1. nikolassj

    New skill for Piccolo & Hellzone Grenade

    Hi am new to this forum and i'd like to suggest you to add "Light Grenade". One of piccolos strongest and probably coolest skills/moves/attacks. He probably used it only once and that's in this episode of Dragon Ball Z: I DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL...
  2. Slofreak

    skill involved into PS

    Esf is very skill based gameplay with all its angle hits, free falls, teleport hits, jumps, chain hits, confusing your enemy and many other skills. Why there wasnt any skill involved into [Power Struggle]. At the moment the higher PL you got the stronger your beam is. I was thinking for this...
  3. D

    Help skill

    Hi all.sorry when i combat online...a lot of people do a combo...and after.. catch me and put me i can do this?
  4. D

    dah skill

    Ok, well i just thought of something when i read trans. I think u should have "skill" to trans unless ur at perfect. here... i dont have paint and i dont really want to do that but i can do it on this. ok it will be a bar at the bottem of ur screen just like when u are charging ur beam...
  5. S

    Skill Power up.

    ok i think that this might be a good idea or bad dont know. but i think there should be a thing added to esf as to wen u kill more than say for eg 10 people without dieing u get full hp and a bit extra ki. sort of a power up. but if not add that then say wen u get 10 kills or more your ki...
  6. RavenTrunks

    Budokai 3 Skill shop Problem!

    Ok in Budokai 3 I got the "Black membership Card" Allows me to buy any/all skills from the shop... But the only $50,000 ultimates that come up are: Super Dragon Fist - Kid Goku Justice Pose - Gt. Saiyaman Burning Slash - Trunks Thats all and only if i buy one the other comes up, so...
  7. Numenor

    Is ESF about SKill or DBZ!?!

    There are two points of view really, people who think the skill of basic and adv melle is the point of esf, the focus, what its all about. and there are thouse that think that chunky beams is whats important. I guess that there are really three points of view. I am a DBZ Fan, to be honest I try...
  8. Ness

    Elle Ragu 59th Sevaar AKA Shadow Skill

    I noticed a lot of new sigs comin up, and thought why not be different? Then i changed my mind ;D anywhoo.....without further apu, i give ya......*drumroll* and a matching avatar (in the way of the crest) :rolleyes: Whadyall think eh? Have i improved or have i improved? :laff:
  9. Ness

    Shadow Skill sig

    Shadow Skill Sig:- what d'ya think? I'll add a border later, and im aware of the fact that the Supershenlon font dont look right :rolleyes:
  10. K

    ESF Bot's skill

    does anybody knows how to configure the ESF bot some little perfect. it is the esf bot pack, and you can configure level of teleporting and melee, and bot skill, like medium, easy and so on. but there are levels (configure with medium or easy) that if i use easy til medium, the bot does almost...
  11. C

    Beams or Melee?What requirs more skill?

    What do you think requirs the most skill melee or ki atacks? What do you have to practise alot etc......... o_o I kinda think melee but I aint sure. If i knew how to make voting poll I would but don't know how... :( :]
  12. Es_Trunks2

    My First Anime Picture

    now i know this sux :rolleyes: but it was my first try, offhand..i had trouble with the hair style, couldnt make any that i thought of, well here my lousy addition to anime ---------------- Tutorials Used ---------------- Anime headshape tutorial --------------------------------...
  13. A

    esf=no skill game, sorry :(

    meh i say esf requires no skill what so ever unlike counter-strike, or other stuff...well anyway it all depends on stupid fancy buttons u bind, and "fancy" moves. If someone goes against an expert esf player and never ONCE swoop melees first, and goes AFTER the expert swoops they would...
  14. TehMuffinMan

    -=Achievement of the week awards=-

    yes, today, i am going to start somthing nice in the forums, the achievement of the week, Every week, we shall pick one user who stands out from the rest for his latest work, we shall name him out, and give him the secret trophy i took 2 hours to make*awe* this will also help people...
  15. Ã

    look wat i am makeing

    tell me if u like
  16. S

    Skill or Glitch?

    Okay, here's the deal, I'm vs'n 2 bots by myself at their "BEST". Usually, bots team together and do everything at the exact same time. In this case, they both swooped at me at the EXACT SAME TIME. Both coming towards me, perfectly viewable, from a long distance. Now, there's a gap between...
  17. M


    holy crapoly First Buu ****ing idea Second Buu Oct 13, 2002 New Buu Jun 04, 2003
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    show your mspaint skills

    like the topic says post a mspaint drawing u have done
  19. D


    could someone give me a link of a website which contains esf models/skins?
  20. |Da|K|

    Wogasm&dak to getha

    hey guy me an wogasm teamed up... wogs did 3d render i did all the airbrushin soo CRITZ!