1. Damaera

    Skinning tuts.

    Are there any Skinning tut's anyone knows about. Zereth's skinning tut is down, I can't find any good ones. It would be kind of you to post them here ^_^
  2. MopageBoy

    Smo! a skinning suggestion

    hay Smo nice skinning job you did on trunks. ive got a suggestion for u. with his sword you should make it shiny like freeza's chest is. it would look preety cool.
  3. Lethal_Vegetto

    A Skinning Question

    Is there a way to use the actuall refference picture as a skin? Using clone stamp or something to copy the face onto the model? Or would this not work? O_o (dunno if this is a modeling question or art question O_o )
  4. Yazuken

    Need help with skinning again =P

    Hey, ive downloaded HLMV(Half-life model viewer) but it doesnt seem to export skins as wireframe. Does anyone know a program that will let you export the skins as a wireframe?
  5. Yazuken

    Need help skinning

    I've looked all over to find out how to do this but couldnt find anything that would tell me. :( im starting a skin, but i dont know how to make wrinkles in the characters clothes. can anyone help me out? :( :(
  6. B


    Where can I find a decent modeling or skinning program :S
  7. S


    Can somebody tell me where can i get a skinning tutorial that explains EVERYTHING step by step how to create a skin !!!!!!!!!! ;(
  8. R

    Skinning help!

    Hey sup i have created a model, but i cant find a milkshape 3d skinning toturial anywhere!! Plz help!! :cry:
  9. Enix

    Super helpful skinning tutorial

    Skinning tutorial thread I was surfing the net for some skinning help and i came across this tut: Click Here For The Tutorial Im not sure about the language of the tutorial cause i didnt read it al and it was made on another forums, but from what i read it was fine. Its a very helpful...
  10. Zephon

    Help wid me new skinning pack

    I just got milkshape3d and am completely confused could someone pleez send me simple easy to follow instructions on how to use this product pleeeeeezzzz....
  11. P

    Beginning Skinning.

    Are there any good free programs and tutorials i could get to help me start skinning. I really, really wanna learn how to do it.
  12. Darkside

    skinning question

    does anyone know how would you skin something in ms3d to make it appear as if it were glowing?
  13. M

    learning to model(finally after 2 years of skinning)

    lol anyways, I use 3ds max 4 to make models. I already have my model made, but now i just need to animate, and I'm not sure what i need to do. I have the bones set up already by the way. I'd post a picture if I had a website
  14. DaGoku

    Chireru made this model it needs skinning

    My friend Chireru on this forum made this model give all credit to him it is awseome i need some 1 to skin it it looks like playdoe
  15. imported_Da_G

    Kakashi Skinning Fase

    we need a skinner for our Kakshi model reply or pm me or Ran-D about it here a pic :
  16. U

    Skinning tuts

    can someone give me a skinning tutorial link?
  17. Zack(Vamp)


    Ok, im probobly gonna get flamed for this, and yelled at for not searching, but honestly I searched the hell outta this place and couldent find this. Im a brand new modeler/skinner and im looking for a good skinning program, though I couldent find any (Working) links on any forums so I come...
  18. K

    Skinning Help

    i was woundering if someone could help me in how to reskin a model if you could help me just rply and i'll be there right away im really in to skinning
  19. D


    hi ppl i want to be a skinner but can someone tell me with wich programe i need and where i can download it
  20. Kreshi

    Goku SSJ ready for skinning

    The Goku SSJ model is done and in ESF playable!!!!! I just have to skin it :smile: Here an ingame pic of the "not skinned" model: The pic quality is very bad, and the parts of the model aren´t regrouped and cleared :smile: It will look much better ingame and will be "battle damage"...