1. Disguise

    NEEDED: Skilled Players & Video Editors

    I'm looking for people to help me make a demo showing some ideas I have for a melee system, building off of what currently exists. I've tried to record demos in 1.3, but the game always crashes on me. I've made a few suggestions in long, tedious writing, but I think people see what I'm saying...
  2. kurtsgui

    What's the music of this video? i want this music a lot!! I'm Brazilian and i wanted to say, ESF is the best mod for Half Life series!! Congratulations team... i started playing in esf 1.1 and i never stoped! Hug of the bear for all!! =)
  3. elcor

    New video of my party in my ville

    hi guys i made new video this time isnt anime is me and my friends in the party of my ville.i hope you like and enjoy.i used sony vetgas 7 and movie make also i used photoshop for make croma key in the photos.coment and critics are welcome. <object...
  4. M

    Video Game Reviews

    Does anyone think that there should be a Video Game Review section here?
  5. DiebytheSword

    This little video is pretty scary.

    I was given this link in an email today, and I thought I'd share it because it is quite disturbing if even one ounce of it is true. I definately has a conservative slant on it at parts, but there are other parts which check out and that's what makes it disturbing. Video on Barack Obama...
  6. Tsunami

    video game music done by..

    A Pro orchestra. The Metal Gear Solid Theme <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=""...
  7. The Deco

    Video game - Jerry Springe: The ultimate showdown

    Title fix: Jerry Springer:... I think ill make tons of money selling the rights for an idea for such a game. Seriously, it can be a great fighter game. Maybe they can make a Jerry Springer show manager as well. SO FUNNY, SOMEONE GOT TO MAKE THIS VIDEO GAME!!!
  8. J-Dude

    Getting Repeated Message saying my video card is getting insufficient power

    My computer has been designed and upgraded with graphics very much in mind. I work with 3d animation, and while I don't exactly run Crysis on max settings, I do okay with my NVidia 7950 GT 512 megabyte card. But just today and last night, my gaphics card which has served me so faithfully and...
  9. S

    Returning a broken Video card - what should i choose as replacement?

    Well, I've had a new computer and about 2 months ago I started having random crashes occurring, apparently due to the file "ativag2.dll" getting caught in an infinate loop, that's what it said when I got a blue screen, sometimes it didnt even give me that benefit. It was definitely not a...
  10. M

    Funniest GTA 4 video ever.

    It is both funny and true!
  11. The Deco

    Help, maybe changing Video card HELP

    xD alright. So this is my Motherboard Now I want to get a video card that will serve me well for the coming years and after I will replace my current PC I will be able to not buy a new Video Card because this one...
  12. B

    Remember I asked about video editing/recording software?

    Well, I use fraps for video recording. I found it's the most useful because it records really high quality stuff but at a huge cost (gigabytes). Well I have downloaded a trial of Adobe Premier and it's great. I love it. It's simple, effective, extremely user friendly, and it does everything I...
  13. sub

    Video of a living alien to be revealed on Denver news Friday And I think I speak for all of us when I say pics (er.. vids) or bs.
  14. SS4 Gogeta

    Purported UFO video to be shown Friday Hoax or not, should be interesting to see what they have come up with.
  15. B

    Making video files smaller

    Alright, so lately, I've been recording a lot of video's in game. I have both GameCam and Fraps retail. However, Fraps gives me a very good quality picture at the expense of a huge file. GameCam is lesser quality but the files are smaller. So I was wondering if there was any good program (free...
  16. Shinze

    Cool Video

    Hey well guys a friend just uploaded a video of a friend well .. hope u like it This one is the guy i was talking about in the other threads...the one who did the instahit ... bah i just dont want to say he cheat or something but i donno lol u just have to see it....this is just part 1...a...
  17. Sonic the Vampire

    Greatest Music Video of All Time? Pork and Beans! The Internet Culture and You.

    Time to catch up on your internet memes! I stole this off of, which linked to its Youtube address, which is where I'm linking you right now. This is Weezer's latest music video, for the song "Pork and Beans." The references are fairly...
  18. M

    Another Attempt at Video Game Ban

  19. M

    Burst Limit - Another Gameplay Video

    Exclusive Burly Brawls and Super Saiyans -
  20. VideoJinx


    Until now. I was going through my old folders.. and among all these old models/photoshop files.. I find old videos I never put out.. becuz i didn't finish them ^_^.. and before you know it.. esf died and now I have all these unreleased vids.. So.. i thought why not share this one because...