1. Skyrider

    PoTW :: After Image Technique

  2. Theoboy

    2048 texture technique?

    I have readed CS tutorial on ESF-World, but there is something I don't understand. The question: Should I make a 2048x2048 texture for all of the textures I am going to use in my final result? (Like the dirt and sand and grass textures etc.) If so, then, how do I make it a 256x256 to a...
  3. M

    Favorite Technique

    Post what your favorite technique is from any anime or manga. If you can, try posting a clip or a screenshot of it being performed. The technique doesn't have to be an attack, it can be anything that falls within the category of technique and/or skill. If you want, you can also post multiple...
  4. B

    Sony patented technique similar to the Wii-mote :S self explnatory, call me a nintendo fan or whatever but i always loved Sony more but this is juist ridicilious, whether you deny this or not, it's just another copy. You can go on to say...
  5. $sj Goku

    Goku's Multi Image Technique

    remember How in the show When goku started moving so fast You only can see a trail of his images? I think this could be implimented as Goku's Special some how... Im not sure is how to put it gameplay wize but i have an idea how it could work ok after hitting the "specialattack"...
  6. Z

    What modeling technique do YOU use?

    Hi, I would like to compare and contrast diffrent modeling techniques for diffrent objects, because it always irks me when I try to imagine how I would model certain objects, anyway here's what you need to post: The modeling technique you use for what kind of things (cars, bodys, hair...
  7. Z

    Gohans technique

    There is a technique that Gohan has (I believe it's number 5) which he creates a shield, quite useful. Now I have discovered that after charging up the shield, if you hold down RIGHT CLICK and then tap the LEFT CLICK again, you fire an orange biggish fire ball. Though the ball seems highly...
  8. S

    Tri Form Technique

    if you remember the battle on earth with the z fighters vs vegita and nappa when krillin and piccolo split them self into four parts do you think it would be cool if could get krillian and piccelo could do it in esf and when you use it in mele scene each of them has a quater of the overall power...
  9. samurai^Kurai

    about the new technique

    hi there esf maps use a new mapping method lately (no single textures anymore but complete floor textures splited in different parts) and then mapping the terrain based on that textures (at least i think so) is there a tutorial for that technique or can anyone try to explain the basics of that...
  10. Shuyin

    Technique Tactics?

    What are your tactics for using some moves usefully? Here's mine. Frieza/Krillin Disk Suprise : Fire the disk from long range then swoop along side the disk. Sometimes they will not notice the disk and get gibbed. (good for people who block alot) Renzoku: I find gets more *hits* in if...
  11. NeLo

    New Technique?

    Well im not sure if anyone has used this technique in photoshop. I learned this in my Cpu Graphics Class. This i find a very interesting technique. It turnes 2d pictures to 3d pictures. All i did was make my name and the background 3d like and Gabe somewhat 3d. I decided that it looked ugly...
  12. Sonic the Vampire

    After image technique vs. automatic after images

    I like the idea of the after images, and I think they make a good addition to the game, but if they are going to come without a cost I have an issue with teleporting in 1.2 . We've all seen the afterimages by now and we've heard beta testers say they were tricked by them. Er... I can't find...
  13. Sonic the Vampire

    Getting tired? 1.2 alternate attack technique suggested. Think fatigue.

    I haven't posted a suggestion since the Buu chocolate bar thing if I remember right, so I've decided to put another one down for debate. This idea is just a different version of one of my suggestions that has been around the forums since 1.2 melee was discussed. It was suggested at one time...
  14. X

    After Image Technique

    Here's a little thing I made to show you what I am capable of.This is Goku doing the After Image Technique. In order to see this you must click on it and drag it onto your address bar.
  15. N

    Your technique?

    I would like to know what techniques the good modelers use to make models for like people. Box modeling, poly by poly modeling, these are just examples of what im talking about so what is the most reliable way? I ask this cuz well i have trouble with human/saiyajin models. I looked thru the...
  16. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Nuttzy base - Goku WIP

    Decided to make goku from nuttzy bse model Credit to: Nuttzy , me
  17. Yazuken

    Need help Connecting Rooms/Halls

    Hey, i cant figure out how to connect rooms/halls. can someone help me out? i mean, theres no point in making a map with just one room :P
  18. |Da|K|

    New Colab

    i did a colab with ma man riddler i did everything but 3d.. :-\ critz&commnets plz
  19. Death The Jedi


  20. G

    Released rmf file of my map

    I read someone would like to see rmf files of esf maps I would appriciate comments from the more expirienced mappers around :p so my future maps will be better