1. Mr.Lukyas

    Skinning help

    I know how to model and I made few models til now. (3ds Max 9) Can anyone send me tutorial how to skin or explain me. the part I don't get is how do you choose part of the model you want to skin and how to export it to PS.
  2. Enix

    Super Android 17 (skinning)

    Clipseh made this awhile ago and I told him I would skin it, but ducked out cause I got lazy. But I got some inspiration and free time so I am taking another wack at it.
  3. SS_gohan44

    Skinning tutorials

    does anyone have any good tutorials that i can use for photoshop because i want to learn how to skin better because i suck ;D
  4. SS_gohan44

    cell shade skinning

    i was just wondering but how do i know where to put the lights on the skin to make it cell shaded?
  5. ace005


    ok, i looked in the "mega thread of bla bla" and the only skinning tut was a) not for noobs and b) not working so can someone show me a good tut for skinning?preferably for noobs
  6. Blademaster

    Help with skinning

    i am trying to skin a CSS model and i dont know how to open them does anyone know how i can? and ive tried using Half Life Model Viewer and is just says windows has generated problems and you have to restart the program or something like that
  7. Rayne

    Skinning help

    Maybe someone here can help me, Im trying to make a mdl file out of the new tien model but it was skinned with a jpg, and apparently ms3d doesnt recognize that graphics format when it compiles a CQ file. So ive converted it to a BMP and updated the materials but still when i try to compile the...
  8. ShadyD

    o.O naruto skinning craze?

    o.O naruto skinning craze? WIP yer, model by ben mathis (Poopinmymouth) its a SDK..
  9. CM

    Questions RE: Wacoms and Skinning

    I was thinking of buying myself a Wacom tablet for christmas. I'm truly tired of using the mouse, and I think it'd help me skin and paint in general. However, I've never even touched one. I come to you, ESF, for assistance. To anyone here who Wacoms... 1. What size tablet do you have and...
  10. Grundig29

    Skinning Hair

    Is there any tutorials on how to skin hair i have looked all over the place including google. Please Help
  11. Kasey

    Question about Skinning

    Can I use Lithunwrap to skin? I don't model but I want to know how to skin. I have PhotoShop but I dont want to buy a modeling program since I don't model.
  12. Grundig29

    skinning tutorials

    Are there any skinning tutorials? HELP?
  13. L

    Skinning Practice

    :O, Hi there =p. Well, Ive been wanting to practice skinning more.. so I modeled a bit of goku. This is my... 2nd skin.. (3rd if you count my little doodle I did on tek's krillen :3.) Comments? Suggestions? (Anyone want to help me with my folds? >_<.
  14. Jimesu_Evil

    Attempt @ Skinning AC Cloud

    Well I've been crazy about all things Final Fantasy lately with Advent Children around the corner (albeit a very long corner) Dirge of Cerberus in the works and that teasing FF7 Ps3 tech demo which left fans wondering if a FF7 remake is on the cards. I found broli's AC Cloud SDK on these...
  15. D


    I have Photoshop,i have decided to start skinning when i finish the model i am working on.Now since iv had my Photoshop i have barely used it therfore i dont know the tools very well.Is that a problem,should i be familiar with the photoshop tools before i take a UV map,Or whatever tutorial?
  16. TRSS

    tools for skinning

    hey me again..... hey im still a newb to modling ok but any way can some one give a list of all the tools i need for creating skins and whatnot?
  17. G

    Back to skinning! Ideas wanted.

    Back to skinning! Ideas wanted. (Battle damaged Goku) Hey guys! It's been a while since I did anything, so I wanted to get back into the "anime" texturing ;p. I checked alot of model packs , and it seems there are very few battle damaged packs, so I decided to make one. This is Kreshis Goku ...
  18. Growler

    Skinning help-

    This tut for skinning is asking me to do a screengrab, then I need -Snagit- to move on. Can I use photoshop instead? And how to I do a screengrab?
  19. Growler


    Ya, I am reading a tutorial right now, and it says "Turn Sub-Object off" In the modify panel. I don't see that anywhere...
  20. X

    skinning tutorial

    hi guys,i know i must read the mega thread about tutorials and i already did that.but i only found 1 or 2 tutorials which are difficult and the dbz skinning tutorial is want to ask if someone could give me another very easy skinning tutorial about cloths and dbz style