1. T

    Somethign is wrong with the esf-world files

    Accually, whenever I download something from there, like a skinpack or map, they are all .rar files! Not the files they are supposed to be! I can't use them and I don't know how to change this, if you know what to do please help me!
  2. Hyper Chi Aura

    Good reflexes or am i doin sometin wrong?

    Okay it might be just my skill level, but when I fight some people and they are using basic melee, they can hit u and sned u flyin and do it again conesctutively. Yeh thats easy, but when they start teleportin and they know exactly where u are. How can they teleport to a new spot and come at...
  3. Tassadar

    My OPINION... wrong?

    I want to ask, no- I want to demand, what the point in the reputation system is. During the past week, I've gotten a few bad reps for stating my opinion (Here and here). It really gets on my nerves, and I'm sure a lot of other people, when they get a Red Blob on their reputation, with no...
  4. DJ-Ready

    somethings wrong here

    somethings wrong here eh ... i was browsing planethalflife and took a new look at the halflife-2.nl website (no im not dutch) .. i felt like taking a look on some hl2 screenies and noticed something ... take a look at this screenie http://www.halflife-2.nl/media/4.jpg notice something? take a...
  5. O

    Harsens wrong version map

    See you upgraded youre server to 8 ppl but you seem to have put the 1.2 maps on it. So nobody can plays on it. ;)
  6. I

    I dont know whats wrong

    I dont know whats wrong with me.. did I always suck this much? I mean the **** I used to make I actually thought looked cool but now when I look at all the stuff I do I see it so wrong... I spent so much time doing random **** on this piece... I kept trying to make it look nice in my eyes but...
  7. P

    This is just wrong!!!!!

    Im not sure if anyone here saw this before so i decided to post it so umm here it is.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/3643183.stm Lol!! I guess this just goes too show you that you really can sell anything on ebay. I personally think thats pretty messed up but that just me...
  8. M

    ESF - something wrong?

    Hey. guys! I have Half-life1, and ESF. But I haven't got original CDkey. Can I play online ESF ??? I have a bad computer at home. AMDK6(200Mhz), 256 ram (SD), Voodoo 1 (4 MB) ... When I connection to any server , probably 2 minits is the ,,loading" , and kick = Cannot connection to XXX...
  9. S

    Whats wrong?

    When ever I try to play a multiplayer game it loads but when I choose my character it shows the model, but the model like moves when im not even pressing anything, and somtimes the model doesn't even show and it seems im in spectator mode but I still cant move besides rotating the camera :talk: ;/
  10. Catman

    Whats wrong with asking for a cd key

    Um i asked for a cdkey and my thread got closed i wanna know why it got closed all i needed a cdkey for was steam because my dad restored my computer so when ever i try to put my cdkey in steam it says cdkey is in use whats so wrong with asking for one i dont undetstand why it was closed.........
  11. Nuttzy

    OMG this is just wrong,

    http://www.kegl.com now where will i hear my music at, im too cheap to buy cds, and im too paranoid to download them (notice what 97.1 changed to, then tune your radio to it) what the hell were they smoking, now the closest thing to halen youll find on the radio is that pop crap on 102.1...
  12. S

    Somthing is wrong here

    Okay I downloaded a model of GT SSJ Vegeta and SSJ 4 Vegeta. I installed the two models and the GT vegeta has its body movements all mixed up like when I walk forward it goes into the power up stance and moves forward....So I figure I can deal with that : /. Then I get happy because im...
  13. Q

    Wrong IP Address on steam DS

    Well I installed the steam dedicated server thang and all, everything works perfect except for one thing: the ip address it binds it to is my network's IP address but I used my server computer which has direct access to the internet with the dedicated server and it binds the DS into the...
  14. T

    Wrong news posting

    How Can WE enjoy it When We dont have it ??????
  15. M

    What the hell is wrong with this thing

    when ever im playin my game sometimes it just closes and dgoes back to the desktop and when i try to go into any of my halflife games or esf it starts up a tiny bit then goes back to tte desktop why the hell does it do this does this thing cost money to play online or what
  16. L

    whats wrong?

    i made a dedicated server for 2 people. When i try to connect to it everything seems fine but it then says my server needs to be validated through Won.net how do i do that? please if possible give detailed explanation.
  17. H

    wrong protocol version

    i just downloaded esf 1.1 beta and i tried all the servers but i got a cant connect to a server with a different protocol version error can anyone help me? :S
  18. J

    Whats wrong with me key code?

    Ok I found out about this mod and was interested in playing it. I had half life for the longest with the original key code and orignal box. I install Half life and then i installed the patch. After that i installed ESF. I go to play and it asks for the key code. So i go to put in my key...
  19. Wangster

    drawing, proportions wrong dough

    well, i made this drawing, @ fist only the head, so i didint made a skel for body. after that i finished the head i desided to make a head with it. , then i made a fuxed up skel , fleshed/detailed it, and a head with ugly ass body came out. whatcha think? i used my bro's haircut on this one ^_^
  20. Luca Blight

    What am i doing wrong

    Ok i got HL installed and I have ESF installed, when I go to multi. then net games, it brings up no servers. I hit refresh nothing, I hit update and 30mins later I get servers, but I can only find a few esf ones and they are either locked or have errors. How exactly do i get just esf...