1. malrak_dossta

    Help! Would esf run on...

    Hey guys, would ESF run on say, retail counterstrike? or dod? or Source? whatever teh hell that is. - Malrak
  2. B

    i cant run the game, some error happens, plz help!!

    i dont have steam but i am trying to play esf only with bots creating my own server if i have my net on i cant play because it keeps asking for a new version of hl and only steam fix that, but if i turn my net off i can start the server but some error appens on hl.exe or something like that if...
  3. V

    Can't RUN server ESF

    hi if i go to steam PLAY GAMES,TOOLS,DEDICATED SERVER,then the server menu comes and then at GAMES i can't choose EART SPECIAL FORCES,what to do????????
  4. T

    My ESF can't run

    Whenever I open "Earth's Special Forces" Will jump out the warning Windows: Fatal Error Host_init:Counld;t load gfx/palette.lmp My game target enactment BE : "FValve\Condition Zero\hl.exe" -console -game esf I want to play~Help me
  5. T

    1.2.1 full doesnt run?

    it says this file might be corrupted or it might be a virus.... why does this happen when i try to run esf 1.2.1 full?
  6. Lethal_Vegetto

    Randomize Hit and Run Melee?

    Could the old melee, the swoop and hit melee, be randomized. Like, ok, example, Goku always drop kicks. Could that be randomized between 3 different drop down moves? Like; Double fist slam (like vegeta), one fist flying straight upside down punch, and, just his normal drop kick? Can normal...
  7. I

    Client.dll won't run :(

    O_O I NEED HELP!!! O_O When I try to play ESF I get a Error Stating That It Could Not Run Client.dll :paper: So I can't get it to run I've Tried To Re-downlad but no luck!!! I NEED HELP :( :(
  8. X

    It wont let me run ESF

    Well i just got 1.2 and installed it then i went to play it and it said could not open in the halflife/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll Whats wrong?
  9. Trunks-ssj25

    My esf shows up in third party games in steam how do i run it?

    My esf shows up in third party games in steam how do i run it? :confused: Trunks-ssj25
  10. Trunks-ssj25

    Can u run esf from third party games?

    Im confused i instaled version 1.2 to steam and when it showed up in steam, it was under third party games. I double clicked it as if to play, and all that came up was the page that shows you purchase options and links to the websites of certain games. HOW DO I PLAY MY ESF DAMNIT ;( :cry:
  11. D

    I can't run ESF

    I have a big problem, I don't know if this was asked before though. Well, you see I downloaded ESF from the site recommendations and they are indeed fine. However, I think I have a problem with Steam and am not aware of how to use it for ESF. What I need to know is: What specific folder do I...
  12. Z

    What do I need to run ESF?

    Well, its pretty much self explainitory...but anyways, what do I need to play ESF?
  13. B

    can t run esf help plz !!!!!!

    hi every one when i try playing esf it says the following : could not load library : c:/ programgiles ...blabla/ haflf-life/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll plz help me. would having natural selection and te specialist cause that prob !? thx a lot guys :yes:
  14. M

    Turbo run animation

    Just a short question cuz im curious: Where did you guys get the idea for the new turbo run animation? Not that i dont like it at all or anything, i think its great :) but just dont recall any dbz char running like that? Anyone know?
  15. Z

    Run speed

    Well, i don't know if many others noticed, but the run speed has been drastically cut down. I used to love running around and beam jumping when i'm goofing off with friends. Does anyone know if they'll be changing the speed again in the patch?
  16. Optional

    Can't run ESF through Steam

    I try to run it though games: 'Fatal Error' Could not load library C: \\steam\...\halflife\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll. The file is there, by the way.
  17. D

    ESF won't run

    I installed esf to steam adn when i tried to run the game i got this could not load library c:\steam\steamapps\emailaddres\half-life\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll can someone help oh and also before it crashed it loads the screen where i should see and ESF picture but i see the pic with gordan...
  18. P

    How 2 run steam server with DB mode on

    ok, i've see that many ppl here cant load up there server within the game. So i gonna write here how 2 start off the server with db mode from the game not dedicted server ok go into the steam half-life esf Dir than open up the file named game.cfg change the game mode to "2" change...
  19. M

    Simple and logic: when you run out of Power in a ps - you beam is disattached

    <u><big><b><i>TITLE:</u></big></b></i> Simple and logic: when you run out of Power in a ps - you beam is disattached <u><big><b><i>Explanations and why should be added:</u></big></b></i> it would solve the long PS problems that occures in ESF sometimes and will make them shorter - more...
  20. A

    Cant run game

    During the part where it starts to join a game and the console usually opens up. It just closes the game and goes back to windows :( And when i try to open it thru gamespy, gamespy just minimizes then opens again