1. CankerousJak12

    New Kamehameha Charge Sound Effect

    I don't know WHAT compelled me to make this, but I did, sorry if this is in the wrong thread or something. Well basically this is almost exactly like the old one but longer, the original one was about 6 seconds long, but this one is 11 seconds long. I'm sorry if it may be a bit low quality...
  2. P

    Underwater Sound

    Changing the sound effects when the character is underwater would make game much more realistic.
  3. FalconFury

    Distant sound and effect

    Well, the effects and the sounds looks quite sick. But yall will get this. Uploaded by Grega~
  4. sub

    Dameara's Sound Pack [important]

    Hello everyone. I'd like to share with you a soundpack made by our Damaera, but first I feel a story about how and why it was created is necessary. Our story begins back when Damaera was banned for the 42nd time. Things were not looking good for Damaera, it didn't appear that he was going...
  5. A

    help for German bank for sound (esf)

    occasionally there were even attempts to German sounds in their own iterested esf but I'd like to create with others a complete German sound bank. these are (we) certainly in the forum for download.
  6. Painkiller

    Sound Cards

    Hey guys. Some people tell me I could get a better sound card. What exactly means "better sound card"? I want to know exactly what you get
  7. EvolutionX


    How to create/cut wav sounds from DBZ Epizodes,Movies for ESF?
  8. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion swoop melee vs swoop melee = GO FLYING FOREVER be changed! make it cooler.

    Make it cooler looking, and cooler in general by make it how it would be in DBZ.... Both player may hit eachother with it at the same time, and not "fly like i got hit" back, but simply make the player fly backwards facing upright and ready to fight some more. Looks cooler, and is "more...
  9. karatepig

    The Sound

    when i have played for 40 min all the sound just disappear
  10. S

    Appreciation, and a story.

    First, I want to thank every one of the people that have worked on this mod. It's incredible what they've done with the HL1 engine. Can't wait for the final game. Seriously, a big world of appreciation. I feel like I can't overstate that enough before I tell this story of a certain...
  11. Disguise

    Teleport sound delay

    Is there a way to change the sound delay on teleporting depending on distance from the enemy player? For example, if you're right up close to them, teleporting will sound instantly. If the other player is farther, it will take half a second to a second before the sound triggers. This would...
  12. Spunky

    Free Sound Effects?

    Does anybody know a site for good, free sound effects? I've tried Google, but every site that says "free sound effects" always show me prices (those lying bastards).
  13. E

    ESF Krillin Transformation Sound

    Yeah i have been searching for the full song of the ESF's krillin transformation wav. I only want to know the name of the song. Does anyone know it? the wav-file is in the Krillin Sound Folder of ESF. Example (if you installed the default way) C:\Program...
  14. majin uub

    No sound..

    Hey guys, I'm askin for some help here. I had to reformat my computer the other night due to a BSOD. After the reformat and getting all my drivers back, I noticed something: my sound wasn't working. I figured that the drivers didn't install right, so I removed them and reinstalled, which...
  15. KarrdeKNR

    The Microsoft Sound '95 and '98

    Anyone have the Microsoft sound files from 95 and 98? The googles, they do nothing. Also, lol, try starting a new thread about microsoft and see what the thread parsing plugin comes up with. Lots of hate, yo.
  16. J-Dude

    TF2: I have a great mic; why does voice chat sound terrible?

    Alright, I like doing voice recordings from time to time, and so I have a great Logitech desktop mic. Cost about 30 dollars, uses USB feed, and recordings sound almost studio quality with no background interference. However, I was hoping to use my microphone in Team Fortress 2, and when...
  17. I

    Message_end, Looping sound, and Crash.

    This keeps happening me everytime I make my own server. =\ k so it also happens when I add a bot in-game.
  18. G

    Message_end, Looping sound, and Crash.

    This keeps happening me everytime I make my own server. =\ k so it also happens when I add a bot in-game.
  19. HOM

    Sound in French for ecx big pack 8.4

    j'ai des son pour mes amies français car on n'en a marre des sons en anglais ;( :fight: I have sound for my friends French because we have it has a good laugh sounds in English ;( :fight: Contacted me Contacter Moi
  20. ZeroNightmare

    Help with computer sound output?

    Ok on my sisters computer all the sound is like an octave up, its like the pitch is shifted way up. Shes on vista. I have no idea how to fix this, or where to find an EQ menu or something. help anyone?