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  • I don't know. If i forgot the password on esf forum{or others}, i will register with other Addres :p
    I have a lot. This two will be good :) & (You cann add me without big type "esforces_...")
    I like ECX a lot as well.
    The problem is more characters make the game slow in loading everything.
    And Half-life has limits.

    But some of the limits are broken by ESF team.
    Hi there,

    Well we released a small demo.
    But we also are changing a lot of stuff.

    New ideas that makes the new addon on ecx more unique.
    Much has changed allready since the first beta version.
    Like we fused Goku-Saiyan and the normal Goku in 1.
    Where the kaioken can be used with all weapons.

    And we have more ideas but this still stay a secret.
    But you will see when we are done.
    But thanks a lot for asking we as the devolepers team appriciate your intress into this mod.
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