1. SSj Gotenks

    Need Help INfo ON COmp games

    Hey chaps do you know if like a 1999 microsoft game would Work on a Microsoft XP comuter. Cuz I m trying to install Simtheme park but I think it's not working because I have Windows Xp.... does it really matter if I have XP or not?
  2. K

    wu_bigarena debut

    Well, I've been finished with this map for ages, and I just decided to let you guys have it. Be warned that it's very high polys, and could even fry your video card ;) There are 4 hidden senzu bean places. I also used my modified version of the hull file so the senzu beans aren't underground...
  3. Rebirah

    Making my comp

    Ok I have gotten evething I want but now I need to know if all this stuff is compatable here they are ..
  4. S

    SOS -_- Tenaichi Budokai and more ^_^ ...
  5. F

    poly limit

    whats the poly limit on esf models?
  6. Jaredster

    Young Genkai by Maggem

    Look at the lastest model by Maggem, this model will be used in the dmt2003 mod:
  7. T


    Some one really needs to make a cool piccolo skin of him being big or something or a lord slug skin.
  8. Bryggz

    Host my ssj3 goku!!

    hey guys, yes im doing it, im letting someone host my ssj3 goku, im sick of waiting to release it. sooooooooooooo theres just a few things you gotta do to get my file :-D im just curious to how many ppl want this model so if u can have a d/l counter?(im real curious) annnnnnnd give me your...
  9. IceFire2050

    Text in sigs?

    Umm in new in sig making in fact its my first one im making but i dont know how to make decent looking text in it. is there a program that u guys use im using a trial version of Paint Shop Pro. cause all i know how to do is put in really crappy fonts that came wit my comp.
  10. M

    Any one know where i can get a 32-bit color for my comp?

    Can i download a 32-bit color so i can play morrowind?
  11. Rebirah

    comp help!

    Ok for some reason my computers Motherboard is build onto the case.. Stupid Emachines!!! I wanted to upgrade my motherboard because The one this comp came with has no AGP slot... But I cant because its built onto the case!!!:cry: is there anyway I can like un weld it from the case??? or do I...
  12. M

    Does Anyone Go To Sal Comp In Sherwood Park?

    :cry: If anyone goes to SAL COMP in sherwood park, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA, Can u please, (if u hav fast internet and a burner) download ESF BETA 1 and put it on cd. Cos i hav 56k dial-up and cant get it! My name is Mark franklin and i'm in grade 10 honours. My first period is...
  13. D

    beta lag problem or just my comp?

    I have a p4 1.6ghz proccesor 64mg Gforce 4 video card satalite DSL modem But when I try to play ESF Beta 1 I get a Lag ping thing of 1000-2500. I come in But i cant move, shoot type or do anything but look around with the mouse. plz can someone tell me if this is a bug or is my $60 a...
  14. T

    please if u know why my comp is crashing when i log off a sever?

    my comp keeps crashing everytime i exit a server and everything freezez including the esf menu screen and i dont know why it happens when i played in sofware mode i couldnt even play the game but now i cant exit a server in opengl.please if you know what to do tell me.thanks
  15. Epedemic_Optikz

    disturbing me ever since i got this comp

    well wat tha problem is sometimes when i start up Counter-Strike,Half-life,Beta 1,TFC and etc. Alot times this happens. i double click a server a blue screen flashes up for half a second and my computer restarts.I Got XP and when i send an error report it says its a device driver,anyone know...
  16. Yui Sakura

    For comp

    just a draft for anime comp. 110kb file size (sorry) just need some imput so far if i'm allowed to *edit* one on left is not meant to be android 18. Also i know that her right eye is a bit strange, but i'm gonna fix em.
  17. Yui Sakura

    Suggestion: Anime comp?

    I was thinking, just for some fun the mods could hold a drawing comp every month with a theme. They could then get people to vote on it and select the ones that they like.
  18. dudeman

    USSJ Trunks

    hey all, this is the stuff i make when im bored... i draw it myself and color it on mah comp. comments? anyone? o_o
  19. [SAS]Orion

    Ut2k3 wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper cos I love the game so much:tired:
  20. W

    comp security i need a little help

    okay folks i got a question does anyone know of any secuirty program for a computer that i could use besides passwords to lock people out of it thxs for your help