1. Synth

    Strange Creatures O_O
  2. tuty

    Something strange on messageid

    So, i logged message id with "arrows" on advanced melee. Grega, greenberet, raven, or other who knows , how can i use this setting random arrows and check if arrows pressed by player are correct. /* L 09/30/2010 - 21:33:50: MessageBegin (51 "51") (Destination "Spec<9>") (Args "5") (Entity...
  3. Painkiller

    Some strange question.. about school I guess -.-'

    Hey guys. I'm really getting pwnt at maths. So basically my mom just came out of the hospital from hernia operation She can't do anything AT ALL She hardly walks... So basically I haven't studied at all. I'd like to ask you for a way to escape the exam (no, not running from class). I'd like...
  4. Synth

    Strange Cloud Formations What do you guys think these are? inb4 search 4 yourselvez
  5. Dzamija

    Strange problem with showing hidden files.

    I've had this problem for a while. I want to make my Windows Explorer show hidden files and folders, but every time I try to set that option, it just....doesn't happen. I just go back into Folder Options and it sets itself back to "Do not show hidden files or folders.", instead of "Show hidden...
  6. JTM

    Strange Bug/Glitch/****ty Computer

    I just finagled my computer by accident into having better FPS. Instead of a steady 20-30 frames, I get a good 50-60. That's not my problem, though. I can't say exactly if it was since the change or before, but my FPS take an instant drop to less than 1 frame per second. It's as if the game...
  7. Snowm@n


    This is the strangest thing that ever happened to me. So today I enter on steam and I find that I dont have any games installed on it o_oo_oo_oo_o . They were like ready to install, like I just bought them...I checked the steamapps folder and the game's folders were not there. I'm pretty sure...
  8. SS4 Gogeta

    One strange clock Daaaaaaayum
  9. Kaination

    Strange Iris?

    So, my iris is all webby. I haven't ever seen anyone else with it. Is it normal or some rare, bad ass eye condition that's harmless? edit: found this, thinking it might be normal, but I still never seen anyone with it. I'm assuming it's normal. What causes it to be like that, blue...
  10. dan_esf_fanatic

    Strange problem with my microphone, volume decreasing by itself.

    It seems that whenever my microphone is in use, that is to say, I am recording something or talking online, my volume decreases. But here's the thing: it only decreases when I enable Mic Boost. But, when I don't enable it, the volume is very low and no one can understand me when I talk. So if...
  11. Tenzo

    Potw - strange! :|

    I really don't understand what is it... :confused:
  12. Enix

    My onboard gpu is strange...

    This is really strange, I have an nvidia chipset on my motherboard (geforce 6150), and I always thought my onboard sucked ass because I only get about 65 fps max in CS 1.6 (I did change the frame limiter to 200), and even lower when someone throws a smoke grenade (around 35fps) . Well last...
  13. wheres_

    Strange laptop: drivers problem.

    IBM thinkpad R50e 1gb ram 1.7ghz It's a strange model, usualy doesn't have these stats, but yeah. Finding the graphics drivers is being a pain in the ****, I know it's not intergrated intel graphics like all the sites suggest. I'm pretty sure theres an ATI card, like a mob radeon 9000...
  14. Desmond Tiny

    Very strange problem indeed, sorry if it's in the wrong place

    Hello, Just to explain, I?m having to write this post from microsoft word because my computer has yet again become too unresponsive for me to use ether Firefox or Internet exploror! Basicly, I don?t know why or how, but whatever program I seem to use always comes up with an error and it must...
  15. Barney's_Soul

    Got a strange Email from

    Did you all get this?
  16. M

    Strange Idea

    Alright, like my many other ideas, I happen to have another one. You have an outdoor grass land map, have a stream, trees, bushes, it looks like a really peaceful place. Then the idea is to implement something I have yet to see in a lot of maps in general, and that is... butterflys... You...
  17. S

    strange error

    Something happened... I dont know why but now I get this error: No detail texture mapping file: maps/esf_gero_xmas_detail.txt L 06/04/2006 - 21:55:49: -------- Mapchange -------- Host_Error: EV_Precache: file events/ missing from server it wont let me play at all. It...
  18. V

    Strange Lag, with dsl 6000 *help*

    i?ve reinstalled my computer to XP and instaled all my programms back, though i decided to put Esf back into my gamer corner. It was fun in the first time, though i?ve played agaisnt bots. then after i?ve tried to play online, my ping always bounced: 20-5231-500-2123-300... and so on I?ve...
  19. R

    Strange question I could not find

    Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? Trying to install it Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? No What game are you trying to install ESF into? Half-Life Are you behind a router or firewall? No Are all your drivers updated? Yes What in-game video...
  20. G

    Strange Windows Problems

    A while ago my computer got some spyware. I used Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, and AVG to scan my computer. The spyware apparently was deleted but every so often (maybe once a minute or so) my taskbar (with the Start button and all those things) disappears. This leads to the minimizing of all my windows...