1. elcor

    hammer problem when i try to run

    hello .well my first try to map ,when i try in hammer run the map for see in hl2 the program give me a error: ** Executing... ** Command: "f:\archivos de programa\steam\steamapps\***\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "f:\archivos de...
  2. M

    Cannot run ESF, need help

    Hi, my problem is that I cannot run ESF. I don't use steam, just HL. Installed HL then the 1,3 beta. The exact error message is as follows: ERROR: Can't parse Half-Life/ESF_OPENBETA/fxscript/particle_format.xml"! Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\1024_Scouterstats Text.tga Missing...
  3. the goose2

    what do you need to run game

    do you need half life to run the game because im not to sure if i can find it.
  4. L

    Problem getting ESF to run

    Ok, I know this has been explained in The Frequently Asked Questions Topic but I've tried all the following tips and i still can't solve my problem. My problem is When I launch Earth's Special Forces and I try and jion a Server MY ESF Crashes and goes to my desktop. It freezes at Parsing Server...
  5. A

    steam wont run after i install ESF

    if i install ESF to the counter strike map my steam wont open anymore if i right click on it it only says exit instead of the usual list of crap, also none of the games that use steam work if i install ESF including ESF so i was woundering doese anybody else have this problem and how did they...
  6. A

    How to run ESF?

    I know you need Half-Life to play ESF, but can you use Half-Life 2 to play ESF? Like is this a Source mod which needs Source SDK Base and a Source game to play?
  7. liad

    alright so i tryed to run some of my old ps1 games on ps2 but..

    i cant save !! the ps1 game load fine but i cant save with the ps2 memory card in ps1 games it doesnt detect the card i also tryed to put a ps1 memory card in my ps2 but it also isnt detected by the ps1 game or the ps2 itself so can anyone help me and explain how can i save in ps1 games on my ps2
  8. Kurt`

    Run Linux on your WRT54G (v5!) Finally, now this router isn't a retarded ass paperweight. Thanks alot Linksys, you ****ing suck. Oh, oh, oh! /me puts on O-face Here's a shot...
  9. N

    Its installed i just can't run it

    see i have installed ESF and everything and ESF doesnt show up on my steam account under the game list and it is a shortcut on my desktop and everytime i double click it it brings me to Counter Strike Screen what do i do to be able to play? plz help me
  10. D

    Can Half Life Run Counterstrike mods?

    Cuz i wanna try the super heros mod for counterstike but dont know if it'll run with half life.
  11. -Blaze-

    Can't run Prince of Persia: Sand of Time

    I played it in my friends hause, the games impressive, so i borrowed the game, but it doesnt start on my pc: My pc Profile: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 699MHz, 256MB RAM ViewSonic GA655 with NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200 What minimum recuirements is to run POP sand of time?
  12. C


    Can ESF run under CS or CZ. I don't have Half Life. But i heard CS is a mode for half life, so it needs some of the Half life files. Is there a way to use it still. Becuase i have CS and CZ combo. Known has Counter-Strike Anthology , that you can pick up at walmart and best buy. Any one...
  13. Y

    cant run the game

    when im running the game it opened CS 1.6 instead of ESF help me plz ok i think i understood the problem hmm that happened cuz im using the CZ packet right? well if ill download HL will it work?
  14. T

    Will it run on Half Life source?

    I downloaded ESF, and every time i try to install, the install button is disabled. i dont have HL1, but i have the Half life source which comes with the game of the year edition... will ESF work on Halflife source, and if so, how?
  15. Tsunami

    ZOMFG IT'S DARTH VADER!!! run!!! hahahha roflamao hahahha :laff:
  16. C


    i have downloaded sef full install and i have bought half life but when im gonna run it nothing happens so pz help!!!!!!!! :scared:
  17. D

    Why cant a demo run a mod

    Why is it that you cant play a total coversion mod for a game,using the demo.Is it because that a demo doesnt have all the files so therefore cant run a mod on it,it may be a dumb question but i wanna know for sure.Why cant a demo run a mod?
  18. G

    can you run esf with counter-strike on steam

    can you run esf with counter-strike on steam if so how
  19. T

    Problems getting metamod to run with linux

    I tired many different versions of metamod but none of them seem to want to run with linux ESF. I use the same metamod .so I have on a working CS server, but when I put it in my ESF addons folder no go. Does anyone have any ideas on making ESF run with metamod on linux format? I would ask...
  20. O

    cant run half-life like u said if u cant install

    ok when i was about to install the button install wont let me 2 . so i saw the FAQ and it sayed to at least run Half-life 1 time ok i tried to run it but it did me this an error that it couldent found Steam.dll and if i might install steam agian i might solve this problem plzzz help me this is...