1. Dalte89

    Cvar for teleport after-image

    How about putting in a teleport after-image length cvar so you can change the length that it remains on screen ;D
  2. F

    Teleport Sound

    Anyone else think the teleport sound should be changed? I personally hate the current one so I made a custome one using the begining of the sound for charging a burning attack, cause thats what the teleport sounded like in dbz...
  3. sayain

    teleport sprite

    does anyone know the name of the teleport sprite because i have made a new one more realistic like in the series bud i cant find it i already have looked for teleport.sprite bud there isnt one
  4. B


    Can you change the look of the teleport to what it looks like in the programe :talk:
  5. Celticus

    About the teleport after-images

    Hey everbody got a question about the Teleport after-images. Like this: If you fight with Fat buu you see after images from fat buu. Now what will happen if i replace fat buu with Gohan Buu? Will the after-images still have fat buu's image or gohan buu's images Does anyone know this??
  6. W

    Teleport signs

    is there is a way that i can edit the teleport sign? i mean after u teleport u can see alot of little circles in white color can i edit them? and how?
  7. K

    teleport during swoop

    I hate having to stop swooping to teleport. I like to swoop at people and instead of attacking when i get near them, teleport around beind them, then swoop and attack. Its hard to do sometimes though because i have to stop the swoop before i can begin teleporting. And the way the game is...
  8. imkongkong

    changing the teleport

    instead of just clicking the teleport button, i think you should be able to hold the teleport button as long as u want until ur ki drops.. if u barely click it you move a little bit.. the longer you hold it the farther you go.. you *HOLDS TELEPORT BUTTON* afterimage ---------- quick...
  9. sexyasian86

    instant teleport

    first time suggesting something so... i've been using mousewheel to teleport 5 times at once, which is basically instant teleport, but it's sorta lame. my suggestion is to add in instant teleport. slows down time for everyone (idea from the specialists and the opera) and the person that's...
  10. D

    teleport sprite ???

    whats the name of the sprite for what teleporting looks like?
  11. MaX

    Umm i think that Teleport should..

    i think teleport should cost much less maybe 5/100 or so cause in dbz ive seen goku like teleport over 15 times in a row and still be pumped of energy..he even used instant transmission with
  12. S

    Teleport thing that i made up..

    Ok. It would be like an attack and you would hold left mb and a charger will appear. And then you would press for example: up, down left and right. And when you have done that you would teleport the ways you have desided. And it will go a bit fast. What do you think about that?
  13. I

    To make the teleport, a real teleport

    Ever noticed that when u drop out of swoop just before u hit an enemy and u do a teleport that u can end up pressed against ur foe? well teleport is not a real teleport its a superfast movement! when u try to teleport behind an enemy u need to go AROUND them or over them u cannot be on one...
  14. -Origin

    Swoop teleport

    I think it would be useful if you could teleport SIDEWAYS while swooping (still continuing swooping of course). This happens all the time in DBZ and could be useful when you're swooping and you swoop straight into the beam. Of course you can "steer" away but I usually get dis-oriented while...
  15. S

    teleport combo

    hey guys.....1 more thing...i need to know how to do the teleporting combo....that would probably be the 1 combo i dont know......i really need to know!!!! hurry plz.
  16. J

    another teleport idea

    well, I know by now that these suggestions here won't really get in the game, but just to share some of my thoughts: you'll have to press and hold a button to do this and it will cost quite a lot of ki you'll be able to hold it for, let's say, 5 seconds when you press the button, you'll just...
  17. R

    Teleport not in DBZ?

    That's right! You read it correctly, there is no such thing as 'teleport' in DBZ (Except for Goku's instant transmission) In the series they sometimes to a similair technique, but that's no teleporting, that's just "very fast moving" I'd say give the "Teleport" a new name, and make it use...
  18. B

    Teleport sound

    Hi guy's where can i find the cool teleport sound :( plz help THNX :]
  19. Shuyin

    Teleport Special Effect

    Ok i skimmed through some threads and didnt see this idea. When teleporting you only leave a trail of effects behind you (soon to be a trail of after images.) However, when you teleport your player just moves foward, you don't actually feel like your teleporting. If there would be effects...
  20. S

    Slightly Improved Teleport

    I was thinking that maybe if you hold down the teleport button, it would show a small charger that, the longer you held it down, the farther you teleported. I'm not saying super duper far away but maybe 2 1/2 teleports at max. It would definitely help with those telehits :). -UltraPerfectCell