1. G

    Buu's Henka Beam changes

    Hello, I though of starting off my first post with what i think is a good suggestion, ive been browising the forums and playing the game for a long time. For poeple that dont know, Henka Beam is Buu's Candy beam. I call it by its japanese name since it sounds much better. How it works...
  2. john_volkov

    Buu bug OMG a monster

    Well i was swiming in a wather and when i'v swimn back the model deform like this And i was like OMG and NO I DON'T USE MODIFICATION
  3. DBZhell

    new kid buu

    this is still wip... crits pls.....
  4. john_volkov

    Buu balance sugestion's

    So evry one want's buu to be more balance so here r some idee's i think the team already balance it but maybe they can get some idee's from here FatBuu 1 000 000 PL starting asscending at 2 500 000 Speed 220 Life 160 So the enemy's will be like this Frieza 800 000 Cell 900 000 Buu...
  5. john_volkov

    Some Buu Sugestio's

    Here is some sugestion for buu Can you make buu's Ball attack , when Buu make's himself like a ball and storm the enemy to balance it here is the thing you can hit it (Only whit beam ) but if he miss you and hit a wall Buu will recive dmg but not a big dmg justa a small dmg but if he hit's...
  6. Punishing

    Second Model, Evil Buu

    I started a new evil buu model. Almost did the head crits are welcome.
  7. C

    Buu sound pack

    im trying to get ahold of a good sound pack for buu so that i can use this http://www.esf-world.com/index.php?c=fileinfo&file_id=23195 model correctly, got any suggestions?
  8. dany_goku

    Majin Buu Ball

    I've seen on esf-world.com that attack KidBuu use that attack on Kai's planet - he makes himself a ball and he hits goku . All the credits to MatiasG. :D
  9. B

    wtf buu

    This is only for jokes, do not get all offended about it please. Edit: I believe that you didn't mean to cause offense but this is too dicey a subject to be left up. Better to err a little on the side of caution with this sort of thing. ~ Engar
  10. Growler

    3dsmax8 Fat Buu

    Ya, thats right... I got 3ds max 8!! Ok, I started over with fat buu, check it out
  11. JTR

    Fat Buu

    Well.. Haven't posted here for a while.. Havent really had much time for modelling either.. Been busy with school... But after reading Growlers thread I wanted to finish my old buu... I dont think I ever showed it in public, but it's quite old... Credits to Davidskiwan ;) Here goes :) ...
  12. Growler

    BTL - Fat Buu

    Started Tonight - Thanks to Skiwan for the GEORGOUS REF!
  13. J


    Buu is so awesome, I know this chat might kill my rep, but! I have to say. The creators that made buu, is awesome. Buu is so powerful. I PSed my mouth beam, with 2 enemy Goku's Spirit Bomb... guess what? I won >=) MUAHAHAHA...!!! There was major lag, when our three explosions hit the end of the...
  14. G

    Goku and his son (Buu saga)

    I did Goku just for fun, from my old Gohan model. The head and hair are made from scratch. Here it is how it turned: Mystic Gohan and something special Goku polycount 1960 Gohan polycount 2136 Modeling is way to easy... I'm going back to mapping... bye
  15. M

    Majin Buu...

    first of all,i like to thank Davidskiwan for his awesome fat buu ref.poly**** is 1098.i'm looking for construcive crits.
  16. G

    Adult Gohan (Super Buu saga)

    Second attempt at modeling, wip adult Gohan (Buu saga) The neck is not done or connected yet! P.S Folks you understood "clockwise" what I was trying to say in the last topic but meh, maybe my English is not one of the best. Anyway thanks crits to improve my...
  17. SA_Gohan


    Started at art college and got a hold of one of the computers here, and given that there's about 3 hours between classes I thought I'd pump out something real quick. The product of about an hour and a half of work (the computers are so much faster than the garbage at home ^^) Buu!! Except...
  18. Z

    Fat Buu Model

    I don't think this model looks too good (the others looked quite alright). First of all Buu is much more PINK, though by the pic it looks like it's a kind of skin-gravel color. Also I think the tummy isn't right, it shouldn't be formed by to parts, only by one big and more rounded one (or make...
  19. Volosity

    Dammit... BUU

    Bad News: My Mom (grandmaw) passed away yesterday..., i moved out a week ago, sad,mad, and other ****.... i have to be a cofin carrier (palbearer), this is the worst week i ever had.... i woke up to bad news all week.... thats about it Good News: i am trying a buu model, this has taken me a...
  20. JM LE FOU

    buu bot regeneration

    i like to play against buu bot but when buu bot got low energy he will make regeneration and will not move , someone know how to not alowed buu regeneration for bot .