1. BinC

    Shino Aburame [WIP]

    Hey everyone, i'm new to modeling and this is my first model. Need tons of advice and so on, so feel free to comment. Reference picture: Just have his body done right now.
  2. E

    Gale Wip (Trigun Character)

    its a model inspired by an anime, Trigun to be correct. so anyway, heres the image. drawovers, crits, anything are wanted. I just extruded the arms so theres some work there to be done. but anyway, here it is.
  3. JTR

    Sasuke [WIP]

    Just started Sasuke... 1½ hour work atm: Head is from an old Sasuke (black clothes)... Just need to edit the hair shorter.. And then Ill try making some new hands.. I need to improve The custom ones I have atm.. C&C thanks... cya.. - JTR PS. I could still need some critz on my...
  4. SSJ Toast

    W.I.P. Some dude

    felt like modelling agian, in which i havent done in ages, 1300ish tris, should be around 1700-2000 tris when i finish
  5. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Goku [W.I.P]

    Starting with the hardest first, i will try make all forms ;)
  6. JTR

    Zabuza [WIP]

    Been a while since I posted here so here goes: Still need to define the back of the hair and model some bandages around the neck... C&C plz... Cya... - JTR EDIT: Almost forgot.. I made a few Naruto Weapons also.. Dont really need a thread for themselves.. C&C for those also...
  7. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Piccolo WIP

    Something about the arms i dont like =(