, he saw that Pride had been engulfed completely by the carnivorous noob horde, and there was nothing but a monkey pile of giant Jenny Craig posterchildren where he once stood.

"Carl...this isn't fair, man. I said I'd let you into the Force Pit with the 1.2.1 patch, didn't say anything about an ambush."


"Yeah man," Uub said. "Just shut up and let him do his thing. You act like you actually WANTED to fight that guy."

"Well...I mean..."

Suddenly the rumbling intensified. The monkey pile of noobs began to shake and tremble.

"What?!" Carl shouted. "It can't be!!"

Rays of light began to shine out from under the noob pile; noobs began to lose their footing from the top and tumbled down.


A massive shockwave burst out from the center of the noob horde, sending them flying like helpless ants on a tidal wave. They were thrown from Pride with such force that their bouncy, rubbery bodies ping ponged violently off of the buildings. In the center of the carnage and swirling debris stood Pride, his shockwave aura flaring and distorting the imagery around him.

The noobs immediately recovered and began to run at Pride. Gripping his forearm, he aimed his right hand at an approaching horde and fired off a blast of some type of energy, bursting their ranks. He couldn't actually damage the noobs, but he was able to dissipate their ranks easily with his powerful energy attacks.

Before long, the street was a smoldering mess even by it's previous standards, and literally a couple hundred noobs lay battered and tired from the pwnage. They began to disappear, most of them disconnecting from the server after Pride's beam whoring.

He looked up at Carl. "Last chance. Give me Beta 1.2 or be destroyed."

"NEVER! Draylock, Gonadz, my elite guard--PWN HIM!!"

From either end of the street, the two elite forum users Draylock and Gonadz appeared and burst at Pride with startling speed. Both were approaching from opposite angles; Pride dodged them with a time-slowing jump and they sped past one another, ending up on opposite sides.

"Beam whore him!!" Carl commanded.

The two warriors immediately began charging up powerful beam attacks.

"I would have waited an eternity for this..." Gonadz said. "...It's over, Pride."

Draylock's attack was charging red and Gonadz was charging blue; the colors swirled and played violently off of the carnage in the background. Pride looked from one to the other.

"Better make it count," said Pride calmly.

"Oh we will!" Draylock shouted. In unison, they spoke the name of their combo attack:


Both unleashed their beams and Pride extended his hands out on both sides. He caught both beam heads in his hands but they rapidly crushed inward and wrought miserably, grinding pains throughout his body. The heat from the respected blasts was nearly unbearable.

Carl and the others could barely see Pride at all in the blinding light. The red and blue beams met where he stood and formed a huge white blur of light, an orb of fiery energy and exploity power.

Carl was satisfied but Brim was distraught. "Carl man, that ain't fair at all."


Brim bit his tongue, but smirked when he sensed a strong wave of energy from within the beam impact. Silver streaks of digitized lightning sporadically bolted into the area, and a deep rumbling accompanied a massive explosion of light.

Both beam heads were flung back into their respective owners, decimating them on a cellular level with ease. The sudden burst of power was Pride's Catalyst nanomachines jumping into full power; he'd transformed into the blazing digitized silver shade now, and his power was immensely magnified.

He looked up at Carl and the others. "Brim, don't let him do this! You can't betray the ESF team like this!"

Brim looked down and wrestled with the idea. Carl, meanwhile, dispensed his final henchman, Uub.

Uub bolted down at Pride screaming, but it was almost funny to watch from Pride's end. At nearly 7 feet tall, and bursting with power, Pride saw that the somewhat underwhelming Uub posed little threat to the Phenom. Pride promptly kicked him in the face and sent him barrelling off into the distant horizon.

"Brim! Come on, man! Snap out of it!!"

Carl chimed in, clutching Beta 1.2 in his hands. "Ha! You're a moron, Pride, you know that? This idiot doesn't give two craps about the game! He barely even posts on the forums, ffs!!"

Brim's head snapped up at that comment.

"You don't even know anything about this fool! He cares nothing for ESF, Forumscant, or any of the Team!"

"That's not true," Brim said through gritted teeth. "Who do you think you are?"

"What?!" Carl shouted.

