1. Tsunami

    Xbox 360 Spring 2007 Dashboard Update Video

    * The update hits May 7th * Your contact list will now integrate Windows Live Messenger, and show joinable session status * Messenger contacts can see what game you're playing, and your gamertag * Marketplace will now have its own blade, which will be skinned independent of your theme *...
  2. Enix

    Need a solid Video Card (got one)

    I am trying to find a nice and solid video card from newegg, but the reviews are always so contradicting, because well, im sure most of the people giving bad reviews are complete retards when the card has 100 other people saying its great. I am looking for an nvidia card (AGP, 128-256MB) that...
  3. 2mental

    music video please....

    :] hey was wonderin could someone make me a music vid for a song called first time by finger eleven based on majin vegeta....?
  4. vinay87

    Opening Video?

    It's not any suggestion on the gameplay but more for the look. It would be great if the team included an opening video with the MOD. Something that shows all the characters and stuff. That will make it seem even more like a game than it already is. If you agree maybe we can have a forum...
  5. H

    make a video

    how I can take a video from ESF? O_o
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    Best story in a video game.

    I've seen and played lots of games with simply fantastic storylines. I'm sure you have too. However, the best one is definitely owned by Phantasy Star IV, which I keep playing over and over just because of its story. It's just wonderful. It's the kind of story that really works up your emotions...
  7. Kasey

    Funny Video Clips Thread

    Post funny clips. They can be new or old but not really long. Unless they're good the whole way through. **Also make sure they are hosted on the internet and not a link to download them because nobody wants your spyware infested clips. Reporter getting attacked by a cat.
  8. Holmisen

    start video

    what do i do to se taht start logo when you shall start esf its come a logo but not for me what shall i do?
  9. G

    who is your favorite video game character any why?

    mines link he pwnz and he wears a green tunic my fac color is green :)
  10. elcor

    video tutorial of modeling

    hi guys, i have a problem ,because i am spanish and my english is no very well and the tutorial of modeling have a problem with the images ( dont carge any) and me cant go on.I ask if any can make a video tutorial of modeling i like it.PLease help me.In the future i like studi modeling 3d or any...
  11. dan_esf_fanatic

    Clip-creating Video Editor.

    Is there ANY clip-creating video editor except for Windows Movie Maker? By clip-creating I mean that it generates clips out of an imported video file, just like Movie Maker, so I don't have to split it.
  12. D

    C4D Wicked Video Tutorial

    I just made this tutorial to promote my website and stuff, so I thought I might as well post it on here. --------------------------------------------------- :: Outcome :: --------------------------------------------------- :: Information :: This tutorial has 41 layers. It is not planned...
  13. Optimus Prime

    Boy Kills Homeless Man and Blames Video Games - Stepmother Speaks Out Scroll down to, A rare opportunity, it was definitely an interesting read.
  14. H

    video code for div overlay

    can someone help me how am I going to put the code into my div overlay. I've tried so many time but the youtube code just won't work on div but when I try the traditional layout it seems fine again.....weird does youtube and myspace not supportting any 3rd party layout like bbz overlay but...
  15. LionHeart

    ESF video comunity (You Tube) This is the you tube group dedicated to esf and dbz you might wanna check it out ;)
  16. D

    Esf 1.3 Video :)

    I made this video when 1.3 was i released it :) It's not the best..
  17. LSSJ-Goku

    Request for video !

    Could some one make movie Trunks story? I just wanted to see how its going to be in ESF 1.3 xD Please guys it could be a great show but just ... i could be an actor but i don't have a steam so like ;[ if u can make , take your time and so ...
  18. Barney's_Soul

    What video card should I get?

    Okay, I am buying a new computer in about 15 days, with the $2000.00 CD I have saved up....but I'm wondering....what video card should I get? I want a good video card(NVIDIA), but I will be upgradeing to DX10 in about 4-6 what is a good cheap card I could get?
  19. Arsenovicius

    What do i need to make a nice looking video ?

    Okay. I guess i'm going back on making vids...( O_O i know i know.. i will try to make em at least looking good. );D but all i got as a program is windows movie maker.. is that enought ? Also what program do i need to get so i i can make my .dem files to something i can work with ?
  20. Suh Dude

    A DBZ Music Video, yay?

    Its not Linkin Park, nor its System of a Down. Its Side Winder by Avenge Sevenfold. I hate DBZ Music Videos and Naruto ones. I planned to do a Bleach one but I couldn't find any good high quality clips, instead I found high quality porn in Google Search Results. =_=...