1. The Deco

    What the hell is wrong in this world

    What have we come to?!?!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeIJmciN8mo My libido supposed to tell me "It's okay, she is hot and its free, its fine" but NO! the damage to music is too powerful for me!
  2. Deathshot

    MythBusters Cannonball Experiment Gone Wrong

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj-CErr0VOY Well... I wonder how this will effect the show other then it just being put on hold.
  3. Zero12

    Something wrong with my esf

    Well i have a error when i start a server it says error couldn't not found models player evolution podium.mdl can someone help me:(.
  4. R

    What's wrong? D:

    Edit: Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? I think so. Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? No What game are you trying to install ESF into? Half-Life 1 Are you behind a router or firewall? Router, yes. ports are forwarded. Firewall, no. Are all your drivers...
  5. Boogyman93

    Sick and wrong idea...

    This just popped into my head while looking on youtube. I don't know if ESF will have any easter eggs but how about making Android 18 do the caramelldansen as a taunt :O I would be awesome if Android 17 and/or 16 would do it with her at the same time... IT WOULD BE EPIC! This is probably the...
  6. sub

    Hey guys. Remember that topic when I delcared that there was a God? Yeah, I was wrong

    http://www.forcesofgeek.com/2009/07/is-fox-planning-to-recast-futurama.html They're going to recast Futurama. Those mother****ers. Context for the title: http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=74317
  7. T

    What is wrong with my version.

    Hello. I have version 1.2.3 and have installed many graphic packs. Nevertheless, I dont get any of the graphics of the updates you post on the news section. How are those updates available to us? Thank you
  8. D

    something is wrong with my esf

    The graphics seem to be all messed up with my game like when i charge up these red squares will go around me instead of the actually charge up i had a problem with this game not too long ago so i deleted everything related to it but now that i reinstalled everything the graphics just suck is...
  9. Barney's_Soul

    Madcatz Xbox 360 controller buttons mapped wrong

    I recently purchased a Madcatz Xbox 360 wired controller for use on my PC, downloaded the Microsoft Xbox360 controller drivers, and am using it right now. It is displayed properly everywhere, but the buttons are mapped wrong in games. My A button is recognized as X, my start button is recognized...
  10. Avenger

    Kids' TV gone wrong.

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=b0U2ce-LmA4 This video has been a hot topic in Scandinavia recently (if you watch it, you'll no doubt understand why). Discuss!
  11. Tsunami

    Fox News: Mass Effect is sick and wrong

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKzF173GqTU Its great how they get their "facts" about the game so wrong, but when did facts get in the way of a good story on Fox? Kudos to the guy for defending it as best he could in the few seconds they gave him.
  12. The Deco

    I don't understand what is so wrong with 1.3

    I really can't understand what is so wrong with 1.3, it's new and you people want it to be like an old version, if you want the old version just play it again. This game is new and therefore it has new features, theres no point to make the exact same game again(nor the same game again with a...
  13. J-Dude

    WTH is WRONG with people anymore???

    Okay, people know I like DBZ...a lot. So all the time, I check out a multitude of DBZ related things: DBZ vids on youtube, DBZ fanfics, DBZ mods, etc, etc. But at every twist and turn for the former two, I pass somebody's stupid fanfic or music video crossing over with the ONE anime I despise on...
  14. 2Fast4u

    What's Wrong with www.esf-world.com

    this page has stop working !!! Are you rebuilding it what's , the problem??
  15. Desmond Tiny

    Very strange problem indeed, sorry if it's in the wrong place

    Hello, Just to explain, I?m having to write this post from microsoft word because my computer has yet again become too unresponsive for me to use ether Firefox or Internet exploror! Basicly, I don?t know why or how, but whatever program I seem to use always comes up with an error and it must...
  16. Basslover722

    Ok maybe wrong section but..

    Ok well i really want to learn how to make Vgui's for GFX in ESF. If its possible someone to give me a link to a tut. That would be appreciative. Whatever i just want to learn how to make some. Sorry if i posted in the wrong section.
  17. ZeroNightmare

    Pheonix Wrong!

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/349811 i found it funneh.
  18. dan_esf_fanatic

    Wats wrong with this pic?

    I dont get it. THere's supposed to be something wrong, but I didnt spot it. Can u spot it? If u can then tell me plz. Here is the link.
  19. jp

    Okay, what is wrong with this picture...

    http://www.msfirefox.com/ May contain adult language... >_> Yes, its obviously fake.
  20. veqeta

    OMG!! what's happening??!?!?!?!?!?!? something wrong after i waitied 6 hours!!!!

    i was downloading esf and it came up with the install window after all this time and it's blanked out!!! my thing is blanked out what does this mean? i have half life and a cd key... and i used the cd key for activating steam.. and i downloaded half life from steam. NOw what?!