"Yeah! Who do you think you are?!" Brim said, getting pissed. "They give you a free game that's better than probably any other game you have and all you can do is whine and ***** about it. And on top of that, your whining and *****ing because YOU CAN'T CHEAT ANYMORE, and because SOMEONE WHO'S NOT THAT GOOD MIGHT ACTUALLY BEAT YOU once in a while! That's frigging ridiculous!!"

"What?! dare you!! I used to own noobs in 1.1!!"

"So what?"

"So what is right!" Carl shot back. "I have Beta 1.2 and neither of you do!! I'll go into the Force Pit right now and destroy the entire ESF team once and for all!! Then we will ALL play 1.1...FOREV--"


Pride winced at what he saw--Brim's foot had bolted squarely upward into Carl's junk. It had stopped Carl cold in his rant. Brim snatched the Beta from Carl and jumped away to the street while the 1.1 leet pwner stood frozen in pain, eyes bulging out of his head and tears running down his cheeks.

"You want to do the honor?" Brim said.

"With pleasure," Pride shot back. A quick charge sent out a generic projectile of concentrated energy, blowing the entire rooftop Carl and his shattered manmeat had previously inhabited to Kingdom Come.

Now, was just the two of them. And the Beta.

"Your bursting with power...I'm never going to be able to beat you like that."

"Sure you can," Pride shot back. "Install the Beta...let's even things up a bit."

Brim smiled and did as the Phenom had suggested. After a short ten minute installation process, Brim himself burst with power and digitized nano-energies. They looked like two electrified silver twins, aside from the size difference.

"How's it feel?" Pride asked.

"Weird. Strong, but weird."

"Good. Now let's do this."

* * * * * * *

What glass remained in the streets of the firebombed area of Newbie Central shattered when the two blazing warriors impacted for the first time. The battle was fast paced and changed gears and favor frequently.

The initial impact saw a bout of flash fighting, their every blocked blow sending sparks and digitized haze off of one another. They moved with such speed that a noob wouldn't have even been able to see them--only feel the wind.

Pride relied heavily on large fist attacks, but Brim had superior flexibility and was able to use both forearms and knees to dodge Pride's moves. A sudden big boot to the jaw sent Brim flying down to the ground, but he quickly used his hands and flipped back to his feet, skidding to a stop. Pride was already swooping down full blast, but Brim thought quickly. Using his new Beta Brim strength, he tore a door off of a nearby car wreck and swung it like a giant flat baseball bat. The horrific clang sent Pride through a nearby wall, the building slowly tumbling down on top of him. Almost immediately, the sparks began to fly and the rubble began to rumble, and Brim knew he was going to have a few seconds rest at best before Pride burst out of that wreck and tore him apart.

He bolted a ways down the street and saw the building debris scatter like sand. Pride's silvery aura was visible even through the resulting soot; the Phenom spun around frantically, searching for his opponent. Brim wound up and launched the car door with both hands like a discus; it swirled violently and made deep wooshing sounds as it spun through the air.

Pride turned just in time to receive the car door into his ribcage at mach 2. He went flying down the street and smashed into another car which promptly exploded.

Brim was already flying in an upward arch, heading for Pride's position. Such an impact, while damaging, wouldn't be the end of the Phenom.

The assumption was right, as the pile of flaming car chassis blew apart and Pride bolted upward in the same arch, meeting Brim high above the streets. The two locked up in a wrestling grapple that neither iron grip was willing to break. Pride was impressed--the installation of 1.2 had made Beta Brim his Catalyst Form's equal.

Through gritted teeth, both combatants strained, and it was Pride who got the upper hand this time. Through strained efforts, gnashing teeth, and fiery auras, Pride managed to break Beta Brim's resistance and forced him downward at breakneck speeds. He smashed the two of them into the roof of a large SUV, bending the metal in half as if it were cardboard, but Brim quickly countered. Still locked together, Brim kicked his trusty steel toe boots upward into Pride's ribs and pushed the locked pair back upward.

Pride's lower back smashed painfully into the corner of a building's rooftop, crushing it inward. Pride countered with a vicious headbutt that broke Brim's concentration enough for Pride to turn the grapple into a throw. Brim went flying down to the street below but again managed to recover. He was charging an energy attack as he skidded to a halt, and Pride barely had time to react.

