1. Grega

    Buu is a pervert XD

    Just when Krillin and 18 wanted to have some fun XD POTW
  2. Snowm@n

    2 suggestions about kid buu

    * Since he doesn't have the swoop animations, i though: Charging - charging position Press forward - He starts turning into a ball like he does against goku, and starts flying in the form of ball. * He has that pink beam right? Kid buu could have as secondary attack, that Pink giant ball...
  3. F

    Can someone please give me the ' Fat Buu ' Model?

    I'm after the Fat Buu Model from ESF 1.3 Beta. Just to put into my ESF 1.2.3 For a while. Would anyone be able to msn or email me it? Thanks [email protected] - Msn/Email :) Buu
  4. +HottsaucE@+


    a few weeks ago i started do try out modeling, i done the head and the body then i stopped, today i finished it of. this is my first model. its mixed with the skinny brown buu with super buu. the body is a bit buff but since its my first model i just made what ever. polys = 844 everyone please...
  5. Tenzo

    super evil buu !!!

    Rrrrrraaaaaa.....! Run for your lives......:)
  6. |Xiphos|

    - Buu's Attacks -

    teh attacks for buu r only mouth blast, candy beam, regeneration. in teh series he's able to do attacks such as kamehameha and renzoku, by learning these attacks from goku and vegeta. :\ it wud b cool if he had more attacks or even better, teh ability to learn a certain move (attack) from...
  7. Deanio^

    buu's fury

    right so since i re-booted PC i lost nearly everything, and i didnt keep my vba games n that, and i downloaded um again, but this time i got dbz:buu's fury and was just wondering how can i get it to play on vba, coz i can only do so much then when i want to go into great kais palace its says"...
  8. C

    Kid buu's giant ki ball

    I mean the big purple ki ball size of spirit bomb, that he created when he tried to destroy earth and "heaven" when krillin and yamcha were there. so? good idea! atleast i think it is. Adding this special to him would be cool, i mean weapon slot 8 is free isnt it ;)
  9. john_volkov

    what if Buu was real

    this is made as a copy of the other thread about something similer but BUU pwd Cell so how about it if buu turn you all in chocolate and eat you HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
  10. J

    how is kid buu going to be done?

    He's weaker than super buu, but he is a later transformation. Wtf it won't make sense unless you twist it up and make kid buu's pl higher than Super buu.
  11. kapina0

    kid buu's attacks....

    I have been looking these forums and I found out that ESF team is going to add Kid Buu (one of my fav. characters). So I was thinking some attacks and heres a list. Melee Ki ball Ki blast (or generic beam, whatever it's called) Mouthblast or a purple kamehameha. (yes it...
  12. john_volkov

    Buu Balancing Idee attack's ...

    Buu sould start whit the PL of 900,000 or 950,000 HP:160 Speed:220 Ascends at 2,500,000 Attack's Meleee Ki blast Generic Beam Mounth balst something like kamehameha candybeam to do a instat 20 to 25 ordepending of your PL (like Frieza Finger Laser ) and whit a delay of 0.75 (or...
  13. john_volkov

    Buu's copying attack tehnik

    So i was thinkinb that the team suld add this unik tehnik buu's copying attack after seeing mang in buu saga Goku sayid that he used vegetas attack agains him so he copy them like he copyid the kamehameha from goku so my idee is that the first attack from an oponet will be in your menu as a...
  14. john_volkov

    Buu's Bodypart attack

    I was just wondering why isant buu's bodypart attack working in esf 1.2.3 it has his animation, sprits models all why is it dissable
  15. SSJ Toast

    buu skin

    well after a year on hiatus, i decided to do another skin, model is made by dendza i think, very rough draft right now, just felt like posting it up, and don't worry ill finish this one ;)
  16. U

    T-1000 vs kid buu

    who's the winner?
  17. john_volkov

    Kid Buu or Gohan Buu(fusion Buu)

    so who it's much stronger the Kid Buu or Gohan or Fusion Buu? I say that Kid Buu was stronger the Gohan or Fusion Buu
  18. D

    Kid Buu modle

    Kid Buu modle!!!!! hi am trying to make a kid buu and im having some trouble with his waste down can someone find a pitchur for me becuase i cant find a good one i need the side back and front of him if you can help that would be great!o yea and can i have a pitchur with him with his mouth open...
  19. donnierisk

    Buu's house refs!

    Hello all, donnierisk here, well I'm planning on making a map with bu''s house(fatbuu) from DBZ, you know, that spherical ovalish white thing. well I'll be VERY happy if someone can please get me some nice refs on that house, outside and if you can, inside will also be great. Well I hope...
  20. Ryeko


    I was bored.