1. Renyori

    Oakland religious school shooting
  2. Mkilbride

    School Shooter: North American Tour 2012(Mod) Oh man, the is palpable.
  3. Sicron

    2 commercials made for school

    Just thought I'd show it off here. Two commercials we had to make for an assignment on school. The first one took 3 weeks to make. (including concept making, filming, and a little research.) We had to make a commercial about a bike in as little time as possible. We came up with the concept...
  4. KarrdeKNR

    Guess Who Just Finished Nursing School?

    THIS GUY! This guy right here! God what a hellish ordeal over the last two years. Makes the work I did for my undergrad degrees look like nothing. Far and away the hardest thing I've ever done. But now I'm free. A few weeks of studying, one more exam (the NCLEX/State Nursing Board Exam)...
  5. Painkiller

    Some strange question.. about school I guess -.-'

    Hey guys. I'm really getting pwnt at maths. So basically my mom just came out of the hospital from hernia operation She can't do anything AT ALL She hardly walks... So basically I haven't studied at all. I'd like to ask you for a way to escape the exam (no, not running from class). I'd like...
  6. Deathshot

    Doughtnut causes School Stabbing

    So yea, I heard about this on my local news and decided to show you how retarded people really are in this world. Only link I could find is to the worst news cast of all. They actually got something accurate for once.,2933,579884,00.html
  7. The Deco

    High School!

    Yeah, high school! Ok for anyone who doesn't know this is my last year, and it got me thinking about life after high school: - are they more interesting or more boring. - Friends, will you lose them, or will you meet cooler people(high school friends aren't your life buddies?). - Cliques -...
  8. )v(ajin Vegetto

    Expelled/excluded from school, please help ><

    Yesterday during school the deputy principle removed me from school, now im lost in life trying to figure out what i can do with my self. Anyone have any ideas on what i can do or focus on towards a life career? Btw im 16 as of now, priorities are i have to get some type of job before two...
  9. Kaination

    Kaination has graduated high school

    and it wasn't anything special. it was actually boring and uninteresting. i did a fake stumble when getting my diploma, i'll have that **** on youtube soon. only fun part was frantically running around taking pictures. hows the ending year for everyone here?!
  10. Deathshot

    Old School

    Haha, Decided to try something old.
  11. The Deco

    Finishing high school

    Well, im in the middle of my 11th grade, and I already feel I am starting to finish high school. We got only about 72 days left to study and next year we will hardly study then it is off to the Army. I know it is pretty soon to think like that but it feels so since I know we will hardly study...
  12. Kaination

    Need some legal advice about a teacher at my school, please any and all help!

    Okay, so my teacher in my class has this rule: "If you get lower than a 70% on a test, it gets put in the gradebook as a zero until you retake that test and get higher. Until you retake it and get higher than a 70%, it gets put as a zero" Is that even legal? Technically a zero is not...
  13. Kaination

    The what the **** am I going to do after high school thread!

    Quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea what I'd like to do after high school. and as I'm edging closer, it's starting to scare me at how bad I have no idea what to do. so, here's my story! I tried forcing myself into 3d modeling but I just can't find the enjoyment I found when I used find...
  14. Optional

    Old School Videos

    Any one have any old videos of matches from the upper level players? I have one video grOOvy made a while ago (I'll post it soon), but I was just wondering if anyone had anything interesting. It'd be nice to stock pile the good stuff for nostalgia's sake.
  15. majin uub

    Back to school...

    Well seeing as I've been on these forums forever now, and I really don't post anything, I figured it is time to come out and start interacting with all my Internet buddies :P. I have to go back to school tomorrow, big senior, so I'm pretty excited about that, I think summer went by too fast, but...
  16. Dokutayuu

    Last day of school

    Hey all, I've just had my final GCSE exam and no longer have to attend school. Anyone else just finished (no jokes from the older members out of school please :))? I'm also curious, what's Year 12/13 like in general? I have a few older friends but I would like to ask other people's opinions.
  17. Suh Dude

    Congrats to those who graduated from High School!

    Well I just wanted to say good job for making this far in your life. I just came back from my bro's graduation and it was pretty cool, saw some of my friends brothers and sisters graduate.
  18. Viper

    School is boring so.....

    School is boring so i draw most of the time :P . Here's what i came up with: Illidan Made him from a picture in "Level". A elf, not sure if she's gonna be a blood or a night elf, but it's one of my first woman drawings: These one is from the Duel Masters TCG cards (drawn at school...
  19. SS4 Gogeta

    Old School Cartoons

    I was reminded of some old cartoons I used to watch and was wondering which ones you people watched, when you were younger. Give it atleast 10ish yrs give or take. Im looking forward to all the different cartoons that were watched from around the world and were the same as I watch if any...
  20. Alkon

    Post Your Most Embarresing Moment In School!

    Whats your most embarresing moment in school? share it with us. My moment is in high school in music we had to do a song reveiw and someone did "Say my name" by destinys child and the teacher said "Alright who is the no name person who did say my name by destinys child? Then without even...