1. Goten-son

    panic teleport

    well i was thinking, there could be a panic teleport just incase u turn and theres a beam coming at u, u hit panic teleport and it puts on a random place on the map, but heres the catch, first it depends on how much KI u have charged up, it can only take u as far as ur ki is charged up but...
  2. X

    Ability to teleport when...

    Be great the ability to teleport when you "loading" kamehameha, solar flare, swooping or etc. Like Goku was teleported near Cell with kamehameha. What do you thing ? P.S. I hope you understand me, because my english is poor.
  3. fryd4good

    Teleport After-Image

    I was just wondering... since a lot of us use custom models, will the after-image work with this? I mean, if I'm using oh, say, Jimesu Evil's GT Vegeta model, and I teleport, will it leave behind an image of the normal ESF Vegeta? Just curious, that would be rather weird... same applies with the...
  4. S

    Teleport Triggers

    Ok I want to make a Trigger on my map where when you shoot an object the player gets teleported to a secret place.:D Any ideas on how this can be done:confused: Thanks in advance.
  5. Wangster

    trigger teleport

    well, im THIS near to finishing my verry first map for esf, its simple, but really big im not telling much about it, cuz just wait till release, but here's my prob, i want to put some teleports in the map, i do know how, but i cant, i dont have the trigger teleport entity, but i do have the...
  6. Naraku

    Teleportation in place , and Gokus teleport

    ok if someone were to shoot you while you are in the air and you press the teleport key and you teleport in place and the shot goes through you , and gokus teleport can be different , you hold teleport key and it charges up and you let go and you are all the way across the screen.
  7. F


    I understand the ESF team is working on after-image to replace teleport. It seems like a fun idea. However, could you include a checkbox option that reverts to the old teleport, or even, a new and improved old teleport, where you show the vertical lines used in the show? I kind of disagree...
  8. R

    Teleport sound?

    I was wondering, a couple of weeks ago I came accross a wicked teleport sound - I think it was from the Japanese episodes. It was really slick. Does anyone have a good teleport sound? *Please don't send me the default* If you do can you host a link for me to download? I'd appreciate it.
  9. 1_heart_boobies

    teleport attack

    HOW DO PEOPLE DO THAT? i played with this one guy called "lol" he was trunks, and he just teleports right in front of my face in less than a second from a pretty far distance and hits me... i consider myself a pretty good player with buu. i tried to do what "lol" did with trunks and...
  10. sub


    after just playing somone who there teleport binded to scrol down on the mosue or had 3 or 4 teleports binded to one key, i really just want to say that this needs to be changed so that it cant bedone. i use to have teleport binded to scrool odwn on the mouse and everything was too easy. you...
  11. M

    new teleport mode

    i dont know if u heard this or not but its an idea anyway while your just floating or standing i think u should be able to hold shift e.g and the with the cursor you find where you want to go and if far away scroll up on the mouse move the cursor further away or gain distance then let go of...
  12. I

    Teleport After Image ??

    well despite the great idea of having this for a trail affect, but dont you think that the servers will lagg more? There are also some people that have teleport bound to a key 6 times like a newb. Also there are more people that have bound this to a mouse wheel. i think that for the trail...
  13. S

    Flying Nimbus, Swoop Teleport, Swoop Blast and others

    I have tons of movement suggestions on my mind that I would like to have in ESF. I'll list them for you: 1 Swoop teleport- When you are swooping at an enemy with melee, you should be able to teleport. An advantage of having this is to avoid beams and close in on your target faster. 2 Swoop...
  14. S


    there done with the new tele port. spr!!!. just have to wait.. you dont see that glob of gray dots anymore!! you see your self. go to the esf web site and look.:shocked:
  15. M

    Teleport .spr file?

    What is teleports .spr file? I want to make a sprite that are blue streaks when you teleport instead of particles spreading apart. Please help me and if the file isn't grey and white i need help getting a host for pictures and the .spr file. Thank you.
  16. JDeezNutz

    new teleport after image...just one problem....please look!

    ok, so say you change the model to say ssj3 goku, when you teleport will you see the new model you changed *ssj3 goku* or will you see the default ssjgoku? cheerz
  17. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Teleport - Effect

    It's not too important, but I don't like the visual effects of teleporting. These many grey dots are on my nerves. I think it should be a little more like when someone is hit by melee (you know, these white star-like flashes). Just wanted to mention this.
  18. R

    Teleport Mousewheel

    Im having problems getting teleport to work on my mouse wheel. I have no problems with the mouse wheel anywhere else e.g. wepaon select in game, webpages. In game ive tried assigning teleport to both mousewheel up and down, several time but it didnt work. I then tried doing it manually in my...
  19. Z


    teleporting costs to little ki, you get lame melee fights where all you see si wizzing about and lots of tele, i have many a time tried to counter it and i can't find a way. i surgest you increase the ki so stop this lame tactic. zippy
  20. Fenumeher


    I saw someone today that teleported very far by one click on his mouse! How does he do that? i realy dunno!!!