1. Painkiller

    ECX RC2 Basic melee question

    Not sure if it's basic, but the melee you do with the right mouse button. My friend and I have been playing some ECX and use that melee quite a lot.So is there a way to make that more than 2 times? A command or something. 'cause when I hit him twice and go to him I just won't hit him :(
  2. SG_SSJ!

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?
  3. The Deco

    Small suggestion for basic melee

    OK I thought about it a bit, and I think that thing when you press attack when you get knockbacked you recover it ain't real. For example to show you what I mean: When a player gets knockbacked and he recovers he just flips or something(at least the animation) BUT the player is still near the...
  4. VideoJinx

    Basic melee knockback

    Well I think it would be cool if this feature was added to knocks backs in esf 1.3 After being knocked back with a basic melee hit, a player may counter the 2nd Basic melee hit, by simple looking @ the player just before contact.. To be exact, you put your crosshair on the opponent and if...
  5. Rikmaru

    Basic Melee|Knee-Punch/Stun Mode

    ...i think my idea may be useless and adding it just would be more unnecessary work,but i gonna post it anyway xD this is for basic melee when u press for melee...first will be on ''melee mode'' again and will be on ''stun mode'' and vice versa... Melee mode= same as now Stun...
  6. Eon

    basic photoshop crap

    So uh, yea, I kinda got bored and messed around with photoshop after reading a few tips and tutorials and made just a planet, real simple, but figured you guys might want to see it, or not.
  7. Dokutayuu

    New Basic Melee Ideas yet Suggestions indeed made to help ESF gameplay develop

    I've noticed that in DBZ, the main method of combat isn't smacking them with single hits around the world... Many attacks are small physical attacks that do little... so why not in ESF? 1) Left-click - *This is your standard strong attack, it delivers a nice punch/kick/headbutt (depending...
  8. Gama

    Basic Black Lagoon Wallpaper

    so i felt like making a really basic Black Lagoon wallpaper: What i did was line art a picture of revy which was bad quility, i wanted to keep it black and white for like a manga kinda feel to it added some blood splats cuz lots of blood in black lagoon and i didnt want to go to over board...
  9. VideoJinx

    A New Basic Melee

    I think the team should add a NEW basic melee that can go with the currernt melee. why? for new gameplay tactics ect.. Here is what ive come up with.. After Double CLicking basic melee, simply hold down the right click on the 2nd time and when you fly into someone you'll use the...
  10. M

    Very basic map

    I decided to take a break from making the weird combination map and started to mess around with an idea I had in my head. I have a extremely bad habit of never finishing maps I started, which leaves me with over (last time I counted) 30 unfinished maps stored on my hard drive that I barely...
  11. T

    line effect for basic hits

    I think it would look really nice if we could add a special effect to basic melee hits. Heres a pic borrowed from another thread so u can get an idea. not sure how to post pic, but here is link to the thread 3rd pic down...
  12. Mccdbz5

    Question about Trunks's Basic Melee animations in 1.3

    Well if you remember in 1.2, all of Trunk's basic melee attacks are with fists, and none are with his sword, you have to do advanced melee if you want to ue his sword. Now my question is, in 1.3, will any of Trunk's basic melee hits involve him using his sword instead of his fists? I already...
  13. -Blaze-

    Charged basic punch

    My suggestion is that, when you target to enemy, you swoop at him charge punch by holding right mouse button( there appears an a charge metter on thebottom of the screen), then you hit harder than with normal basic punch. The charge metter should load fast, mabe in 4 sec.
  14. M

    Basic Question

    I have had this problem for a while and I have found no way to fix it. When I try to run a Command Prompt command the Command Prompt only stays open for a second and then it closes completely. Such as I make a program and try to run the executable by double clicking the .exe file I have...
  15. D

    basic melee combos

    now we all know the bug combo we have in esf now (rool on the flor and keep hit 8 times)so why not doing combos for simple melee it wil be soo cool
  16. ZeroNightmare

    which cvar limits basic melee?

    which cvar effects the wait period between simple melee. like you know you can kick them twice, then you cant kick em anymore, which cvar will let me remove the wait time.
  17. DracoHeart

    Basic Melee (Tweaks)

    I know few people hate basic melee and wants to remove them. But I think this tweaks will make basic melee better and more people will want to keep them. Basic Melee (now) 1) When you basic melee your opponent infront of him, he will usually fly 50 feets up the sky. 2) No matter how much...
  18. Dokutayuu

    Remove Basic Melee

    How many times do you get guys who just whack you about untill your dead? If not how about they knock you and fire a blast/beam which will surely kill you before you have a chance to defend youself? If you remove basic melee it becomes a game where you need skill not drinking 10 cups of...
  19. True-Warrior15

    Basic Melee

    Well i've been around server's and everyone is starting to spam basic melee even me, using skilled moves. I was wondering could you detail basic melee like counter hits, instead of just blocking it or something like when you block you punch him and do some counter combos something like that.
  20. A

    very basic help needed

    hi, I'm very new to esf [and online gaming altogether] and I have some trouble with some very basic stuff. [I read the FAQ and any other I found on the net]. I've installed everything according to the faq [halflife, update, esf11] and I'm trying to get the game to work so I can play...