1. Eacos

    Candy Beam alternative

    I was thinking of ways to make candy ray a bit different from its current version. Since I actually liked the idea I proposed before, I'll post it again but with some needed alterations. Here's my two cents: 1- Candy ray no longer kills you, instead it just becomes harder to use. You have to...
  2. Suh Dude

    Any eye candy programs for Linux/Ubuntu?

    Not sure how to say this but how do I make my Ubuntu desktop... moar teh sex?
  3. shadowcast

    Some eye candy

    1 now have the tracks on'd be cool if you added a similar efect when you kick a guy on the floor and then he is "sliding" on the floor 2 It would be cool aswell if you put the dust on impact....when you kick someone in the floor or a wall....... When you...
  4. Chakra-X

    Advanced Eye Candy

    I trust that the gameplay of 1.3 will be great, but I would also like to see stronger incorporations of eye candy as well. Now, Game play will always mean more than graphics, however, let's say a kid has a yo-yo. It's a plainass blue yo yo. Now, another kid has a yo yo, except this one flashes...
  5. D

    what candy

    what candy are you? simple as that. id be a gobstopper cause you can suck me for a long time and i can be sower...
  6. S

    nerf on candy beam

    I was thinking, and it occured to me the reason buu is so overpowered. When a pro or good player uses buu, at any time where he wants either powerlevel, or health he can just find some newb or somebody low on health and candy them. To add to that (which i think is great) is he will be getting...
  7. KidMan

    Beam Struggle Eye Candy

    Ok so i thought when a beam struggle happens it gives off this cool glow thing when it first hits and kinda illuminates the area around it This pic kinda shows what Im talking about. THis would only happen when the beams first hit. Edit: Here is another picture that works better...
  8. ZeroNightmare

    Beam Suggestion (Eye Candy)

    yea, its nothing huge, but i noticed that beams arent centered to the hands when fired. notice how the charge/whatever sprite is centered on the right hand, instead of the center, between both hands. for this and kameha i think it would look a bit better just another misc thing.
  9. R

    eye candy

    some recent crap ive made, gonna redo the eyes cos they're forked.
  10. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Eye Lazer and Candy Beam

    Well I was playing at a firend ESF and I used Piccolos Eye Laser and I noticed that it's kinda useless...I mean it takes very little HP and the Candy Beam as I was thinking that the Eye Lazer and Candy Beam should be as powerfull as the eye laser in Bid for Power....and plz don't...
  11. MajinVegeta Tim

    Buu candy beam bug

    Its not a big bug but i think you need to know i was being attacked by the candy beam and i had gone down to liek 5 health where you stopped moving but i managed to get into adv melee just as he turned me into candy so i was left completly invisible with 5hp and there was coem candy which...
  12. MajinDruu

    Candy Beam

    Ignore me if this is a really dumb idea BUT Wouldn't it be interesting (for lack of a better word) if Buu had a actual Beam for candy beam ... like that can be controlled and everything ... a chargeble one Weird , but (And i know this is not ESF GT) I've seen Uub pull it in GT , Ps'ing with a...
  13. DracoHeart

    All about BEAMS *eye candy*

    A bunch of ideas... 1) Goku's Kamehameha and generic beam looks totally the same! Also, this goes for some of the other beams like mouthblast and pink generic beam. I think the powerful beams and the generic beams should look different. Powerfull beams should have their own 'unique' look...
  14. imkongkong

    Pure eye candy when hit

    I was thinking when you're hit by simple melee or tossed, would it be possible if also having that smoke effect when thrown against the wall or ground? sort of the dirt effect. I actually prefer that particle system dirt than the dirt from the explosions :p
  15. Grega

    2 LITTLE THINGS (eye and ear candy)

    1: well i had a bugy game once and my sounds were late to my actions about 0.25 sec and it sounded realy cool for swoop since it gave me the feeling that the char moves faster than sound (in ther series they did move faster than light) and this would give the swoop a bit of a speed feeling 2...
  16. D

    Intersting side effect of Candy attack kill

    If u candy attack a player at the exact same time they engage in pre-hit melee they get turned in the food, but they continue fighting as the food after dead. I have only done it once to a bot however it was able to complete advanced melee hits after pre-hit.
  17. Ravendust

    Incrediable Fighting Candy

    This is going to be the stupidest suggestion ever, but after watching ep 257 - the incrediable fighting candy, I was wondering if it would be possible after 'becoming a dessert' to still fly around and swoop at people and stuff. It could have just the one attack where it charges at someone and...
  18. Ché

    buu's candy bug

    If you use candy beam on a opponent just before it starts prepunching you, and its enough to "candify" them, the opponent turns invisable, even after death, though he can still play normally. Quite handy if you ask me, to bad I usually play with buu =/
  19. ~*Logan*~

    Candy Beam attack

    I was thinking...Buu's candy attack is more like an energy wave rather than a tiny short ranged multi-hit attack. Not to mention its spammed to no end when someone is lying helplessly on the ground and buu puts on turbo and starts to candy away, making a pl boosting donut time after time. So...
  20. M

    Buu candy option fix

    (got the basic idea from here: thnx dude... lol!!) buu will eat diff types of stuffs each time he use his thing on his head... but istead of seeing in the candy menu types of candies... we will see options like *)Absorb Victim's Health...
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