1. ~#Revan#~

    ESF buu map wallpaper

    Alright this IS NOT THE FINAL MAP and i know there is other guy [LSF or something like that] doing good stuff so i'm not working on it just i was playing around with lights and pump mapping also the water but they will use other stuff there maybe it could be for a wallpaper pourpese, for that i...
  2. gigirs50

    buu house(work in progress)

    you are ready for a new and incredible map?:yes:
  3. Coder

    Brolly vs Buu in ESF

    Hi, I'm new here but I follow ESF since 2007. I can't wait for the Final release and probably i'm not the one. I made it few months ago, That was hard to record it myself, there was more but i deleted it. Have fun ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obkX4HaX4PQ
  4. Destro Buu

    [Request]Kid Buu

    Can someone make me a kid buu model Please?He is my favorite!
  5. greenblur

    A question about Buu

    How will buu work in esf:final? Will he just glow, then transform into evil>super>kid? Or will he have more accurate transformations? Like actually separating then combining? And will uub be used somehow? Just curious.
  6. ciarkol

    PotW Gohan SSJ2 Surfing on Buu

  7. Sicron

    [Old PotW] Buu PENOR blast!

  8. Nemix

    Kid Buu from scratch

    for those who think i can only make model edits... i can make models of my own too heres a fast one
  9. KYnetiK

    Kid Buu (OpenBeta) ported to ESF 1.2.x

    I have ported the Kid Buu model from the Open Beta to work with ESF 1.2.x and ECX. Ive had some problems with the throwing animations, everything else should be solid. Mesh & Skin : Enix Original Animations : Darktooth Adv Melee Animations : KYnetiK !!THIS MODEL MUST NOT BE EDITED WITHOUT...
  10. Big Finish

    Kid Buu attack...

    Well guys, majin Vegeta has that renzoku and all in ECX...and there are many controllable attacks i guess which I don't know about...but have u guys thought of the Kid Buu's arm attack??? :p He takes his arm off, makes a ball of it and controls it to hit the fat buu....that was coooooool....can...
  11. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Inner Buu PowerStruggle

    A Power Struggle with the camera angle made from the side done within the map Inner Buu. <a href="http://esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/innerbuu-powerstruggle.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[ESF]"><img src="http://esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/thumbs/innerbuu-powerstruggle_t.jpg"></a> Best PoTW in...
  12. D

    ultimate buu

    i found that body part can up you but can you manually choose the bot and i mean not the one in the = thing i mean like adult gohan and gotunks you know the ones that need for him to absobe them in order.
  13. It's over One Million!

    Cell and Buu absorbtion weapons

    Absorption is one of the most dangerous Cell and Buu techniques, so I think they must have these weapons in game. Benefits: 1. Drain HP and KI 2. Helps to transform I do not know whether it is difficult to create in game, whether it's too late, this is only a proposal.
  14. hleV

    Super Buu vs. Kid Buu

    Who is *stronger? Super Buu or Kid Buu? No opinions, only arguments please. * Powerlevel, energy, regeneration, etc. I vote for Super Buu. Seeing Goku's behavior, Kid Buu is clearly outmatched against Super Buu. After Majin Buu went back from Gohan/Piccolo Buu to Super Buu, Goku wanted...
  15. ESCachuli

    Majin Buu sugestion

    I think you know that Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu (is in the manga, if you doub about it, look, Goku fears Super Buu but he fights Kid Buu). Well, then is a problem: How do you do it inGame, considering that Kid Buu goes from Super Buu? Make him weaker? Then nobody transforms into Kid...
  16. Bardock1132

    Buu and Cell

    are they suppossed to not transform back? and with friza
  17. A

    Dragonball AE: Movie 2: The Return of Buu:

    Goku Can You Hear Me!” King Kai Screamed. Goku fell backwards over the balcony at Bulma's House from nearly choking to death on a piece of chicken. “Yes I can here you.” Goku said. “The Universe might be on serious trouble, Babati is up to something in HFIL and you need to stop...
  18. E

    A Question about Super Buu

    I remember from a couple of years back that it was announced that Super Buu would be able to use the signature move of the person that he absorbed, is that still in the works or has it been dropped?o_o
  19. Robby

    Buu's Portal

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMxTBTI4ufM&feature=related Talkin' about this. I think it would be somewhat interesting to give Buu the ability to teleport. Besides the already given one. Pretty much, you do a quick charge and then you have Buu open two rifts. One in one spot and one in...
  20. KYnetiK

    Who made Kid Buu 1.3?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me who made the awesome Kid Buu model from 1.3. I would like to ask their permission in releasing a version with full 1.2 animations ready to use on esf or ecx. Thx