1. john_volkov

    swooping teleport

    Well I dont know if this is a good ideea but for the next esf to swoop and teleport at the same time like you swoop to a person let's say he is Frieza he got the disk and you swooop and he trows the disk and in swooping you can teleport foword and backword foword to teleport from the disk And...
  2. Kreshi

    Adv. Melee + Teleport around!!!

    I thought about beein able to teleport in adv. melee! It would make it much faster! So here my idea: Right now you have to press right or left mouse button and an arrow to strike or do a combo in adv. melee. My idea is that you press the left or right mouse button and TELEPORT! The thing is...
  3. O

    Teleport afterimage suggestion

    I think that right now the teleports are too easy to spot because you see someone flying up (for example) then he suddenly freezes. My idea is that the afterimage should keep moving in the direction the player moved and view the animation aswell (till it fades out). That would make it alot...
  4. S

    Teleport in advanced melee

    I know this has been suggested before, but i believe that it could be brought to attention again. However this idea is just my thoughts; While in advanced melee (inputting your attacks) you hold down the teleport button at any time, to make a teleport move (you must specify the direction...
  5. O

    Teleport and swoop suggestion

    Instead of having a button for teleports, remove the tele delay and the teleporting shold go like this: double tap --> 1 teleport triple tap --> 2 teleport 4 taps --> 3 teleports and so on until you don't have enough ki. And when you'll ask "what about swooping?" I'll say use the button...
  6. S

    Just a quick teleport suggestion

    well, at the moment for everytime you teleport it leaves behind an after image. Imo the first time you teleport when you teleport more than once in a certain time frame, thats where you should leave your only after image, after than every other teleport until you stop teleporting for more than 1...
  7. 009

    Teleport System esf1.1 / esf1.2

    Have any one thought about that in esf1.1 was the teleport system faster.. you could teleport faster in esf1.1 then you can now in esf1.2... maybe teleport take more resources then before.. cuz... we where 4 players had peace.. and i was vegeta... I loaded a big bang.. and on the same time i...
  8. S

    Server Crash: Teleport after sb (spirit bomb)

    Im not sure where to report bugs...kinda iffy about how when i looked around... anyways a crash that happens to me all the time whether its my server or any other server causes my game to lose connection with server and the server crashes as well (verified this by refreshing games list and...
  9. S

    Swoop teleport

    My suggestion is just to make it so that you teleport while swooping. Increase ki cost etc etc, and when you come out of the teleport, you are still dashing in the same direction. Then you can trick somebody out of a head on and get them from behind. :devgrin:
  10. Goten-son

    teleport suggestion

    not sure if this is in teh game (or even suggested) but it would be cool if as you assend you can teleport farther with the same amount of ki, it makes sense if you think about it. it doesnt take explain either (or i hope not lol) but it would help make people want to asscend lol so what do...
  11. Z

    Teleport delay or no teleport delay?

    What u like better ...? teleport fast or teleport with a delay... if u vote for teleport delay i would like som explanation can't seem to understand it...
  12. P

    New addition to teleport

    I think it would be awesome if in beta 1.3, after you have transformed, you could teleport while swooping. Eg. in the cell games saga whilst swooping goku, or gohan or cell would teleport, and their ghost image would still be moving. Therefore if we make it so we can teleport whilst swooping...
  13. O

    Teleport suggestion

    I suggest teleports will go like this: You hold your tele button and it charges the tele. The longer you charge, the further you will go. You keep charging the tele until you input a direction. This is like "Kakarot"'s teleport in MUGEN. But if you leave the button without inputting a direction...
  14. P

    New Power Strugle and Teleport

    Hello This Is PiccolosEternity and i have a couple of sudgestions u may say..... 1. Ok i think that when 2 beams collide causing a power strugle dust should kick up from the ground. And if u win Your beam should Engoulf the other beam causing in double damage.. 2.I think you guys should...
  15. Kurachi

    no teleport

    i have no trigger_teleport but i have almost all of the fgd's ...can someone tell me what to do? EDIT: sorry ...i didn't saw it but now i know it so this thread can be closed :)
  16. O

    Teleport while swooping

    Well If ur going to keep 1.2 the way it is I suggest a new thing (I hope): Teleport while swoop. Remember those beam spammers from 1.1? Well now they strike again! :cry: With the new Generic Balls and no limit for them they can shoot alot faster; and now with 1.2 melee you must swoop...
  17. K

    about that teleport after image....

    i havent posted for ages so sorry if this has beens said. i understand the purpose of the new teleports animations, to fool people and what not but the teleport is a quick burst of speed so it makes more sense to use that blurry lines effect thingy as apposed to the after image effect which is...
  18. Shao

    Teleport [Adv. Melee Addition]

    After just watching the fight betweewn Majin Buu and Vegetto, I realized more than ever that, while fighting, they seem to teleport several times inbetween punches and kicks. This fighting method inspired me to post this idea. You and I are engaged in advanced melee, and I'm attacking. I...
  19. sub

    Teleport delay

    The teleport delay is a good way to stop scripters, but it gets annoying when you only want to do one teleport, you press the teleport button, it waits those fractions of a second and you get hit because of it. Some may say "teleport sooner" but then he sees you teleport and the element of...
  20. PRJ

    Goku should be able to do Teleport while loading attack's :/

    Since he doesnt have any new attack's while he is SSJ,shouldnt he be able to Teleport while loading for example kamehameha?(like he did once to cell) :laff: