1. X

    Teleport Bind

    Okay i met this guy on a esf server. Kamui. he said i used Teleport bind. so i teleport 5 times.. but i dont do that. im pressing the teleport button very fast.. so i want to know. how to make the teleport bind. and one thing. to those freaks out there who cant take teleport bind...
  2. Nretep

    Disable tripple teleport

    hey team (coders (harSens)) ... I've got a suggestions, too make the ******* weaker ... it's unfair to bind any key with 3 or more (or less) teleports ... I think it's ok to make a lil time difference to teleport ... maybe about 150 ms ... I think this would be ok ...
  3. Shuyin

    teleport sound

    i want the teleport sound from the anime and not esf (i had it before and it sounded better) but im having trouble finding it, just wondering if anyone can give me a link to the wav if they can?
  4. IceFire2050

    would this work?

    ok i know nothing about mapping but tell me if this would work for a map like king kai's planet cause people say half-life doesnt support multiple gravity sources make the map 4 rooms and break the planet into the 4 peices and make huge doorways (that look like background) and when u walk...
  5. D

    is teleport meleee cheat

    i have pratice teleport and itming of melee so i knwo when ot hit telport and melle and hit some 1 and this guy said i use script i was like wtf is that. then he started cussing me out. this is my first time playign nay half life mod online or nay half life game. all i did was figure out how far...
  6. H

    Teleport suggestion

    I think the teleport should be changed. Instead of several short transportations u should only be able to do one big one. The problem is on small servers like 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 only melee is used. U just teleport constanly the map around and the one who makes the first mistake gets hitted...
  7. D@nte

    teleport hit

    i think it would improve the game if it were possible to teleport behind an other player and hit him, i know its possible already but not very fast i mean like in te cartoon cause if u use the system now you still have to turn around and then hit them. if you had a special button or button...
  8. MR GUMP!!

    Teleport Issues

    Well i just had a little idea dealing with the "teleporting" in esf. I was thinking that when u join a game and have base pwr lvl that you move from point A(being the point where first initiate the "teleport" key) to point B slower than if u had like 3 mil pwr lvl. So the higher you pl that...
  9. P

    better teleport controlling

    r is the teleport button right? so hold spacebar+r= teleport up hold nutin+r = teleport down hold w + r= teleport forward hold s + r= teleport back hold a + r= teleport left hold d + r= teleport right plus, there can also be button combo's ex. hold space bar + w + r = up forward...
  10. E

    Teleport duels...

    Just a crazy thought I just had, it probably sucks but oh well I'll tell it anyway. I was browsing the melee threads and I found out they are making a much better melee system in beta, so I thought it would be cool if two people of a similar powerlevel (like 5 million apart at most) were to...
  11. Y

    How Would The Teleport move be like???

    In tha new version? cuz i don't like how it is in 2.0
  12. D

    Group Teleport!

    I think that in the Beta version, or after that comes out, they should make a "Group Teleport". Say that in Team Mode, everyone is together and someone has a powerful blast headed toward them. But someone "Group Teleports" the out of the way and into a safe diastnce. One person could execute...
  13. D.C. Darkling

    teleport keys

    I saw a post somewhere on these boards saying which key combinations you need to press in order to do which direction of teleport. Now I read that left teleport makes you teleport left. But with the mouse I never use left. it aint even configured in my keyboard config. Would be idiotic to do...
  14. S


    :idea: teleporting when u r charging up your power isnt that great? y dont they make it like that? cos most of the time i've to hide from others attack that i dont even have enough time to charge up~ :devgrin:
  15. K

    Flash Sig v2.0 lol

    Test this baby Changes: -no Teleport until you push button (I know people got annoyed lol) -ICQ, AIM, E-MAIL and -[gF]- Links -Joined -[gF]- so you see the old Shin changed to [-gF]- woohooo How do you like it? <embed src="" quality=high...