1. M

    basic combo hits??

    I was playing against somebody really good and he hit me 4 times continously with basic attacks.. The most ive ever done, or can do is twice. Can someone explain to me how he did this?
  2. E

    No More Basic Melee

    Ok, I'm sorry if you've heard this a billion times already, but with advanced melee around, I think we should put basic melee to rest. Too many people exploit basic melee. It's practically impossible to counter. Sure, you can block and counter, but a smart attacker will quickly maneuver...
  3. B

    Teach me Basic melee swooping

    ive been playing esf for about 5 days now but ive encountered a problem with basic melee swooping. What is it that determines who will land the hit first during swooping?
  4. C

    Why did they take sword gibbing out of basic melee?

    Curious. I want to see the slice models more, they look purdy.
  5. K

    Basic ki attacks while swooping

    i dont honestly know if this has been said but bah, id love to be able to do basic ki attacks while swooping, since its not restricted to mele now swooping is used much more often even when just moving about the map, so i thought it would be good if you coulds use ki blasts and generic balls...
  6. B

    Basic melee have one advantage point.

    You dont have to aim so carefully. In advanced its like job of sniper. Have someone found this one out? Sometimes i dont even get to struggle or maybe i missed 1mm. Well its go for me, just wanted to send...something
  7. Sonic the Vampire

    I have a *very* basic suggestion for Buu's candy attack

    Donut = 100,000 PL. Cookie = Full Life Chocolate = Full ki Why the hell would anyone in their right mind choose chocolate? If you need ki that badly it's too late for you to grab a candy bar because somebody must be swooping right at you. The compromise: Chocolate = 30,000-40,000 PL +...
  8. C

    Basic Sig, Opinions Please.

    I got bored today, and I figured I would make a quick sig while listening to some trance. Only took me 5 minutes to complete and what not, but tell me which is better, and crit them. I might release a whole new set, with new things on them, until then I am going to make these *** little things.
  9. NeLo


    Yo guys i just got done watching that movie Basic. Man that was the most coolest and confusing movie ive ever seen. I was like wtf every time something popped up. i was like O_O :scared: All in all i think that was the greatest movie ive ever seen. I just wanted to know what yall thought of...
  10. Seph`

    Newbie Modeller ~ Tips? ~ Reference Pics?

    Hi ^.^ I'm a newbie modeller and I need to start out with doing basic humanoid models then move onto the more intricate and difficult 'mecha' modelling. For PFX of course ^.~ I was looking for some tips on modelling humans, and/or some reference DBZ Pics to model with. I am looking for...
  11. B0Bmaster40000

    B0B's D.A.K. SubZer0

    I've decided to make my own SubZer0, for a number of reasons: 1. I'm not entirely statisfied with Iceman's subzero (no offence) 2. Ive been playing Deadly Alliance all weekend, and I've got an overwhelming urge to make my own SubZer0 for ESF 3. Because of that Deadly Alliance induced spasm of...
  12. I

    Nuttzy Base- Iceman/Sub-Zero

    Im Making an Iceman skin... this is how far i got on it.. updates will b posted later... Credits to nuttzy for making the model And im still looking for ppl to join the sub squad Well what yall think?
  13. Nuttzy

    basic skinmapping tut by nuttzy

    alright this wont make youa great skinmapper, and due to your ability to understand what i say it may not teach you at all, but here goes, i start this assuming you have a model made and are in milkshape looking at it, also i may skip a few steps, but if your good nuff to model you should be...
  14. Yazuken

    My new hyrule field leve

    Hey, i made a level based off hyrule field from zelda. Its the first map ive ever made! took me about a day and 1/2. lol. The link to download it is below! tell me what you think :) Click here to download my Hyrule field level
  15. T

    Hi all

    hi im new here and i want to now the basic rules in here could anyone show me please? o_o
  16. Wangster

    neo drawing

    well, ive watched part 1 again of matrix, so i made a lil drawing of neo, i tried to make it a comic style, what do you think?
  17. Wangster

    n00biest question milkshape ever.

    well, today, i decided i wanna learn to model, so i opend milks shape today first time, / gives hisself an aplaus. well, i edited a sphere, for the basic form of a head, but in the tut it says, "Create a surface ("face") for the object and give it a skin color." well, i THINK i made a face...
  18. M


    how do you make doors in valve hammer? =/\/\C
  19. G

    Making Perfect Cell Skin

    hi guys and sorry to the staff and board for my pass posts... well im making a perfect cell skin check it out.... its only the layout of it im going to add details later. and can a modeler make some wings for me thanx :) well whadoya think... all credits go to the esf team for making...
  20. S

    can someone.......

    Slideshow of how to make a small/basic map Can someone make a slide show of how to make a basic map on esf, im sure it would help a lot of newbs to map making. I have tried useing the esf tips and stuff on this subjsect but they arnt very usefull if someone could make one it would be a great...