1. h4wkforever


    how do you record good esf videos because if i type in the console record esf 1 then i am recording but if i play it i cant see my model i only see the turbo or powerup can someone help me?
  2. SailorAlea

    Video Capture Slowness

    I haven't used any of my video capturing software in awhile--and I booted it up, and while it displays the video at a decent speed, trying to capture it (whether by fraps, virtualdubmod, etc) is pretty slow. My computer is pretty fast (3GHz+), over a gig of RAM, an nvidia 7600GS video card, and...
  3. Spunky

    Video :D

    ESF Beta 1.3 Trans + Swoop *Link killed because the new one is coming!* This video is a demo, showing off the shiny new animations, character models, transformations, and swoop trails. It's a pretty big video, 382MB. It's almost 10 minutes long. This is the first in a series of videos I...
  4. M

    NARUTO PART 2 VIDEO!! Only 19 secs, but that made my day woooooot!! Must WATCH!!
  5. light-seeker

    OMG a video I made

    Thought I would post one of my older music videos, feel free to view my otherones. there is a DBZ one made by me in my profile on you tube, this one is my FAV.
  6. M

    Hey, a Music Video

    I was bored, so I figured, why not make a music video? I haven't made on in a very long time, so forgive me if it's not good. Just take note that this video is really short, mainly due to the song I used, which is the Perfect Cell Theme Remix.
  7. H

    funnest video in tenkaichi 2

    check this, let's see how dummy frieza is!