1. B

    having both esf 1.0 and 1.1 on one comp

    I wana no if there r any esf 1.0 servers so i can copy the 1.1 esf into a backup folder and install 1.0 into half-life and all. then if i wana play 1.0 i use my 1.0 esf folder and for esf 1.1 i use 1.1 folder.i swich folders O_O r there any 1.0 servers around with ppls in them cause i like 1.0...
  2. Celticus

    vegeta new skin

    i've put a new skin into the esf vegeta It's a skin from the pro-edit guys so it's not my skin!!!!!!!! I hope they don't think i've stolen their skin but anywayzz here it is give me youre e-mail and ill send it!
  3. Lone Wolf

    Tunnel... O.o

    Me wants critz! CRITZ! so I can improve.... done in photoshop :P Kinda ugly O_o Abstract art isnt my strong point.... but then digital designs isnt either O.o Pencil and paper is always good :D
  4. N

    Will my comp run...

    Will my comp im getting for my B-day run games good?? 2.8 ghz P4 800fsb 512 mb ddr ram 120 gb HD nVidia Gforce fx se 5600 128 mb -sumthing like that- i want to know mostly if it will run HL2
  5. Optional

    Optional's New Map!

    I am working on my largest and most detailed map ever! It will have no mapping errors at all. It utilizes the whole HL world (well, nearly all...a small area around edge cannot be mapped...). It shall have secrets too :P . I will be posting pictures of the map every once and a while! I have a...
  6. Rebirah

    Comp HOT

    Ok I was playin sim city 4 and was kinda a new city and then a blue screen poped up then the comp restarted so I was like weird... then I restarted palyed again and it restarted again I was like WTF... I went into my bios finding my 1700+ (Not overclocked) was at 60c!!! (140f) My god! I just...
  7. MysticVegeta

    1.0 to 1.1

    How do you make a model for 1.0 comptible with 1.1???
  8. B

    Good Comp Still Crashin?

    i have a hella good comp gf4ti4200 and i run on open gl 1280x960, why the hell is it stil lcrashin? i have latest drivers blah blah blah all that stuff, any more tips?
  9. N

    Help my comp!

    ok actually my CD-rom drive is screwed i was playin Diablo 2 and my baby brother jumped on me and kicked my tower over and i heared the CD-rom drive go weeeoweoweowoewoe babsdsaf something wierd like that i think its broke cuz it cant read disks n e more how much are good cdrom drives?
  10. E

    skinning faces

    if any1 needs skinning faces i can draw yous out an outline of the characters face that you need to skin . you can color it and shade it the way u want ill just draw the main lines ^_^ . i can draw it very accuratly to make the skin look exactly like the real thing . um this is the only dbz...
  11. Mr. Satans

    Comp. Problem - HD Space

    Yeah, wow, I haven't asked a tech question for a very long time. My problem is hard drive space; I have 1.71GB/37.2GB(When Virtual Memory Is OFF) left on my MASTER hard drive, on my SLAVE hard drive I have 239MB/6.31GB left. I am running WINDOWS 98 (everything is updated from...
  12. Hawki_ice


    Ok i have a gunblade thats a.pk3 file from Quake (i did not make it) Can any one convert it 2 a 3D studio model or something or change it 2 a HL usabile model! If u can you'll have 2 give me your e-mail cause my servers bung! thanx
  13. Baaja

    Map Help

    Guy's i need some help. The esf_rosat and esf_mid maps are all messy on my comp...they keep blinking in a greyish color. plz help.
  14. T

    Sig for SIG COMP

    I have two sigs that Im not totally sure on which to use, Im leaning towards Elizabeth Hurley sig. Inu Yasha or Elizabeth Hurley? P.S. Keep looking at the sig to see the other. ;) grtz Twisted
  15. S

    Sig Comp. Overkill vs DaKiLLa this was DaKiLLas well here we go
  16. X

    Tip,its possible to make a normal-ssj-ascendant transformation

    It's all about animating. for example,reanimete goku,and put the ssjhead in the body,then when animating let it pop out,and then he turns ssj3. So u have like 2 transformations in 1,that means u get the power as ssj etc,but ssj3 skin. This way u can do normal-ssj-ssj3,but u cant stay...
  17. T

    My first model ( plz give comments and rating plz )

    hey this is my first model i ever made in milkshape can you plz give comments and rate it heres a render:
  18. Pommy

    Best comp?

    I hope threads like this are allowed but here is my idea put your comp stats here see who has the best comp, lying doesnt help. Honesty is the key? Just your basic information not deep in detail unless you really want to. For me i dont know everything about mine since I did not build it, i...
  19. mr. roshi

    WON is down if ur comp freezes its because

    WON servers are down so if ur trying to connect to internet to play ESF and MOD for half life u will not be able to as of now. they are probably updating their server stuff so sit tight it could be a coupla hours.
  20. Cold Steel

    I beg of you guys.

    Normally i don't make requests but here goes. The maps that have been created so far where small or have water in it. And my crappy voodoo card can't handle the water. So i'm asking one of you "cool" mappers to create a map without water that is pretty huge. There's one thing i haven't seen yet...