The blast missed, because Pride teleported out of the way. He was behind Brim, and the opportunity was irresistable. He went for the signature boot attack but Beta Brim sensed him and teleported as well, laying a fist into the side of Pride's jaw from the Phenom's left.

Pride ignored the pain and the copper taste in his mouth and returned fire with a kinetic right of his own. He leveled Beta Brim and sent him backward into the side of a large minivan, which dented in violently and tipped over onto it's far side at Brim's impact.

The now exposed underside of the van exploded outward, and Brim attacked Pride with some type of huge bar.

It took a few whacks before Pride realized that it was a tire rod Brim was swinging like a bo staff. The fourth or fifth swing was caught by Pride, and with his strength he easily lifted Brim's half of the bar, mercilessly swinging the makeshift weapon into a brick and concrete wall with Beta Brim still attached to the end of it.

Much to his amazement, when Pride pulled the axle out of the wall, Brim was still attached to it, his end hooked under one arm in a desperate bid for power.

Pride responded easily enough; he bolted from car wreck to car wreck, whacking Brim downward onto the rooftops of each chassis without mercy. Still, Beta Brim refused to let go. Pride flung the bar and Brim away in frustration but the Beta Boy Wonder AGAIN landed on skidding feet.

Pride barely had time to note that Brim was like a cat with his reflexes when the axle was launched end-first into his gut like a scud missile. The clang was bone-rattling, and the smashing metal sound that accompanied Pride's slamming through a nearby car door was equally as bad.

He'd been speared through one car door and through the backseat, out the opposite door. Pain burned in his midsection, but he ignored it. The light pulse he saw coming from Brim was a more primary concern.

The energy blast was small and concentrated, and Pride looked between his own knees--still in the cars backseat--and saw it barreling towards him. No time to block, no time to dodge...

Thinking quickly, Pride rolled backwards out of the seat. Immediately, his hands locked on the bottom of the car, and with a yank he flipped it up on it's side. He braced against the car just in time to feel it push back at him violently. The concrete of the street was grinding and breaking under his feet as the car and Pride were shoved backward with intense force.

Back the Phenom went until finally he was sandwiched against a wreckage pile. Beta Brim gave one final push and the explosion of digitized energy set off the gas tanks, causing a chain reaction of explosions that caused a nearby building to finally give way and cave in on itself.

The spectacular explosion had seemed to be the only rest Brim had. He dropped to one knee, rasping for each ragged breath. He was exhausted, even with the power of the Beta. It seemed that he'd finally managed to score a decisive blow against his opponent when a slow, grinding sound emerged from the billowing smoke and wreckage. With a start, Pride streaked out of the debris and up into the sky.

The two silvery auras flared, their respective humming and sparking the only sound in the air. "It's time we finished this off, Brim!"

Pride reach back with both hands and began to gather his energies in a blistering flare of blue-white light. Brim knew the Phenom was going for the kill--but he'd be damned if he wasn't going to make the bastard work for it! Reaching back, Brim began to pool his own energies, and the power of Beta 1.2 coursed through his veins like a juggernaut.

* * * * * *

Nearly a mile away, Shin Carl could sense the impending energy blasts of both warriors. "Wow..." Carl commented. "Maybe 1.2 isn't so bad after all..."

Suddenly there was a massive shadow behind Shin Carl. Turning, he gulped; he had already known it was Cucumba before he'd turned around. "Carl," Cucumba said.

"Y-y-y-y-eah?" the quivering 1.1'er responded. Cucumba's huge frame blocked out the sunlight like a solar eclipse.

"A little birdie told me that you were going to try to use Beta 1.2 to get into the Force Pit and rewrite ESF. Is that true?"

"Wha...well, I...who told you such a thing?!"

From behind Cuc, Mystic Uub peaked out. "Ummm...Hiya, Carl."

"You son a b-i-t-c-h!" Carl shouted, but almost immediately his head was clenched shut in Cucumba's massive right hand.

"That's filter evasion on top of ban evasion on top of plotting to destroy the mod and mod team. Three warnings."

