1. Nuttzy

    animating questions

    im doing my first complete model from scratch, (no edit, no parts from my other models, all new skeleton and animations) ive got the model done, all it needs is skinning, which i will do later i was gonna let bob do it, but he ignored it so ill ignore him (jk bob catch me on aim)...
  2. S

    Probs again in milkshape

    Ok sry guys for posting again but i really need help i have a vegetto model i wanna skin alittle but the prob is that when i go into ms3d and tools and halflife and compile normal hl mdl on that vegetto model a ssjvegeta.smd doesn shows up only the other smd,s please help me please!:confused...
  3. Scorcher2k

    Question for someone who knows models

    I'm looking to attempt making a decent model. In the tutorial I have of someone making a model for cs they say that the included halflife skeleton wasn't complicated enough for cs. I was just wondering if this is the same case for esf or if I can just go ahead and use the halflife skeleton...
  4. Nuttzy

    beware the dark side

    edit***model finished,.... just in case your a bad shot with your mouse
  5. S

    can any one help me with a bone problem for my model??

    it keeps saying this every time i go to compile my model ow wrong? ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Rhand Pointer2' can any one help?? thx
  6. Nuttzy


    how would you give a small character model another models skeleton, lets say i made a sonic the hedgehog model, i put gokus skeleton on him and assigned the best i could with the skeleton being 2x bigger than the model, and nothin looks right in the model viewer, would i hafta make a custom...
  7. U

    Help with compiling

    I got my reskin and my new hair, the model and a skeleton, i have the animations that were used on that model but now when i want to compile everything it first loads and then suddenly my MilkShape just drops :confused: What did i do wrong?? or can somebody tell me just what to do to get a...
  8. V

    Milkshape model problem PLZ HELP ME !

    Hey i hope you all can help me. Its about milkshape. When i edit a model for ESF and make some new stuff on it like a cap or something else and then save the model his neck and all stuff a F*CKED up :laff: his arms are so strange like he has broken them and his legs too ! I hope you guys can...
  9. Nuttzy

    help me, editing animation smds

    quick question about animating in milkshape, well, i can model and skin, i can get stuff in game by assigning new models to old skeletons, but when you decompile a mdl and you have all the animation smds, how exactly do you go about editing those to different animations, my guess...
  10. V

    PiKKoN MoDeL

    I've made a PiKKoN model and it looks awesome but thats not the point.. I made it now.. but how do i replace it with another model like piccolo ? i tried to name the .smd file piccolo but he doesnt do that:cry: it is still piccolo... plz tell me if that is d0ne i release some screenshots and...
  11. V

    Milkshape ? Why this error !

    PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE !!!!!!:p Ok it goes like this... I decompile the HL model.(ESF) Then i import the .smd file i edit it because i want to pump up the body a bit and then when i try to save the .smd file he is wanking with some vertex bone errorO_O WTF ?! Even when i dont edit the model...
  12. Mr.Bugskin

    Convert Saddam model?

    well can someone convert this model for esfplease cuz i wanna kill saddam many times and heres the download mdl its a conter strike model and pic
  13. Logan4434


    ok....i have a really good idea...i can make an ssj3 gotenks,but for the normal model i wanna do this.i want goten and trunks normal together as the normal would need new animations,i have an idea for trans tho.....for the trans they could do the fusion dance.i need an animater to...
  14. S

    Animators !

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was any animators out there that would be willing to give me a few lessons in Ms3d 1.6.6 for anim's.I'm new to modeling and I would like to learn as much as I can and I'm not a big fan of reading Tut's for 2 hours for every buttom in Ms3d. -Thanks Bebi Vegeta
  15. B

    where can i download new skeletons

    where can i download new skeletons foe milkshape????
  16. Black Saiyan


    its a pieace off crap it keeps crashing when i gotto complie why the peace off crap i feel like throwing it out the window can any1 help
  17. S

    golden oozaro

    heres a golden oozaro i threw together in about 10 minutes its not done yet. please don't be to harsh it was hard to put together and make. credits to orig. bfp oozaro maker. i'll update later.
  18. W

    Change Skeleton Size

    How do I take an already made skeleton and make it bigger without using move! I need to know for my Brolli Model!
  19. SSj_Gotenks95

    Johnny Model

    I think we should make a model of Johnny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That would be really cool anybody willing to make it I will help as much as possiible.
  20. Eon

    MAGUS MODEL! (eventually) FOR ESF!

    Alright a good modeler that I have asked said he would give a shot to make a non dbz model (Magus ^_^) for esf, sprites and a sound pack are planned out for it, once the modeler is not busy, things will be worked out for it, also, a skinner is needed for the model, so any help is accepted...