1. Hash

    What do you do on you're comp most of the time?

    I am usually om my comp doing one of three things............ 1.Experimenting on photoshop. *Just got it and am learning how to use it* 2.Downloading music. 3.Posting on these forums. *Although I won't be doing any of these for a week, cuz i'm going to my super great funshack on the...
  2. S

    Milkshape 1.5.7

    Do any of you have this version? Its the only version taht works with my comp, and i cant seem to find anywhere except warez sites with tons of pr0n. anyway if one of yall have it plz tell me thx
  3. P

    Great Comp Games

    Ok, because this is off subject i was woundering what you all think that some great computer games are. I love to play Counter-Strike and I just downloaded the demo of Jedi Outcast II which is amazing! So tell me some of your fav games. Thanks.:)
  4. S

    Saiyan Explosion Banner WIP

    What do ya guys think? Its going to be the main header for my upcoming site. Nothing special at the moment since I'm short for time. This took exactly 6 minutes and 32 seconds (No joke, I timed it) It'll still be worked on but for now I like the way it looks. Feedback Please!
  5. S

    My Secon Model Ever!

    yo, check this out... my second model ever, i made it in milkshape and rendered it in lightwave... i would like comments... thanx... btw.. its suppoesed to be an alien :)
  6. Goj1ta

    My cheap ssj 3 drawn on comp

  7. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    why !!!!

    For some reason my ms3d doesn;t like to compile my qc file!!!>. it won't compile the reference part. if i do it without the reference it finishes compiling my qc file... can someone that uses ms3d see if it is just my computer? if you wana try em let me know and i will email the files to...
  8. G

    Very important thing concerning milkshape!

    If my comp got a virus when I had the registered version of Milkshape, and then I got it recovered and then installed Milkshape again would I be able to use the same register code I had used before because if not that would be a waste of 20 dollars!! I don't have milkshape yet, but because this...
  9. P

    judge and spin......

    where did u get those HIGH AS HELL quality pics for ur sigs?
  10. Akhkaru


    Lemme see your current models. I may be able to work on them now, I'm laying down in bed and chattin on my comp.