1. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Projector

    This is the projector for the flash movie im making for my personal site. The basic layout is near complete, check it out and lemme know what suggestions you have.
  2. sexyasian86

    Omg Goku!!!!!

    don't ask why i'm doing this for you guys. i got bored, and i still love you guys. but i dunno. is this model as sweet as an angel or what. i found a reference picture somewhere on so i decided. OMG i should do it! a blue version of this is available, but i was too lazy to make...
  3. G


    Look at what I made!
  4. Lone Wolf

    3Dsm help...

    Can anyone tell me how to put MAPS onto your freakin object? >.< Ive tried but I couldnt get it.... Example: I made a plane, put displaced it... added noise... and yea... thats about all... I go to the Materials Edietor... and find a map... I chose Evrgren2. But all the buttons are grey and...
  5. DragonDude

    Dark BASIC?

    I just found this programming language a few days ago. I have the demo, but there aren't many runs left on it. It seems incredible to me. Does anyone here have it/used it before? I am considering purchasing it, but it costs up to $125 dollars for the program and resources, and I'm pretty...
  6. M


    Well our clan i about to release their first map it Supremekai planet not during the fight with Kid Buu but Before Gohan was there with a lake in the middle of the lake a peeked mountain with the Z-sword it it and some more eye candy i will post reference pics as soon as possible and soon after...
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    SaiyanPrideXIX's Basic Melee Tutorial'm in game and I notice a lot of people complaining about the melee sucking that aren't using it properly. I just thought these players stunk at first (no offense), but then I had a friend in real life who was playing against me on my LAN. He was one of those "melee sucks" guys. When...
  8. HitmanXtreme

    My first map esf_rocky(link should work now^^")

    This is my first map and i hope it's not too bad. I've made it at just one day, so don't be too expectantly. I release it today so you can download it. Here are some Screenshots: If this link also doesn't works, I can send it per ICQ or MSN
  9. Warrior_Elite45

    Can Someone Give Me A Basic Tutorial?

    Can anyone give me a basic tutorial on how to make like walls and stuff on Worldcraft? I have tried lots of things, but I'm not all that good at discovering new things, haha. So is there anyone who can post a lil tut for me here? It would be greatly appreciated.
  10. ultrassj_vegeta

    space things...

    just sum stuff i've been trying.. i don't really like the colours or anything for the nebula thing.. or the shapes.. it dusn really look rite.. but i was just tryin the effects.. so yah.. crits..
  11. Death The Jedi

    Skinner needed...

    I've made a model of a comic book character (Johnny The Homicidal Maniac), as most of you have heard. Well, I had a skinner, but I think my private message thing isn't working or maybe he just isn't responding.. anyways... I need a skinner, I have skin maps with a basic skin on it already, but...
  12. The Dark One

    Compiling Question...

    Is there a way to compile worldcraft maps for quake 3???
  13. P

    My NinjaLike Trunks/Robber

    Here's the picture which the model i reskin... Is it ok... the size is too big sorry.. i can't release it cause i have no permission. Can someone email him for permission idont have his email.
  14. C

    Another wp try...

    Im sure atleast one or two people might not like this for obvious reasons...if i over stepped the bounds i apologise. Two people both said my last one was too dark so i tried to keep away from that look this time. Its a fairly basic design but i think i got the contrast between colours...
  15. Ryoko

    Ryoko and pro's take 2

    Well here we go again, tried another Pro thingy -.- Normal .// Anime .// Any comments?
  16. C

    First desktop...

    was mucking around after watching bloodlust and did this. I know its kinda basic but i almost got the look i was going for...was suppposed to have a cross shaded into the right side above his head but i kinda deleted the layer by accident :cry...
  17. N

    Proportion HELP!

    when ever i attempt to make a map, i ether make it too small, or too big, how can I fit everything into the right size
  18. P

    Goku model:):) you know what i mean

    Well people. The damn exams have ended and I finished my break. That means back to school but you know what else that means dont you??? Well for you who havent seen my goku model heres a pic.. ..and guess what. I'm going to finish it. Since many of you liked it:D This has stalled me...
  19. A

    i need ure help guys

    hey guys , i decided i wanna try my luck in modelling/skinning/reskinning so i wanted to ask u l33t modellers/skinners, gimme some good tutorials , i have read the stickey , and that tutorial for ms3d didnt help , so im just asking , be kind , gimme some tutorials , something basic...
  20. A

    Help , plz

    hey ppl , i decided i wanna try my luck in modelling , got ms3d 1.6.4 i just wanted u guys to help me find tutorials , basic things , i have read the stickey but i didnt understand anything from the turotial i saw, some zombie dude , something strage, i want something more simple like...