1. PiXel

    How BRUTAL! (graphic movie clip about animal skinning)

    Warning: HIGHLY GRAPHIC CONTENT! :( it shows everything (its a movie)
  2. S

    skinning help wanted

    Hi guys, I have a Namek mountain model, but it's not skinned yet. So here's the deal: Since I can't skin, I need someone to skin it for me and then convert it to .mdl I have all the textures, that I want to use. Here's a pic of the model and the textures...
  3. S

    Skinning tutorials

    Can someone tell me where can I get a tutorial about skinning a 3d mesh in 3DS MAX 7?
  4. S

    Skinning problem..

    Okay.. here's the deal.. Because of the lack of good Gohan models out there,*coughonlycrappyonescough*, i wanted to use Smo's mystic Gohan model for ESF 1.2.. Problem is though, that the second version (as you can allready guess) has the same hair color and everything as the normal sj...
  5. A

    Skinning problem

    I'm making new skins for characters, but everytime i made one, and i test it, it's just the normal skin... My only edited skin that works is the one on the vegeta model. Here's how i reskinned it: -opened Milkshape -clicked on decompile normal mdl file -double clicked on the .bmp skin...
  6. I

    New to skinning

    K I'm new to skinning, I just started 10 minutes ago lol. So here's a pic of one i did but it's not good so I was wondering if anyone had any tips. I already saw the tutorial in here and it helped but i can't get folds or designs where i want them. (yeh i used paint shop)...
  7. Enix

    Misc. skinning tutorials

    Thought i would start a thread on this ;o. I made a tutorial for gir and I thought someone around here could use it. Its just on how i make basic bandages,it's not the most indepth tut, but it might help: If you want me to make some more just post area you want me to make, this will be a...
  8. K

    The skinning tutorial link doesnt work

    If I click the link in "The mega thread of modeling and skinning" or whatever its called, the link to the skinning tutorial doesnt work. Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, you can just move it or whatever.
  9. Suh Dude

    Skinning Tutorial - Folds

    I rushed on this, so if any thing you didn't understand, come, and post it in here. ;). Enjoy the tutorial, and no, this is not my skinning style.
  10. I

    Just started skinning, how to post pics?

    Just started skinning, What do you think? I just started skinning about 2 weeks ago, I'm using milkshape 3D. I'm working on a gohan model right now and i wanted to know wut other people thought about it so here it is, i only have the...
  11. M

    What program use fore Skinning

    hey dudeS :yes: Can you guys tell me what programe you guys use for creating a Skin :laff:
  12. Blademaster


    can i please get a skinning tutorial please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im begging you guys please
  13. crazykorean10

    Skinning Tutorial anyone

    yea i am gonna get yelled at... could someone help me find a tutorial? O CRAP! *covers ears*
  14. A

    Zereth's skinning tut question

    Well those of you have it, if they want can send it to me and I can host it so others can view it. If you have it IM vipa111
  15. Damaera

    Zereth's skinning tut question

    Well those of you have it, if they want can send it to me and I can host it so others can view it. If you have it IM vipa111
  16. S

    Skinning Dendza's Frieza

    I'll be attempting the skin to dendza's great final form frieza model...however a small problem has come up. Look here, the model I redid the skinmap for (which is later imported for the QC compiling) is on the right of screenshot, and the model viewing after the compiling is on the...
  17. G

    Me skinning again (my second skin ever, Buu this time)

    Well I think the topic title say the hole thing here so no time for chit chat Model by D2 Skin by GokuSSJ [ by myself from scratch] And here are some renders with this model/skin from a close look Regards GokuSSJ
  18. Enix

    Skinning for R.O.L.

    Im going to skin some models for this mod called ROL, from what i see, its a very good mod. And i started with this guy, his name is Katshiros. He is a made up character, i think the creator of the model made him up, not sure. But he does look really cool. C&C are appreciated. And heres...
  19. Z

    skinning tutorial

    Hi every one ,i know wat you all are thinking omfg another noob wel this time its diferent: I am going to skin my goku but i cant find a good tutorial for the face and wel i got how to skin as darkone tutorial but so manny people already use that style so i wanted to ask is there like a skining...
  20. A

    Skinning tuts.

    Are there any Skinning tut's anyone knows about. Zereth's skinning tut is down, I can't find any good ones. It would be kind of you to post them here ^_^