1. Skyrider

    Awesome Dragonball/Naruto YouTube Video's

    For real, this pwns: <-- DBZ <-- Naruto Some of the video's are really awesome. These are real life made by the way.
  2. MinioN

    Lost: The video game

    Yay! Game from my favourite movie! Here's the trailer: Here's the official site: It looks cool but i won't be able to play it becouse of my computer.I hope i can play the demo.
  3. Tsunami

    [Nerdgasm] ESPN To Cover Competitive Video Gaming

    W...O...W...!!! I can see it now... "Oh did you just SEE the frag?! I mean that grenade was just perfect and the headshot! How well articulated!" :laff:
  4. kenny-DK

    Very old DBZ music video

    Just wanted to show you guys a old video (actually the very first) I made. Enjoy it, please comment and rate :yes: Thanks Also subscribe if you liked it, cause I'll upload some more videos later :)
  5. F

    Free Video Strip Poker

    URL's Removed. ~ ski
  6. D

    POTW video

    potq video broken!! =( can any1 upload it again? i wanna see it :D thanks in advance DarKWolF
  7. M

    Game Video Recording

    What do I need to recored the video and audio from video game gameplay?
  8. Tsunami

    Kid kills his brother over video game They were arguing who got next and he stabbed his brother to death... That's really sad, I'm sure he didn't mean to kill him obviously. That kid is gonna live with that for the rest of his life, really ****ed up. Quick get Jack...
  9. M

    Left 4 Dead Gameplay Video

    The quality isn't the greatest, but that's to be expected when someone records it with a camcorder. Warning - video contains a little swearing.
  10. elcor

    new video

    hei guys see me need video pd: here other videos make of me see and fun
  11. Synth

    Video Game Addiction = Mental Disorder? - I wonder if Jack Thomspon will jump on this bandwagon.
  12. KidMan

    Video game based Movies I found this to be very awesome. Looks like a Soul Caliber movie is on it's way,a long with Halo, Metal Gear Solid, MechWarrior, Prince of Persia and many others. Frankly, I can't wait to see some of these movies.
  13. J

    Need help with finding drivers for my video card

    I have a intel chipset or something like that however everytime I find a driver for it its like my computer doesn't recognize it and for me to play any kind of game I need the most updated driver to ensure the game will run properly. Can someone possibly help me out?
  14. Zeonix

    Found an Interesting Video From One of Our Own Please offer constructive (and destructive, if necessary) criticism, opinions, or anything else that you believe would help our dear friend improve. The last thread went sour, so please be nice about it. We're going to help him; not take him down several...
  15. Spunky

    StarCraft II Gameplay Video :O ^_^
  16. vinay87

    How do I find out whats the best video card my mother board will support?

    OK My mother board model is KOB P4M266 NDFSMx I google for it, but it doesnt give me much details on whats the best graphics card itll support. Since its outdated, I dont suppose the site gives much support on it anyway. I just want to max my pc out before heading on to a totally different pc...
  17. MinioN

    Finnaly i add some video

    :] I have a lot videos but this is my only one that i add it on Google videos.Watch it and tell me if its good:
  18. vinay87

    Need a Video Cropper

    What I wanna do is cut the ****ty black borders of my movies so i can play them on my mp4 player..... Its widescreen so i dont want that black border..... Anyway, please dont tell me to use virtual dub coz it converts only to avi.. and for a 2 hr movie itll make it into a 40 gb file O_0...
  19. M

    Left4Dead Video Released

    The following video is over eight minutes long, and it contains in-game footage along with behind the scenes with the creators.
  20. J

    OK so video playing not working. pissed off.

    Hey, just downloaded bleach 121 and can't watch it now. Im using VLC media player, and the picture is just black, and maybe a month ago it was working fine. So, it won't show any of the picture, it just will show black, but the audio works. Ive tried using windows media player, just plays audio...