A New Basic Melee

Lost in space
Jun 7, 2006
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I think the team should add a NEW basic melee that can go with the currernt melee.

why? for new gameplay tactics ect..

Here is what ive come up with..

After Double CLicking basic melee, simply hold down the right click on the 2nd time and when you fly into someone you'll use the 2nd*** basic melee which makes your character Knee your opponent in the stomach...

2nd basic melee: Knees someone in the stomach causes their character to bend over an hold their stomach in pain as they back up only have the distance they normal would fly back at a much slower pace.

The Advantages: A person who's Kneed while near objects or while on the ground could be setup for a few ground hits, or maybe get hit off a wall.

Disadvantages: The attack doesn't do much damage, only 1/4 of what basic melee would do.

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