"Mmfmfhghhhhgmmm hhhmmmmfffhmfh hmmmmggghh!!!"

Cucumba flung Shin Carl to the winds with ease, sending the 1.1'er into the far quadrant of the Internet.

"See you in two weeks, Carl."

* * * * * *

Pride and Brim had now built up phenomenal power. The area around them shook violently enough to register as a dull earthquake; the furious winds pouring from their silver auras and spiraling energy buildups were blowing the chassis of cars through concrete walls. Both let out screams as they let their massive energy waves fly.

Pride's beam roared downward at Brim like a juggernaut, barreling with blatant disregard for petty things like gravity and physics. Brim waited, pouring every last bit of Beta power he could into his own blast before finally releasing it.

"Got to...hit it...NOW!!" Brim shouted.

Instead of emitting a massive wave of his own, Brim was shocked to find that as soon as he extended his hands, his energy and his Beta aura completely siezed instead.

In fact, he was back to completely normal.

"What the...oh NO!!"

Pride's blast impacted with a completely unprotected Brim and detonated the entire city block.

When the blinding white light finally subsided after several minutes, there was nothing but desert wasteland where there had previously been a city block. Around the 4 or 5 hundred foot wide crater of nothingness, buildings and streets remained somewhat intact. There were only two things within the blast radius that had remained--Brim, and the copy of Beta 1.2, lying a few feet from his barely-moving body.

Pride, in his human form, landed next to the fallen Nutkicker. "You alright?"

"Yeah," Brim said weakly. "I'll live."

"I'm sorry man. I was just giving it all I got, you know?"

"Yeah..." Brim moaned. He still appeared unable to move; his clothes were singed and his hair still had smoke coming off of it. "I know."

"Can you still fight?"

Brim's eyes rolled up to Pride, standing above him indifferently. His expression said it all--Yeah, sure, let me just twist my spinal column back into place and then we'll give it another go.

"Then I win?"

"Yeah," Brim said. "Take the Beta. It's yours now."

Pride picked up the Beta and could feel it's power surging. He wondered what had happened that Brim had run out of gas during the fight. It had been one of the best fights Pride had ever had until the sudden and strange ending.

"Brim...what the hell happened to you at the end, there? I thought we were gonna be going at it for days, but you just kind of...I dunno...burnt out."

Brim's response came after a long and thoughtful pause. Through his rasping voice, he hacked out the words, "Crash to desktop bug."

Pride helped Brim back to his feet. With the fallen fighters arm over one mammoth shoulder, he walked with Brim towards the outer edge of the crater.

"That's a shame man," Pride said. "That was one of the toughest fights I've had in a long time."

Brim grinned. "We'll have to do it again sometime."

Brim coughed from the dust around him and finally stood on his own willpower. He smirked at Pride one last time.

"You know. After the patch."
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Sorry guys, but I just can't find the time to finish my post right now, its finals here in a week and i have 3 10 page papers due plus 4 finals. If you want to wait I might be able to finish it over the weekend, but it aint gonna happen before that, so you can decide, If its not soon enough, nice post Pride, and I have faith you'll win it all, if I am allowed, I'll do my best to finish my post which is currently a third of the way finished
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Granted: School > ESF
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Sorry guys, I just don't think I am going to be able to put up an effort that will be able to challenge pride's beast of a post. I have papers due and finals coming up so I really wouldn't be able to put up something that can take on Pride's post with justice until another two weeks are over, and I know that grOOvy wants to get his show on the road. I really would like to try later, if nothing more than allowing Pride to go on, and the competition too, but letting me post my fight later when I can do this fight justice just for a show and competition...that is fine with me. But as it is right now, I don't want to hold this competition up any longer. Sorry guys, I tried getting it done this weekend but school and work are just a bit overwhelming for I'd be honored to finish this fight later, even if it isn't for the competition, just for ****s and giggles. Good luck Pride, although I doubt you need it.
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Alrighty, thanks for the heads up. Pride wins by default for the competition - although I am leaving this thread open on Brim's request since he would like to post a round when he is free and have it judged later (like a regular FC round, not part of the competition anymore).

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